Since the initial stage of 2021, the popularity of the GEM portal has increased massively and for good reason as well. It offers a fair and secure environment to both buyers and sellers, provides a decent payment option, and has an easy-to-use interface too. Hence, almost anyone and everyone can employ it for their purpose. 

So, do you want to use the platform to fulfill your business-related endeavors come true? Then, you will need to create and update your organization’s profile on the GEM portal. Here, in this article, we will be discussing the same topic. Moreover, we will also proffer some valuable insights on why should you use GEM. So, be sure to keep reading till the end!  

Updating the Business Profile 

One of the best things about the GEM portal is that it does not ask for any registration or updation fee. However, if you want to work upon the aforementioned aspects, then you will have to provide the following – 

  • The name of your business, its other credentials, such as type, address, acceptance letters, etc. 
  • The PAN card and the Aadhar Card of the user (will be needed when you are adding the payment option)
  • Other crucial documents, such as UAM, CIN, DIPP, ITR, etc. 
  • A registered address for both your house or apartment and your organization 
  • Required details regarding your bank account 
  • An active e-mail ID and phone number (both personal and registered business) 

You will need all of the aforementioned documentation for the completion of the GEM registration procedure. As an added note, you can enlist both as an MSME and a startup company on the GEM portal. However, there will be several bonuses available for the owners of the former choice.  

After creating a profile, you will need to add all of your products to the platform. You may also have to upload the photos and description of the available items to help the users find everything promptly. Lastly, you will need to update your profile as frequently as possible to ensure the best user experience for the buyers. 

Why Should You Use GEM Portal? 

The GEM portal is considered to be an ideal destination for sellers and buyers for various reasons. Some of these are – 

  • It offers a secure business environment, as the Indian government looks over everything on the platform. 
  • The whole registration procedure is online and, therefore, does not require any form of paperwork at all. 
  • The brand recognition and approval procedure on the portal is pretty quick and easy. 
  • There is an efficient grievance redressal infrastructure available for both the buyers and the sellers. 
  • The dashboard of the platform is quite easy to use. You can manage everything, such as uploading your products, writing their descriptions, with ease. 
  • The pricing on the portal is dynamic. Therefore, it will depend on the demand-supply ratio and the current condition of the market. 
  • The prices of one organization to another can be compared on the platform. Thus, the buyers can get decent deals without compromising anything at all. 


So, are you thinking about updating your organization’s profile on the GEM portal? Then, you can opt for the assistance of BidAssist. The members of the organization are connoisseurs in this aspect and, thus, can help you with registration, profile management, product listing, bidding process, etc. Be sure to drop them a mail if you need anything regarding GEM!

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