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fufonk la0&PTG/ DWSD/ADP-11/2018-19(2nd call)fnukad 22-01-2019 dk;Z dk uke is;ty ,oa LoPNrk izeaMy vkfnR;iqj varZxr~ iksVdk] iVenk ,oa cksM+ke iz[kaM fLFkr vkfne tutkfr ckgqY; Vksyksa esa lksyj vk/kkfjr (DT/HYDT Source) y?kq xzkeh.k tykiwfrZ ;kstuk dk fuekZ.k dk;Z o’kZ 2018&19- dk;ksZa dh xqzi la[;k y?kq xzkeh.k tyk0 ;kstukvksa dh la[;k izkDdfyr jkf”k ¼yk[k esa½ vxz/ku dh jkf”k ¼yk[k esa½ ifjek.k foi= ewY; ¼:0 esa½ dk;Z iw.kZ djus dh frfFk Construction of Solar based Rural Mini pipe water Supply scheme for Adim Janjati (PVTG) Area (1.)Tola- Sabar Tola, Village-Jambani, Panchayat- Harina in Potka Block (2.) Tola-Nagasai (Sabar Tola), Village-Dengram, Panchayat-Narda in Potka Block (3.) Tola-Kundrughuttu (Sabar Tola), Village-Dengram, Panchayat-Narda (4.)Tola-Sabar Tola, Village-Sindurpur, Panchayat-Narda in Potka Block (5.) Tola- Sabar Tola, Village-Karharkocha, Panchayat-Narda in Potka Block (6.) Tola- Sabar Tola, Village-Tengrain, Panchayat-Tengrain in Potka Block (7.)Tola-Sabar Tola, Village-Pora, Panchayat-Pora Tentla in Potka Block (8.) Tola- Sabar Tola, Village-Jharia, Panchayat-Bhartin (9.)Tola-Sabar Tola, Village-Tilaitand, Panchayat-Bhartin (10.) Tola-Bagantola (Sabar Tola), Village-Pogrosai, Panchayat-Kalikapur in Potka Block. PTG/MWSS/ Potka-01 10 vnn 60.14873 1.20500 10000.00 3 ekg Construction of Solar based Rural Mini pipe water Supply scheme for Adim Janjati (PVTG) Area 1) Tola- Sabar Tola, Village-Sari, Panchayat- Gobarghushi 2.) Tola- Sabar Tola, Village-Kukru, Panchayat-Gobarghushi 3.) Tola- Sabar Tola, Village-Appo, Panchayat-Gobarghushi 4.) Tola- Pakotar Sabar Tola, Village-Beldih, Panchayat- beldih of Boram Block 5.) Tola- Khariya Tola, Village-Jhunjhka, Panchayat-Jorisa. 6.) Tola- Pakotar Sabar Tola, Village-Jhunjhka, Panchayat-Jorisa 7.) Tola- Sabar Tola(Sarjumli), Village-Jamdih, Panchayat-Jorisa 8.) Tola- Sabar para(UpparTola), Village-Mukrudih, Panchayat-Laxipur 9.) Tola- Sabar para(NicheTola), Village-Mukrudih, Panchayat-Laxipur 10.) Tola- Kamardungri, Village-Gobarghushi, Panchayat-Gobarghushi 11.) Tola- Sabar para, Village-Bansgarh, Panchayat- Laxipur 12.) Tola- Sabar para, Village- Ghorabandha, Panchayat-Jorisa 13.) Tola- Sabar para, Village-Bantoria, Panchayat-Laxipur 14.) Tola- Lotasini Sabar para, Village-Bansgarh, Panchayat-Laxipur 15.) Tola-Banstola Sabar para, Village-Pokhlobera, Panchayat-Lawa 16.) Tola- Sabar para, Village-Dwaridih, Panchayat-Lawa in Patamda Block. PTG/MWSS/ Patamda-02 16vnn 96.23796 1.92500 10000.00 3 ekg Construction of Solar based Rural Mini pipe water Supply scheme for Adim Janjati (PVTG) Area (1.)Tola- Sabar para, Village-Khokro, Panchayat- Paharpur 2.)Tola-Sabar para, Village- Dangdung, Panchayat-Boram 3.)Tola- Pahariyakuli, Village-Dangdung, Panchayat-Boram4.)Tola-Pahariyakuli, Village-Chimti, Panchayat-Bota 5.)Tola- Pahariyadih, Village-Bota, Panchayat- Bota 6.)Tola-Pahariyadih, Village- Kuayani, Panchayat-Kuayani 7.)Tola- Pahariyadih, Village-Khokro, Panchayat-Paharpur 8.)Tola-Sabar tola, Village-Pokhariya, Panchayat-Pokhariya 9.)Tola-Bandarjalkocha, Village-Chimti, Panchayat-Bota 10.)Tola-Birhorbasti, Village-Patipani, Panchayat- Bota11.)Tola-Kasiyatand Sabar para, Village-Bota, Panchayat-Bota 12.)Tola- Sabar para, Village-Koyra, Panchayat- Paharpur 13.)Tola-Jajra Sabar para, Village-Koyra, Panchayat-Paharpur 14.)Tola-Pahariyatola, Village-Dhobni, Panchayat-Kuayani 15.)Tola-Sabar para, Village-Pagda, Panchayat-Botain Boram Block. PTG/MWSS/ Boram-03 15vnn 90.22309 1.80500

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