The initiation of the GEM portal has been quite successful in India owing to its fair and well-maintained structure. Moreover, the site is quite easy to use as well. So, if you are considering entering the world of online procurement of services and goods, then GEM should be your go-to option. But, how are you going to complete the GEM Registration properly? 

Unlike how it sounds, registering or logging into the GEM portal can be a bit tricky for the first-timers. So, if you need any help regarding this aspect, then BidAssist can help you out. However, that’s not all. As an outright connoisseur in this regard, the organization can also aid you in some other different aspects. Let’s learn more about them. 

Creating an Account 

Before you can use the GEM portal to your advantage, you will first need to create an account on the platform. However, there’s no need to worry, as BidAssist can offer their expertise in this context. But, you need to provide them with your name, address, company name (if you are a seller), etc. Once you are done, they can complete the GEM Registration procedure and create a brand new profile for you. 

Uploading Services and Products 

After you have completed the GEM Registration procedure, you will, then, need to upload all of your products. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the buyers to find your offerings and bid on them. Anyways, if you take the help of BidAssist, then they can help you out in this aspect by uploading everything automatically. In addition, they will also write the information about them on the portal to ensure that your clients understand everything perfectly. 

Guidance on Vendor Assessment 

Only creating a profile and finishing the GEM Registration isn’t everything that you’ll have to do on GEM. Aside from it, you will have to complete the vendor assessment proposal as well. You may do it by yourself. However, with BidAssist, the whole procedure will seem much easier than usual. They will walk you through each of the learning curves and review everything in the end to ensure that you haven’t done anything wrong. 


Aside from selling, the GEM portal enables you to bid on others’ services as well. However, managing your own inventory, while checking up on the other proposals, can be a bit difficult for you. So, to help you out, BidAssist will work upon the bidding issue and keep you connected with the same to get instructions from you. Hence, with them, you can get the best product in the market without having to do the dealing by yourself. 

GST and MSME Registration 

In addition to GEM Registration, BidAssist can also help you to register on the GST portal to monetize your offerings. The whole procedure is a bit tricky. So, it will be better you take their assistance in this aspect. Additionally, they will also help you to work on the MSME registration process to incorporate your company. Nonetheless, you might have to provide some technical information and certification regarding this aspect. 


If you want to sell your products as quickly and efficiently as possible, then you will need to complete the GEM Registration. The portal is becoming popular day by day and, thus, will definitely help you to ensure a decent capital earning for you. However, if you are encountering any issues regarding this aspect, then be sure to contact BidAssist. Good luck!