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INEDE>< Name of work - Sr.No. 1 Brief description of contents Instructions to ine Tenderer Brief Tender Notice Detarieci Tender Netice to Ccntractor 4) Printed Agreernent fron: 5) Scht:C:; ie 'r" " 6) Ccno; t i * t c ; Sc iedi i ;e ' , - , ' 7) Scl€J'- i lg '3" 8) Deta,iel specif: :-at,o; ' ;s q) Gerrere l sner-- i f iCa' r ic t ; i : r r t j addt t ;Ona! cOndi t ignSe ' v t s v v 10) Deciai'ation f t i:e Coniracior 11) 12) 1 ? \ 14) To. 4 1 ) z) 3) B.{ TENDER lssued on dated vide Exec-itive Engineer Works Di'rision to his / their application dated Money receipt No Contractor registered in class to Shri / Mls. Cost Rs with reference received vide dated Contractor Cashier Divisional Accountant : INSTRLC]' IONS FOR THETENDER : Sr" No. Particulars Please do not fbrget to attach- l) Ttrre challan err shan-term cieposit receipt from schedule bank in suppofi of having paid the enrnest nrone!'. uniess erempted. If exempterd, attested form ph<.rtostat copy of canreii inGirc'v exemptron c:er-tificate may tre attached. I'hese should be in *r sepsrate cover - 2l Vaiid lricorne-'la:i. ulr;ri'ariid cDtliijoate in i:rrigrnai or ptrotcstat copy. :i) A c:i'iificalr ( i ;ir;".ti jii.i 'u,|.', ;il ';;lici t';gistraticln ceriifisate, 4) phcrtcstat i]:';,ii€;l:..,i ';iiF! +ipartr:el:irip deeci anel pow,er of attonte5'. 5l { i ; ! i t . i ' i r t) i l i r { i l i ; i : ' i rr ' ; ! ' - , , i ' r ; l ;rd i . l hirrd {Star{-nlentlf , l ' I) b) ..\ hsl. J[ riu;i.-, ;ir:iisl i'.'!ii :Jiii fi'ingrirtiide can'lcd out fstetement F.o ll] 7) List of n,achuici-., ard plants avarlairlt with the te ndere'r for immidiate use on this wcrk (Statemenr 1\o. ! l l ) 8) Details cf tecturi,-al personrrel cn thc roll of the tcnder (Statcrneni )*cr i \ i i 9) \Ialid sale tax cleance certit-rcate in original or photostat copy. Important trote : Please note that omission to attaoh any document is hkelv ro irivalidate the tender" Contractor hirr of e orrections Executive Engineer c a 1 (o c L a cJ q) 7 c o E c o +J {-o .g cn .9, tr -q Q o o ($ t'* TJ ( ) s Z t r F o Z H LtJ 13 = c = G ITJ .C F : c< : L \ / I F f i 6 t- o E' o t- o It o{-, J l- o = o I s .'.1 dt l- l A o l I J L I {'l T'I c t 'q ' l Fl o l F I - l+.1 r+-l ol o l EI ol z l ----l 9 . 9 a= o) O E 0.) a -Y B o (J -) o n l( Lo 3 .9, s- o L o L- o E tr(u E s =p * - q fg 2 r uJ ril € E. ;: u " Y F . g d E .\ G, 1 - c . A L v t ; CJ E (., {s E t) $ c s l to I l s E l'= o l .,!8 ltl c, cl ,-.r olH l-l ol .cl{.r I . F l o l s'l F I c l(ol z l I I I i I b c l '= ry Lil c,l z o -t o) a ( l ) GOVERNMENT OF MAHARASI.ITRA PUBI-IC WORKS \ IRRIGATIOI! DEPARTMEhIT INVITATION FOR TENDERS DETAILED TENDER NC'T ICE NAME OF WORK .-- 1) Sealed item rates Tenders in F-2, peicentage tenders in B-1 form are invited from contiaciors egisteretJ in category approved irst or ccntractors in Manarssnti-a St.ite The l.,tame rnoney, security depcsit, i tern l imit etc are as under. I'lalne of wci'i., 2) Tender form ccndii ions of contract, specifications be had on cash pay!.nent of Rs. _ per and above under the system of of work, estimated cost, earnest and contract drawings can set f;'orn the otfice of the be obtained from the above L-, Execui ive ing ineer . , Divrs ion on anyworking day from : :he during afi ice hours ( l l a .m . to 4 p .m. ) riexcepi Saturday Sunr:ay and rloiidsys.) pcsiage wil l be Rs. llxtra for iniano Further information i-egarding the work can office. The teneier will be received in the office of the upro and wi l l be opened on ihe same ciay i f oossible. in ihe presence of such intencling tenoerers or his/ lheir authorised representarive who ma)/ be pr-esent at that t irne. Tenders, sent by post, snali be sent in good t irne bv registered post and mlist reacn by the above t ime and date. For iate deliver'; or ns deli'.,€r'y by pestal ar-ltheiity, the departinent wiii not be responsible. Contractor l io. of i lorrections Er:ecutive Engineer i l l l l ) Earnest money in the form of

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