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OFFICE OF THE SR. REGIONAL MANAG['R RIICO LTD.. I,T.I. ROAD. PALI - MARWAR - 30640I (o s-6' NIT No.:- RIICO/PALVSHORT TERM NIT No. 23/2018-19/ Date :- c-l { r-o f_) RIICO invites online tenders fiom repuigd contractors fegistered in appropriate class with RIICO, Limited, Central/State Government system of w\&'w.eDroc raiasthan eov in The interested bidders shall have to be enroll/ Deparlments and their undertakinds The tender/bid sha1l only be submitted thiough online tendering register with portal of for palticipating in the bidding process. The schedule of dates is as follows;- * '[he Ealnest Money, Tender Fee and Processing Fee of RISL shall be paid through electroDic mode only like R'IGS/NEF'l/lnlet Bank l ransfer in respective bank (Accounl No. 5l04272001l,IFSC Code SBIN003l532, Name ofBank State Bank oflndia, Branch SME Industrial Area Branch. Pali S. No. Schedule Datc Tim€ Publishins Date 03.02.2019 04-00 PM 2 Document Download Start Date 04.02.2019 t0-00 AM 3 Document Download End Date Il.02.2019 04-00 PM 4 Bid/Tender Submission Start Date 04.02.2019 01,00 PM 5 Bid/Tender Submission End Date I 1.02.2019 06-00 PM 6 Bid/Tender Opening Date ll.02.201 9 0l-00 PM 7 Submission of self attested copy of the IJTR No. (Unit 'fransaction Reference No.) and bank statement towards proof of payment Earnest Money, Tender Fee and processing fee of RISL, From 10.00 AM on 12.02.2019 to 10.00 AM on t3.02.2019 Upto l0:00 AM on 13.02.2019 s. No. Name of Work Approx value of work (ln l,acs) Earnest Money 'Ignder Fees Period ol Completion I v Ri. Ceanlng -oJ Dta ns al l/A lt4andia Road, Pali rro.d PSCN \9 rurS 9.95 Q o \304 19900.00 I l80.00for Tender F'ees and Rs. 500.00 lor Prccessing Fccs. 2rronths 2 cleaning of Drains at l/A Pynayata Phase I/ll and Ind. Est. PaLi 9.90 \.1 g og o\ 19800.00 1 l80.00fbr Tendel Fees and Rs. 500.00 for Processing Fees. 2monlhs fr. od6F{rq sSqIrniftr,rgl@9 r<reurrnr I - f'rftct l* - l ftE{"i"i{{AI fl3nfD Lrq00.uu I tR0.00 Rltirel€' | 2r' 5 on. oo qi.nfir,rdir L i I 11800 00 I lRo 0u |qt{flPl@ I I 2 - 5 oo. oovlQli1rrhht I l sffi'o &it ffisqr i-s,. qrdl t flfdrt th1 cq'T{ 61 4'rd 9.95 2 3nflYtfi el7 gn-Tgf,T. qPlq iI ft.ilq qt"r s 3t) ?;Yfo $rq-.i], qinff A nrftr.i ,n EFTE ST iFId 9.90 Contd...,..2 'ferms &Condilions:- 1. Tender shall be submitted onlins only through wlvw eproc raiasthan gov ln ). tuo. physicalloffti're Tendel bid shall be acceptcd'| The conlractors musl na\e turr'"i"nt tutt*o" r'eeistered conlractor rnd suflicienl ' .-i"*i"'", "*liuilon or "itii" 'ipt ""r'toikt in co't Depanment' Public * ?il:erB;',',"e:, Monev, rencler Fee and processing t" "l *ltl: l!11]. be paicl thfough :;:;;';;;;;iv rit" n'rcs'ryiftiinte' Ban-k r'a"ste' in respcctive bank (Acoount No.5104272001t. rrsc code sgrN-0oliiii' Nutt or eu* state Banl oflndic Br"nch sME Industrial Area Branch' Pali -:\61?lrhe u fR No {unir Tlansaction Relefence Nu l5. Bidder shall fumish self attested c(' ?:j ir*drT:li*y : llnli f rn*l;ru"Y t;u"l*l l;: ilL'J:;$n:: . iil"l'ili o,*"rfdil5rosLrbmjrselfarrested:lt::li:'"i:):runirlr'rn'action Reference No.) and b-r uur"r"n, iJ*ularltoot oipuy..nt eurnest Money' .lender Fee and processing fee of msU upt" '"iti'i"iaut" a iite' tt'tt r"cnnical Bid of the biddet shall not be opened L it''e"tion period olthe work shdi,iiLxxt:,11v;*out assigning any rcason io 8. Ihe Comoration reserves right to , li;.ti:*'';::13"J;ttl'"'in.tu.ln" or all ta"{es' thus GSr& other taxes pavable' ir anv' under rl'e conrracr rhallbe paid by rhetiddef rhe conrracrors *ill nor,be acceprco. l?. ;$:::r*"";tiff.#j:.i:l';1r"":i;l#l ;:lilri:ru:u' ;'"x;*u"r"':: wiil stand tbrfeited t, ilioa"*'"* t"o"",ted to read the instNctio in the Technical submittints the Jendcr'/ flid online - 'l iiti"' ni" is registered'n Micro Small & vediunr Fnretpri'e' attach Registration Cefiificate . . ' - ffi ,i:m i:ltlli; -i;':T,",";l'"",il1'* toni '-oor r",uur, o,,99.IP;.YdlL"-t"?*ilT"1'lii,xlt',imn "f

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