Like the seller, you will also need to register yourself in the GEM portal as a certified buyer. But, how are you going to do so? To begin with, you will, first, need to match up with the eligibility criteria of the GEM buyer registration procedure. If you find yourself to be eligible for the same, then you can follow some steps to create your own buyer’s account. Here, in this write-up, we are going to explain everything to you in this aspect. Hopefully, it will prove to be helpful for your future endeavor. 

Eligibility Criteria for the GEM buyer registration

The unique eligibility criteria for the GEM buyer registration usually consists of – 

  • A PAN Card (it will work as a proving point of your personal identity and an authenticating platform of your address)
  • Aadhar Card (it will work as the proof of your real name, age, address, and Indian ethnicity) 
  • The registration certification of the organization (if you are buying something on behalf of your organization, then you will need it)
  • Another set of identity and address proof (for security concerns) 
  • A Government-based email ID (it should end with
  • An active mobile phone number (preferably the one where your Aadhar Card has been linked with; it will be used for OTP purposes)

As a buyer, you may have to provide the aforementioned documents while signing up for the GEM buyer registration procedure. Be sure to go through the “terms and conditions” section thoroughly before signing up. 

How to Buy from the GEM Portal? 

Buying from the GEM portal is, indeed, quite easy, if you have already completed the GEM buyer registration procedure. However, for your own convenience, here, we are going to talk about the same. Let’s get started with it! 

So, to begin with, you will need to open the official website of the GEM portal. You can either search for it manually on Google or you can click here. Once you have entered the website, you will need to hover over to the “sign up” option. You will be provided with two different options, “buyer” and “seller”. Click on the former to proceed further.

Now, you will need to log into it. You can do so by registering through the government email ID, which you had created during the registration procedure. You may have to provide your Aadhar number and mobile no. as well. The latter will be used for sending you an OTP (one-time-password) on your phone. You can log in after clicking on the submit button. 

Now, you will be able to find out a separate “Search” section on top of the website. You can jot down the name of the product here to manually search for it. However, if you are unaware of what you should buy, then you can also go through the different categories. You can find the same a little bit below, in the middle section, of the site.  

After that, all you need to do is to click on the product, compare it with others, and add it to your cart. Once you have chosen everything you need, you can, then, buy them at your ease. However, if you still have any queries regarding the same, then be sure to get connected with BidAssist on- We will be offering consultation services to anyone who is in need of it.   


The uprising of the GEM portal has been pretty colossal since the previous year. It appeals to many people, particularly due to its versatility, the context of no middleman, and the coveted integrated payment system. However, you can also perform market searches and comparisons on the site, which the other similar platforms do not provide. So, all-in-all, it should be the best option for you, especially for the buyers. So, finish up your GEM buyer registration procedure and get started as soon as possible!