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1 BRIEF E-TENDER NOTICE Z. P. WORKS DIVISION NO.1, YAVATMAL NOTICE INVITING E-TENDER No : 18A/ 2018-19/(2nd Call) Date:- 28/01/2019 Undersigned invites online percentage rate tenders from Contractors registered in appropriate class / category with Zilla Parishad Maharashtra for following works in District Yavatmal. Sr. No. Name of Work Amount put to Tender (Rs.) Tender Fee (Rs.)+ GST EMD (Rs.) Class of Contractor Time Limit in Calendar months 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 Improvement to Dhoki Karangi Road ( VR 42) km 0/000 to 1/00And IMPROVEMENT TO MANGI APPROCH ROAD ( VR 47 ) IN KM 0/00 TO 1/00 Tq Pandharkawada Dist Yavatmal 2046288 1120 20500 V-A and Above 6 months Terms and Condition 1 The complete bidding process will be online (e-tendering). All the notifications regarding this tender notice hereafter will be published online on website Bidding document can be seen and downloaded from the website from 13.00 on 28/01/2019 to 04 /02/2019 up to 11.00 pm 2 The bid be submitted in electronic format on the website from 13.00 On 28/01/2019 he deadline for submission of bid is up to 17.00 pm on Date. 04/01/2019 BidsMUST be accompanied with. a Contractor shall deposit Tender fees & EMD through Online Banking , Mode Only, No Any Other mode of payment will be accepted. a. The Certificate regarding deposit of tender fees as per column No. 4 & EMD as per column No.5 b. through Online Banking, will be a part of E - Tendering document in the Technical Bid document. c. The EMD produced by the disqualified contractors in the tendering process will be refunded in the Contractors Bank Account by Government Of Maharashtra e-Procurement Account 3 The first envelope “Envelope No. 1” shall contain the Scanned copies of following documents A. Valid Registration certificate as a contractor with the Zilla Parishad Maharashtra