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PWD - T -1 PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT UTTAR PRADESH CHIEF ENGINEER MORADABAD ZONE P.W.D. MORADABAD SUPERINTENDING ENGINEER MORADABAD CIRCLE P.W.D. MORADABAD EXECUTIVE ENGINEER PROVINCIAL DIVISION P.W.D. AMROHA Bidding Document For Work Costing below Rs. 40 Lacs (Approved By Uttar Pradesh Government) For Repair work of Rajabpur to Shakharpur road. APPROXIMATE COST—32.50 LAKHS PWD – T –1 Model Bidding Document For Work upto Rs. 40 Lacs Under U.P. P.W.D. For Construction of Roads (Approved By Uttar Pradesh Government) U.P. P.W.D. TABLE OF CONTENTS Standard Bidding Document for Work upto Rs. 40 Lacs Section Description Page Section 1 List of Dates, Press Notice, NIT Section 2 Instruction to bidders Section 3 Qualification information (For bid costing more than Rs. 10.00 Lacs) Section 4 General Conditions of Contract Section 5 Specifications & Drawings Section 6 Form of Bid Section 7 Bill of Quantity Section 8 Standard Forms, Form of Acceptance SECTION – 1 Office of the Executive Engineer. List of Important Dates of Bids for Construction of Roads under U.P. P.W.D. 1. Name of work :- Repair work of Rajabpur to Shakharpur road. 2. Period of completion for construction of road :- 01 month including rainy season. 3. Date and reference of notice inviting bid :- 129/E-TENDER/2018-19 Dated 10-01-2019 4. Period of availability of bidding documents On website :- From 28-01-2019 to 02-02-2019 5. Deadline for receiving the bids online :- Date 02-02-2019 time 05:00 P.M. 6. Time place and deadline for receiving tender :- After Opening Bid. Documents as stated of Notice Inviting Tender (E-Procurement Notice) Place :- 1. Office of the Executive Engineer Provincial division P.W.D. Amroha 2. Office of the Superintending Engineer Moradabad Circle P.W.D. Moradabad 3. Office of the Chief Engineer Moradabad Zone P.W.D. Moradabad 7. Date Time and Place of Opening Technical Bids :- Date : 04-02-2019 Time: 12:00 P.M. Place: Office of the Executive Engineer Provincial Division, P.W.D. Amroha 8. Date Time and Place of Opening financial Bids :- To be intimated online after Evaluation of technical bids . 9. Last date of bid validity :- 02-05-2019 10. Officer inviting Bids :- Executive Engineer Provincial Division, P.W.D. Amroha dk;kZy; vf/k”kklh vfHk;Urk izkUrh; [k.M] yksd fuekZ.k foHkkx] vejksgk bZ&izksD;ksjesUV fufonk lwpuk ¼vYidkyhu½ i=kad 129@bZ&fufonk@18&19 fnukad %& 10-01-19 1- egkefge jkT;iky mRrj izns'k dh vksj ls vf/k”kklh vfHk;Urk] izkUrh; [k.M] yks0fu0fo0] vejksgk }kjk fuEufyf[kr ekxZ dk;ksZa dh izfr'kr nj ij fufonk vkeaf=r dh tkrh gSA fufonknkrk fdlh ,d vFkok leLr dk;Z dh fufonk Mky ldrk gSA fufonknkrk ls vis{kk dh tkrh gS] fd fufonk Mkyus ls iwoZ fufonk izi= ds DykWat la0&4 esa vafdr U;wure vgZrk ds lEcU/k esa “krksZa dk Hkyh&HkkWafr v/;;u dj ysaA 2- Ø la ftyk dk;Z dk uke vuqekfu r ykxr fcVqfeu lfgr ¼:0 yk[k esa½ /kjksgj /kujkf'k ¼:0 yk[k esa½ fufonk izi= dk ewY; LVs'kujh o th0,l0Vh lfgr ¼:0 esa½ dk;Z iw.kZ djus dh vof/k ¼o’kkZ dky lfgr½ Bsdsnkj ds iath;u dh vf/k”kklh vfHk;Urk dk irk lEcfU/kr v/kh{k.k vfHk;Urk dk irk lEcfU/kr eq[; vfHk;Urk dk irk 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1 vejksgk vktkn ckbZikl ekxZ ls iwjuiqj gksrs gq, fMMkSyh ekxZ ¼vU; ftyk ekxZ½ ds vkcknh Hkkx dh ejEer dk dk;ZA 29.00 2.90 1 ekg 854.00 A, B, C, D ¼ekxZ dk;Z½ izkUrh; [k.M] yks0fu0fo0 vejksgk eqjknkckn oR̀r] yks0fu0fo0] eqjknkckn eqjknkckn {ks=] yks0fu0fo0] eqj

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