Continuing with our vision to help SMEs in submitting bid proposals in response to the tender notice released by the tendering authority, we recently launched a brand new feature to let users evaluate tenders.

During the last quarter, we reached out to our SMEs partners and found that they adopt a very cumbersome process of evaluating the tenders. Responsible people in tendering department shortlists tenders based on the tender amount, authority, EMD, location and various other parameters. What is even more tedious is making a manual list of these tenders, jotting down the tender details in an excel sheet and adding evaluation notes in the same excel sheet. At the end, the notes are shared with other departments and bid proposals are submitted. When everything is done manually the chances of error also increases, moreover it is a tedious approach.

We have now eased this process and our SME users can shortlist, take notes and download excel directly on BidAssist.

Step 1: Shortlist tenders on BidAssist

Our users can simply click on “heart” icon to follow a tender. These tenders are added in their “followed” tender list. The other advantage of following a tender is that you receive instant SMS, Email and App notification when the followed tender information is updated by tendering authority on their web sites or a corrigendum is published or a new document is added.

Step 2: Take evaluation notes

Open a tender and click on “pencil” icon to take notes. Based on the common needs of our SME users, we allow to record their partner details, payment types, bank certificate amount and bank guarantee amount. Keeping in mind that there could be more parameters required, we have provided space for up to four additional info fields along with a remarks field. Now simply, take your evaluation notes and don’t worry about losing any information. 

In case you were not already following the tender while taking notes, we will follow the tender for you when you save your notes.

Step 3: Download excel or PDF

Finally, just go to the “followed” tenders tab and click on the “email tenders” button to receive an excel sheet of the followed tenders. When you open this excel, you will see all the notes you have taken in the excel sheet itself. And that’s not all, if you wish, you can email PDF of any tender by clicking “email” icon on the tender and the PDF will also include the notes you have taken.

Now you do not have to maintain huge excel sheets take numerous print outs and make several files for record-keeping as your notes are always available at just a click of a button.

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