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CA NO. :CE (AF)/ALD/SON /15 OF 2018-2019 SERIAL PAGE NO.183 MILITARY ENGINEER SERVICES NOTICE INVITING TENDER (NIT) 1. A tender is invited for the work as mentioned in Appendix ‘A’ to this NOTICE INVITING TENDER (NIT). 2. The work is estimated to cost as indicated in aforesaid Appendix ‘A’. This estimate, however, is not a guarantee and is merely given as a rough guide and if the work cost more or less, a tenderer / bidder will have no claim on that account. The tender shall be based on as mentioned in aforesaid Appendix ‘A’. 3. The work is to be completed within the period as indicated in aforesaid Appendix ‘A’ in accordance with the phasing, if any, indicated in the tender from the date of handing over site, which will be on or about two weeks after the date of Acceptance of tender. 4. Normally contractors whose names are on the MES approved list for the area in which the lies, and within whose financial category the estimated amount would fall, may tender / bid but in case of term contracts, contractors of categories SS to E ay tender / bid. In case, where the tender amount is in excess of the financial limit of the contractor and the Accepting Officer decides to accept the tender / bid, in which event the tenderer / bidder would be required to lodge additional security deposit as notified by the Accepting Officer in term of conditions of contract. Contactors whose names are on the MES approved list of any MES Formation and who have deposited standing security and have executed standing security bond may also tender / bid without depositing Earnest Money alongwith the tender / bid and if the tender / bide submitted by such a tenderer / bidder is accepted, the contractor will be required to lodge with the Controller of Defence Accounts concerned the amount of ‘ Individual security deposit’ within thirty days of the receipt by him of notification of acceptance of his tender / bid, failing which this sum will be recovered from 1st RAR payment or from the first final bill. In the case of term / running contracts, remaining sum shall be submitted / uploaded by one contractor or one firm of contractors. Under no circumstances will a father and his son(s) or other close relations who have business dealing with one another be allowed to tender / bid for the same contract as separate competitors. A breach of this condition will render the tenders/bids of both the parties liable for rejections. 5. The Office of HQ Chief Engineer Air Force Allahabad will be the Accepting Officer herein after referred to as such for purpose of the contract. 6. The Technical Bid and Financial Bid (Cover-1 and Cover-2) shall be uploaded by the tenderer/bidder on or before the date and time mentioned in NIT. A scanned copy of DD with enlistment details / documents/Working Details of Residual Capacity Formula & Integrity Pact shall be uploaded as packet 1 / cover-1 (‘T’ bid) of the tender / bid on e-tendering portal. DD is refundable in case T bid is not accepted resulting in non-opening of ‘Q’ bid’. The applicant contractor shall bear the cost of bank charges for procuring and encashing the DD and shall not have any claim from Government whatsoever on this account. 6.1. Tender form and conditions of contract and other necessary documents shall be available on / site for download and shall form part of contract agreement in case the tender / bid is accepted. 6.2 In case the contractor who has not executed the Standing Security Bond, the Cover-I shall be accompanied with by Earnest Money of amount as mentioned in Appendix ‘A’ in the form of deposit at call receipt in favour of concerned CCE / GE / GE(I) / AGE (I) (see Appendix ‘A’) by a scheduled Bank or in receipted treasury Challan the amount being credited to the revenue deposit of the concerned CCE / GE / GE(I) / AGE(I) (see Appendix ‘A’). 6.3 A contractor who is not enlisted for the area in

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