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{ CENTRAL' rhe Executive Ensineer, ;,y^ r:ys?1,,fr1xHlnfl;:I*il,'.,',,lli,r, New Derhi invites :'X,, ",+iitr$:[:q|.'iJ""i:#'-:ir?""J:,:ffi ",,.,.f*t*#ffi resisteredcontractorsenristeoinciv-ii (1) NIT No-^.o tatandi rr ' ealEEA/d ry!,'ri[z;Gffi^.[i!1iffi,[:i]iili,,.o,reration or GGHS Dispensary,j Sheikh sarai' Nerv Delhi g"ing zori-lg (sH: Minor Ail works at constructed weilness cenrre)ii{ff:"3,!;J;,::,:i:iillil[.5i,ei,i],:t?,ffi,T,:,J,tffi,:l3:Ttrl:Hn:_15 days, Las,,me (2) Nlr No' 95/EEA/otzorc'ts1.i;6.riiiv;re or worrjEo'rltruction of cement concrete Road &cleaning of drain etc' in NRPC at saheed .leei-singtr Marg Kafwaria sarai NewDelhi'Estimated cost:-, Rs' 24,541098/'- -grrn"st Money:-- Rs._49.0g2l- & period of compretion:- 03Months, Last time an!.!3le-or-wil;;r 9r oJJ q.',i ,',;;:i,;n:i!nl-o is upto 3.00 pna on 0s.03.201e. fl,&iil;??iiffl."? ii";l"i?wo't: A/i;ido'i'ot, x,pi"tii,, i-"*'o"rr,i durins 20r8-Estmated .o.*-n-.tiaiSXIy#m"-'"HiiHi1*#j,r,I"[ii,.t e!!jj;;lil:% 3:i::::.y;;tand date of submission oi.oio ,ra ,pi"iiiig "i.Enr.o ir-Lptr'e 6ci pM on os.o3.2o1effiffi:film::jl$i^*tl!':i!'li.obtainedrromthewebsite l lr^ I I P ffiq', fdrfqrro orfuqtil fi-q'sfr, do do fro fto Ht}qfr TrN, d fuft_r fio2s i:;;t$rrtc*)ND/2018-ts/ S 5* "t-%kIr& Dated rs\t{\\l' The chief Engineer,-IrrDz-vrr,cpwpi ylayutBhawan, shankarMarket, New Derhi"2' The superintJnaing'rng;..;, b;i-xr, cp-w_D, pushpaBhawan, New Derhi.3. The Executiv* Eng;ee;,;;p,;'Di;i;n, cpwD, Aro.J*, c*.i, New Derhi .4' The Executiv" Enlineer, "u" oi"ir1".o. cpu6,;;iritorprrr., New Derhi " 5' The Asstt' Accounts officer, "vi"diririon, cpwD, New Derhi.t i:il.;1#?H::tllt'fi,;n,w u qN i,uori,i'",, cpwD, New Deihi ror inrormation. 8. Cashier 9, NIT, l" Kfry _ K'fi.rdsrilq, orMdT ./ L,v- fffy or ffi' lTry .tu" 6d ts r" 3 *E.,R q kw fi risd. d=fiq cilq, tufq fr.,rTrT,q-106/g-1t0, rrtsft.1w, q$ ffi am cfrcrf, qy fqfu{r O +-AtA, A mA- qr o-qrftetoft^l*Sq BcS-n ,"fr d effi t *qA" o1 r,fi d.f glHq-{r $FElr {-q-{r Ho s4tEENDl2ol8-1912nd catt) o-rd o.r qrq Atltlition/ Alteration of cGHSDispensary, Sheikh sarai, New Delhi during zots-tg (SH: Minor civil works at constructedwellness cenfre) fiiqrfr-d ETTil:-SO 4r10r4r6/--er0-si srfu,- to 8208/- oTd qfdT srqB:_:- 15 days,Gr-{drro fttu-{r dQn r.{ erter irnr " ; "r*, w# #;#';;;:.#;#;n 05.03.20re.tzl frfto sTrqr"r qsqT mo nuteeruonolS-l912nd calt) o.rd oT qr.r construction of Cementconcrete Road & cleaning of drain etc. in I{RPC at saheed Jeet singh Marg Katwaria saraiNew Delhi. si-{qrF-d arrl.l;-Fo 24r54r0g8/- ern--6-i yrRr:- so ii,ot ,-o.n orU wfor erqfu,-:- 03 Monrhs,.fr-{-nrsq frtu+r"oen *- o-tres -,fr, ;i#i+;-*t ;"ft, *; # #tu ;,*.lo}J'"n 05.03.20re. I1lPlT^Iry.L Ho so/EE/voizors-rs oid or *,- an & M/o Aecs Kapashera, New Derhiduring 2018-19 (sH: Providing and laying damaged main water supply tine in Aecs campus)- H# H m,g;S "*Jrj:u { B 11 I; rtf.d; ;[,i .;# {,r.' etrqm:-:- 45 days,$r-{drt{ frtuEr nQr, ra eri-rq iTtu orqdrc-#t; "ft, *" # ddlil1#"ill rllr};ffrqoft: frfuo qq-{ *i "q-fr.r* ffi 3Tetqrs{ertr * srq fuqT urffi.EJ tf-t No. 54(NOTICE) N D /2018-tg I Copy to: &,. ordqmo OTMf,T fr-qosd, do do fro fro Htcrfr qlN, T$ fuft-r fia2s Dated ,Ar{tt5]- 1 The chief Engineer,NDZ-yrr,cpwD, vidyut Bhawan, Shankar Market, New Delhi. ? The Superintending Engineer, DCC-XI, cpwo, rurnpanna*an, New Derhi"3" The Exeeutive Engineei, "po' Division, cpwD, Andrews Ganj, New Derhi .4. The Executive Engineer, 'o(J" Division, cpwD, Lodhi corpt"*, New Delhi .5. The Assff. Accounts Officer, .,V,, Division, CPWD, Nr* prifri. 9' The.Asstt' Engineer(P)' 7 N , 2N , 3N & 4/v sub Divison, cpwo, New Delhi for information.7 Notice Board (Through O/S) 8. Cashier 9, NIT. I Ktat'l ol{qrro. orft{dT

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