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Public Works Department

West Tripura, Tripura

  • Opening Date

    06 Aug 2019

  • Closing Date

    26 Aug 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 88,56,365

  • EMD

    ₹ 88,564


Setting Up Of Director Of Tribal Research And Cultural Research And Cultural Institute Government Of Tripura At Lembucherra, Tripura(w) During The Year 2018-19

GOVERNMENT OF TRIPURA MOHANPUR DIVISION PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER HO: OS/EE|MNP/PWD(R&B)12019 - 2020 Dote: 06-08-2019 The Execulive Engineer, Mohonpur Division. PWD(R&B), Mohonpur, Wesl Tripuro invites on beholf of lhe 'Governor of Tripuro' percenloge role e-lender from the Centrol & Stote public sector underloking / enterprise ond eligible Bidders /Firms/Agencies of oppropriote closs registered with for the followinq work:- I. Bid documents consisling of quolificotion informotion ond eligibility criterio of bidders, plons, specificotions, drowings, the schedule of quontities of the vorlous closses of work to be done ond the set of terms ond conditions of the controct to be complied with by the bidder, con be seen in the website httgg.jlt$egfs3eg#Sls*gq3:-rn oi free of cosl between 06/08/2019 snd 26/08/201?. Eornest Money ond Bid Fee ore io be drown seporotely on Stote Bonk of lndio or ony other scheduled Bonk guoronteed by the RBl, in the shope of "Deposit ot coll"/ "Demond Droft" in fovour of the Executive Engineer, Mohonpur Division, PWD(R&B). Mohonpur, West Tripuro. Demond Drofts furnished os obove sholt be volid for o minimum period of 3 (three) months from the lost dote of publishing of bid. Bid Fee of Rs. 2,500.00 (Rupees lwo thousond five hundred) only, sholl be occepted os "Deposit ot coll"/"Demond Droft" ond is Non-Refundoble. 2. o) Bld sholl be uplooded in single-bid syslem wjth ol1 Pre-Quollflcoijon ond other detolls. Bidder shcrll poriicipote in bid onlin* ihroi"igh webs?l* hltp-qCjf3pgqie$Serf,ggY,fg. lcr which ihey sholl regislei"lenr,:ll fhemseiv*s in the scme w*bsite. Subrnission ol bids physicolty is noi perrnltted. b) To poriicipote in bid, the bidder sholl hove o volid Closs 2/Closs 3 Digitol Signoture Certificoie (DSC), obtoined from the certifying outhorities enlisted by Controller of Certifying Authorities ICC A J ct httg.l,Sqe.Egv.Jn c) Bids will be opened online through webslte .ht3p:1dfiry_r"Iglcsde$.scY,rx o1 l5.00Hrs on 2S/08/?0t9 in .lhe cffice of ihe Execuiive Engineer, Ivlohonpur Bivision, PWD{R&B}, lr4ohonpur, llYest Tripuro.' lf the clfice hr:ppen 1o be closed on the rlcte of opening of the bids cs specified, ihe bids will be opened on the next working doy of the some time ond venue. 3. The Bidders sholl hove to include the scon copy of "Demond Droft"/ "Deposil ot coll" (os o single PDF file in l0O dpi resolution), ogoinst the reloted Bid Fee & Eornest money, olong with Prequolificotion Detoils. The Bidder shoit oiso hove to deposit bofh the originol "Demond Draft"/ "Deposit oi coll", only in o ,.1). Page I ol'{g% €rrsuatvt ialtm,a' fomnPtlr Uvllon. tlD {F 3 } Iohrarut PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT PWD/TTAADC/MES/CPW Stoie PWD up to 3.00 P.M. on 26108/2011 oz J ar', NAME OF THE WORK F o U oUF =tra/, tl, uz o =F uz d, EI z e,o PE Er O- ==tro o 9 -9o ilfrE=6 a=H=? Hb iE= H?tro -9.*o = s3E3 l)2ro= 8B28 o< 5s 3AJao U 1 Setting up of Director of TribalResearch & Cultural lnstitute Government of Tripura, at Lembucherra, Tripura (W) during the year 2018-19./ S.H:- Construction of boundary wall i/c one (1) nos. Gate, pucca drain etc.(to Caltl DN leT No:OrlB/DNleTlSE-lV/PWD{R&B) 12019-20 o e LA r.g rY) dr} oo' 00 oo +r0 rn oo' @ Eolo:> :E o>\ 9.-s, 6O6 c!- IO o!r9o-ro6 6> ;N c Qor =or(\ qts€\F@ +64 tt o s'=f>ooE E'T Uoo ! -s U o .s o o oo e-T'ENI)f,R seoled envelope depicting DN T No, the Bidders Nome, Address & Phone Number of office of the Executive Engineer, Mohonpur Divisiin, PWD(R&B), Mohonpur, west Tripuro upio 3.00 P.M on 28/0812019' 4. tf o bidder is enlisted ln the pWD os well os in MES, P&T, Roilwoys or Stoie PWDs he sholl be ellgible to bid for works up to the omount permitted by virtue of his en{isimenl in the PWD even if he moy be outhorized io bld for bigger works ln the cPWD/ MES/P&T ond/or Roilwoys. 5. Bids of intending bidders who ore neor relotives of Divisionol Accountont or Superiniending Englneer or Execulve Enlrneer or Assisloni Engineer or Junlor Engineer of the Clrcle ln which the

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