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THENI DISTRICT VEERAPANDI TOWN PANCHAYAT SWM 2018-2019 REY - TENDER NOTICE 1 Tender Inviting Authority Designation, Address : Executive Officer of Veeerapandi Town Panchayat, Theni District 2 a) Name of the work b) Place of Execution : Supply and delivery of three wheeler battery operator vehicle machine purchase in Veerapandi Town Panchayat under SWM 2018-19 Type of work Value put to tender ( lakhs) Supply and delivery of three wheeler battery operator vehicle machine purchase 3.60 With in Veerapandi Town Panchayat Limit. 3. Bid document available (at free of cost) : 4. Earnest Money Deposit : Name of work EMD Amount. in Rs.(Rounded of to next ten Rupees) Supply and delivery of three wheeler battery operator vehicle machine purchase 3600 5 Due date, time and place for the submission of bids (e - submission is also permitted) : 06.02.2019 up to 3.00 P.M in the Office of Veerapandi Town Panchayat. In the event of specified date for submission of bids is declared a holiday, bids will be received and opened on the next working day at the same time and venue. 6 Date, time and place of opening Tender : 06.02.2019 at 3.30 P.M in the Office of the Veerapandi Town Panchayat. Selection will be based on the least cost, among the technically qualified bidders. 7 Any other important criteria by the tender inviting authority : Can be seen in the tender document. Any clarification required may be sought from the office of Veerapandi Town Panchayat during office hours on all working days. Executive Officer Veerapandi Town Panchayat Theni District Åugh©o nj®Î ãiy ng%uh£Á njå kht£l« e.f.v©.301/201 ehŸ.21.01.2019 Âl¡fêÎ nkyh©ik¤ £l« 2018-2019 Åugh©o ng%uh£Á¡F£g£l gF¡F ng£lç fh® th§F« gâ¡F x¥gªj¥òŸë m¿é¥ò jäœehL xëÎ kiwt‰w x¥gªj¥òŸëfŸ r£l«-1998 k‰W« jäœehL xëÎ kiwt‰w x¥gªj¥òŸëfŸ éÂfŸ-2000 Ñœ ÏU ciw Kiw x¥gªj¥òŸë. m) X¥gªjj¥òŸë tunt‰F« mik¥Ã‹ bga® k‰W« Kftç Åugh©o ng%uh£Á njå kht£l«. X¥gªj¥òŸë tunt‰F« mÂfhçæ‹ gjé k‰W« Kftç braš mYty®, Åugh©o ng%uh£Á - 625534 M) gâæ‹ bga® k‰W« kÂ¥ÕL Åugh©o ng%uh£Á¡F ng£lç fh® th§F« gâ brŒjš – kÂ¥ÕL %.3.60 y£r« Ï) X¥gªj¥òŸë Mtz§fŸ tH§f¥gL« Ïl« k‰W« filÁehŸ k‰W« f£lz« Åugh©o ng%uh£Á mYtyf«, njå kht£l«. M»a Ïizajs§fëš gÂéw¡f« brŒJbfhŸsyh«. 06.02.2019 khiy 3.00 kâ tiu <) K‹it¥ò¤ bjhif %.3,600/- X¥gªj¥òŸë étu K‹ T£l« 04.01.2018 c) ãu¥g¥g£l x¥gªj¥òŸëfŸ bgWtj‰fhd filÁ ehŸ k‰W« neu« 06.02.2019 khiy 3.00 kâ tiu C) X¥gªj¥òŸëfŸ Âw¡F« Ïl«, ehŸ, neu« bjhêšE£g x¥gªj¥òŸë Âw¡F« ehŸ bjhêšE£g jF k¥ãlij rçgh®¡F« ehŸ éiy étu x¥gªj¥òŸë Âw¡F« ehŸ k‹w¡ T£l« k‰W« x¥òjš foj« tH§F« ehŸ Åugh©o ng%uh£Á mYtyf« 06.02.2019 khiy 3.30 kâ 06.02.2019 v) gâ Ko¡F« fhy« 180 eh£fŸ k£L« braš mYty® Åugh©o nj®Î ãiy ng%uh£Á njå kht£l« Åugh©o ng%uh£Á kW x¥gªj¥òŸë m¿é¡if 1. x¥gªj¥òŸë nfhU« mYty® : ÂU.K.brªÂšFkh®, bga®, gjé k‰W« Kftç braš mYty® Åugh©o nj®Î ãiy ng%uh£Á, njå kht£l«. 2. m. £l¤Â‹ bga®/ gâæ‹ égu« : Âl¡fêÎ nkyh©ik¤ £l« 2018-19 t.v © ng%uh£Áæ ‹ bga® gâæ‹ bga® c¤njr kÂ¥ÕL (%. Ïy£r¤Âš) nltâ bjhif %. x¥gªj¥go t¤Â‹ éiy%. gâ Ko¡f r¥is nt©oa fhy«. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 Åugh©o nj®Î ãiy ngUuh£Á Åugh©o ng%uh£Áæš ng£lç M¥nul® thfd« r¥is brŒjš ( 2 v©z«) 3.60 3600 1689 15 eh£fŸ 3. vªj Ïl¤Âš vªj nj tiu v‹d : ng%uh£Á mYtyf«, Åugh©o éiy¡F x¥gªj¥òŸë r«kªjkhf 06.02.2019« nj Égfš 3.00 kâ tiu bl©l® br£oôš éiy f

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