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JharkhandSaraikela Kharsawan
Active Tenders in Saraikela Kharsawan

Active Tenders in Saraikela Kharsawan

Metal Scrap Trade Corporation Limited

Saraikela Kharsawan, Jharkhand
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Mstc/ero/adhunik Power & Natural Resources Limited/1/behind Pgcil/22-23/5433

Opening Date

12 May 2022

Closing Date

30 May 2022

Tender Amount

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Jharkhand is known as the land of forest, "Jharkhand means bushland." With over 18 districts and Ranchi, the capital city, and Bokaro, Jamshedpur and Dhanbad as the principal cities for the industrial developments. Jharkhand is one of the most important states in the country when it comes to industries.Jharkhand has abundance treasury of minerals and forests, and It is also the homeland for TATA Industries.Since the state of Jharkhand is mineral and ecologically rich, there is a lot of pending work which needs to be done to run a smooth administration in the state.This is why the government has divided its e-proc Jharkhand process into 12 organisations which floats e tenders for Jharkhand.we have brought you four best organisations which releases the e-tenders in Jharkhand frequently.The list of these organisations is given below.JBVNL- Jharkhand Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited,Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency ( JREDA),Building Construction Development ( BCD),Jharkhand Urban Resilience and Livability Improvement Project.JBVNL- Jharkhand Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited-JBVNL is responsible for distributing electricity to all the bulk and retail consumers in Jharkhand. They look after the operation and maintenance of the electric lines, transformers, batteries, electric poles, towers and meter boxes.Eproc Jharkhand are issued for supplying of raw materials like electric wires, transformer elements, employing a workforce for the major works like joining broken wires, connecting new electrical lines, providing help centres for consumers.To know more about eproc Jharkhand, log on to Bid Assist now.Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency ( JREDA)-Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency is the department of the Jharkhand government, which has the responsibility to develop and deploy renewable energy resources like solar energy, wind energy, and other energy sources.This authority constructs solar rooftops and other machinery to promote the use of renewable energy. Jharkhand e-tenders are issued to supply workforce and materials like solar panels, steel columns, metal stands, batteries, generators, solar-friendly equipment etc. To know more about the e-proc Jharkhand process, log on to Bid Assist.Building Construction Development ( BCD)-The main objectives of the building construction development department are to Design and plan building network to provide excellent connectivity to the residential and non-residential governmental infrastructure of different departments.Its secondary objective is to construct, renovate, innovate and maintain the residential and non-residential infrastructure that belongs as the property of the government.Tenders are issued for the supply of materials like cement, steel, sand, tools, construction equipment, construction machinery and other essential services that are required at construction sites.To know more about the E-Tenders Jharkhand for this particular department, do follow the notifications of Bid Assist.Jharkhand Urban Resilience and Livability Improvement Project-JURLIP is considered as one of the unique projects in the state of Jharkhand. Since the Asian Development Bank backs this dream venture of Jharkhand, Its work is prominently tailored for 5 to 10 years ranging upon the tenure of contract and duration of work is required.Jharkhand Tenders are released for the major works like construction and maintenance of water supply system, and augmentation supply for five years.To know more about the Jharkhand tenders and e-proc Jharkhand process, log on to bid assist and get all the tailored notification right in your inbox.
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