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Rural Development And Panchayat Raj Department

Dharwad, Karnataka

  • Opening Date

    08 Mar 2019

  • Closing Date

    15 Mar 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 9,90,364

  • EMD

    ₹ 25,000




Construction Of Samudaya Bhavana In Siddharuda Matha Premises At Sulla Village In Hubli Taluka Of Dharwad District.(general)

IlJi.,',= i r.. . ri ,i Tpo -6 blzc) raoir&ilordd qoageeoid doayaojod cnaf qoagseol>Oono SqrarJ, Oadarod. d6ao$d uao$rsamrdd qoesseojod doa,roqid eoasoeoJcOon6 en:d-.3qrorl, dcq E. N-L5', E-7''. rod>rroO didl: E$a.e, Eoe.lJo8d U$ ftotsdrodcldd esddrodfl ndu6oo3> SSo BrJrd ddd Sd:oru0. d$ Eear#:-:Eoi6*t7de roaerd d,ldeor gd,oedofi oioeadsll eua* erugd esdlmddes. (1r') Estimate Cost Rs;-10.00 lakhs KSRB 2.2.1:- Earthwork excavati fouf,-dHfidn of buildings, water supply sanitary lines and electrical conduits either in pits or in trenches 1.5m and above in width Ordinary soil not exceeding 1.5m in depth including dressing the bottom and sides pits and trenches stacking the excavated soil clear from edges of excavation with upto 50m after breaking oJ-clods complete as per specifications.No.KBs Z.l(a) Z. (PwD sR 2016-17 P.No#"/2.3) KSRB'2.8:- Providing and filling in foundation with granite trap bioken metal 1.00mm and down size with approved sand including hand packing ramming watering including cost of all materials and labour rvith all lead and lilt complete as pe specifi ctions.No. KBS (PWD SR 20L6-L7 P.Y&fZ.$) KJRB 4.1.3:- Providing and laying in position plain eement concrete of mix t:+s wi OPC cement @ 180kgs with 40mm and down size graded graniie metal coars aggregates @ 0.85 cum and fing.aggregates @ 0.57 cum machine mixed machine mixed concrete laid in layers noi-''exqeeding 15 cms thick well compacted, in foundation including cost of all materials, Iabo.ur HoM.of ruachinery curing com as pe4 specifi cati ons.No.KBS 4. 1,,[. 2 (PWD S R Z0 t"_6.:.W'p1N o.t2 / 4,3) L{lUUo" ABSTRACT AND MEASUREMENT SHEET Se gooJo Coliimn Deductcolumn FiSRB 5.1.2:- Providing and constructing granite /trap /basalt rubble stone maso in ioundation with cement mortar 1;8 (uncoursedJ bond stones at two m. apart in Llv 'rh course including cost of materials, labour euriug eonrplete as Fe!- speeificatiorrs. --'/ iSIV 1 4.50 0.90 060 LW 2.43 Cumz 70.20 0.60 0.45 s1^/ s.51 Cum1 4.50 0.60 0.4q 1.22 Cum Deduct co umn x.8.33 Curn LW 6 1.80 0.45 1.05 5.10 LLIITl 1.3.W-l5 lrtRP -4.J 2: F.a;,dl,,s;,,dlry, lmix M20 with oPC cement @ 32 lcoarse aggregates @ 0.69 cum ar l@ 3lts confirming to IS 9103_L9 rayers not exceeding 15cms th pedastals, retaining walls, retur pilasters columnspillars, posts plinths etc., including cost of all n as per specifications. KBS 4.1,4.6 ng in position r 0kgs wirh Z0mn td fine aggregati 99 reaffirmed 2 ick vibrated fo, 'n walls, walls, struts, buttress laterials, Iabour (PWD SR-?016- J Cum I ".,5200.00 4233(f c0etI la ]S 00 'a Ia es, HI L7 rrorced centent concrete of desf nd clown size gradecl granite meti @ 0.+60 cum with superplastisise 8. machine mixed concrete laid ir Lll works in foundation footings ny thickness) including attache< bed blocks anchor blocks anc lM of rnachinery curing completr P.No.13la.11J column 1.80 1.80 T o.3o II botinp. 5.83 Cum 6 7.2A 1.20 6 t.59 Cum 0.90 0.90 0.30 1.46Column 6 Cum0.45 0.23 4.00 2.48P.beam 2 8,n',- Cum L0.20 0.23 0_3R T.7B 1. 4.50 0.23 Lintle. 11.38 0?q Cumz 10.20 0.23 0.15I u./0 Curn4.50 0.23 0.23 0.15 0.45 0.16R:beam 7 L0.20 (.unl 3 2.1 Cunt 4.50 0.23 0.45 0.125 1.40s ab. 1 10.20 4.50 I-_-1 Cunt t () (t,.5.74 Cum 6 KSRB 4.2.1(L =__--_____lPrnrrirlin^ ^-l t^-i I 24.6s I Cum -81?9.00 x.q?q?o n^ lmixM2,withorC;i1i;"4-_r_-1.";,ilTil*'""'#T:*J:,T:::#Jjm lcoarse aggregates @ 0.0s17sc; -uni-'nr" aggregares @ 0.0345eum withsuperplastis'iser @ 0'225 rts, machinernixei *ett..ompacted for prain crrajja of 7,Semsaverale thickness upto ground fililiffi;;*,u*n* *r, ;r,i ;;,;r,ia ls, rabour, H0M ;1 ffi'ffi;','T;',T;l ;:n:: ;*'i;;;" ;;' p e r sp eci n ca ri o n s, p el i; ffi ;,: i.;T i_t 7 tKS.RB 4.6.5: tro columns pillars post abutmentr poit ,ra-ri,=' ,, square rectangurar p,ryincluding cost of ,,, *:1":y!,-labour .o,"pf.r. as per specifictions. NIPWD SR 2016-t7 p.No.7S./ 4.32) --- -""'P al<'nn 1368.OtrF In go o.I ;etc., lbi r in plar BS 4.6.2 I 115ps a 32.61 I Sqm i 36{nn 11946.0{v v

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