in appropriate class . B. Pan card Number certificate or Consent for deduction of Income tax as per current rules of Govt. in the event of Non Production of Pan card Number certificate. C. Scanned from original copy of valid GST registration certificate from Appropriate Government Authority (as per Maharashtra Gov.PWD Ci rcular No. sankirna - 2017/C.R.121(Oart-II/Building -2Mantralay Mumbai-32 /Dated 19/09/2017) D. Declaration of contractor on Plane Paper Duly Signed by Contractor/ Bidder` 2 E. Information of availability of Technical Person Duly Signed by Contractor/ Bidder F. ˆÂÖ×´ÖÁÖßŸÖ ¯Ö¬¤üŸÖß−Öê ›üÖÓ²Ö¸üߍú ü̧ÖÖ“Öê (Hot Mix) úÖ´ÖÖÃÖÖšüß †Ö¾Ö¿µÖú úÖ÷Ö¤ü¯Ö¡Öê A) ›üÖÓ²Ö¸üߍú ü̧ÖÖ“µÖÖ úÖ´ÖÖ“Öê ´Öã»µÖ ¹ý.50 »ÖÖ ¯ÖêÖÖ ú´Öß †ÃÖ»Ö껵ÖÖ ü̧ßµÖÖ“µÖÖ úÖ´ÖÖŸÖ 60 ŸÖê 90 ´Öê ™ü−Ö ¯ÖÏן֟ÖÖÃÖ Ö´ÖŸÖê“ÖÖ ›Òü´Ö×´ÖŒÃÖ ¯»Öò−™ü (›üß.‹´Ö 50),¯Öê¾Æü¸ü,¾ÆüÖµÖ²ÖÎê™ü ü̧Öê»Ö ü̧,Ùòü×™üú ¸üÖê»Ö¸ü, ™Òüú / ×™ü¯¯Ö ü̧ , ´Öêòú×−֍ú»Ö ïÖꆸü, ÆüÖò™ü ×´ÖŒÃÖ ¯»Öò−™ü¾Ö ü̧ ±úÖȩ̂ ü›êüú ´Öêòú×−֍ú»Ö ¾ÆüµÖ²ÖÎê™ü¸ü ÍÎúß−Ö ‡ŸµÖÖפü ÃÖÖ´Öæ÷ÖÏ Ã¾ÖŸÖÖ“µÖÖ ´Öֻ֍úß“Öß/ ³ÖÖ›êüŸÖŸ¾ÖÖ¾Ö¸ü Óú¡ÖÖ™ü¤üÖ¸üÖ−Öê ˆ¯Ö»Ö²¬¤ü ú¸üÖê †Ö¾Ö¿µÖú ¸üÖÆüß»Ö. µÖÖ²ÖÖ²ÖŸÖ“Öß úÖ÷Ö¤ü¯Ö¡Öê ÃÖÖê²ÖŸÖ •ÖÖê›üÖê †×−Ö¾ÖÖµÖÔ ü̧ÖÆüß»Ö. (³ÖÖ›êüŸÖŸ¾ÖÖ¾Ö¸ü †ÃÖ»µÖÖÃÖ ŸµÖÖ²ÖÖ²ÖŸÖ“ÖÖ ºþ.100 “µÖÖ ‹−Ö.•Öê. Ùòü´Ö ¯Öê̄ Ö¸ü¾Ö¸ü ú ü̧Ö¸ü−ÖÖ´ÖÖ †×−Ö¾ÖÖµÖÔ ) B) ›üÖÓ²Ö¸üߍú ü̧ÖÖ“µÖÖ úÖ´ÖÖ“Öê ´Öã»µÖ ¹ý.50 »ÖÖ ¯ÖêÖÖ •ÖÖÃŸÖ ¾Ö ºþ.300 »ÖÖ ¯ÖêÖÖ ú´Öß †ÃÖ»Ö껵ÖÖ ü̧ßµÖÖ“µÖÖ úÖ´ÖÖŸÖ 60 ŸÖê 90 ´Öê ™ü−Ö ¯ÖÏן֟ÖÖÃÖ Ö´ÖŸÖê“ÖÖ ›Òü´Ö×´ÖŒÃÖ ¯»Öò−™ü (›üß.‹´Ö 50),¯Öê¾Æü ü̧,¾ÆüÖµÖ²ÖÎê™ü ¸üÖê»Ö¸ü,Ùòü×™üú ¸üÖê»Ö ü̧, ™Òüú / ×™ü¯¯Ö¸ü , ´Öêòú×−֍ú»Ö ïÖꆸü, ÆüÖò™ü ×´ÖŒÃÖ ¯»Öò−™ü¾Ö ü̧ ±úÖȩ̂ ü›êüú ´Öêòú×−֍ú»Ö ¾ÆüµÖ²ÖÎê™ü ü̧ ÍÎúß−Ö ‡ŸµÖÖפü ÃÖÖ´Öæ÷ÖÏ Ã¾ÖŸÖÖ“µÖÖ ´Öֻ֍úß“Öß Óú¡ÖÖ™ü¤üÖ¸üÖ−Öê ˆ¯Ö»Ö²¬¤ü ú¸üÖê †Ö¾Ö¿µÖú ü̧ÖÆüß»Ö. µÖÖ²ÖÖ²ÖŸÖ“Öß úÖ÷Ö¤ü¯Ö¡Öê ÃÖÖê²ÖŸÖ •ÖÖê›üÖê †×−Ö¾ÖÖµÖÔ ü̧ÖÆüᯙ ÃÖ¾ÖÔ µÖÓ¡ÖÃÖÖ´Öã÷ÖÏß Ã¾ÖŸÖÖ“µÖÖ ´Öֻ֍úß“Öß †ÃÖ»µÖÖ²Ö²ÖŸÖ Ö¸êü¤üß ²ÖÖ²ÖŸÖ ¤ü

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