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GOVERNMENT OF KARNATAKA ']*rl-+ tt"-* 83021 Puhfi c tvor*s 0c 0rrtm c oI uadcrraO - aid.n0 so: d>oa:duodt- sJn dd dvoriE ajde-:r3d a.are 3.35 00d 4.50 EAD OF ACCOUNT - -E -50s4-04-337-0-0t-154 (olaeed)ce* d)dl "dd dd.nqb rcqod€ ESTIMATED COST Rs.100.00 Lakhs Asst. Executive Engineer, PWD Sub-Division. Channagiri. Executive Engineer, P.W.D. Division Davangere. _k, f'* t .* "$o'* * J'^''\U' Superintending Engineer, P.W.D.Shimoga Circle, Shimoga. {trilita9 s. *,- =:: ii.AO eo; tooz;Sodr-sD.ddn dJ drErtr dgeiid diob derc i)JjJ^,)3t) l- =::== =<do: <J::s:rd $edri od ed. -e,O 6:-.niod 2018-l9de rood edoA#: g- -*?. 100.00 edi1gd e$d$eddobcndtdd. Xdo ddo$ 8i)e 3.35 ood 4.50 d-dd G,' :1:-:!.-r egr edd.idrgd. XdO diii fodrEqJ dd.rils 6rod FdosJoeddrc dJDEd). ]Eg:n=-;. s.i1Je 6s ddob9 a-cdd io?s-odd drjd dri-a.a\6{rdood cDozrd dio$J -c !i= =:iis.ldori dortua a,dd iozsrdd. d"ooddotrERddd. eJd ood di t.aD€ 3.35draJ (-a[ -::. -i e*ida dB${d: uge oddddd)gd. * dJo$ 3.Ore 3.35 Ood 4.50 dddd :'- --' =9 Scour oEn dcdil io?ioddr anoddoJrcndddood Scour filling dodel -'':i:s-n6. 5rr1€ 3.ix 3.35 00d 4.50 dddd 250 = --: ::serio rg$JoiDeo$g daogfrj ddoAo$d- &tuFie)) ed%CdJd sodd$J:. --:-:;: comrJu3oJ:d:-, do$.O&d. d, &od ido nddgonQ oJ'cdde = : = 9 =: Jlnro ddzi.9d,eo&d)do? nod) ddeedoisEnd. = =:=}! 3toJ,$J dJ0.100.00 edilgri 2018-19de xaOd dned.nedoineA asaaj ::; =:=sj-) Eed 3o$Doiercnd. ds E-odtnooob ridd:doodr {deddp zJdddood :=i=, js 5. $. ilDdead zJdd O€derdRd. ido eom?o-€zi sdeaoded '9oU9,O ;=i a-:=r.iod) AJ}eOd. 1=s,r#q z\ \ Er=:= I:lu::- e3d.flo sD: $o2jsJocb-6od-toh oE ;5ro^r ajve)ild 8.iae 3.3s ood 4.50 dddzi eC)ddqdailQ)d) .JJA c"l (J(J drEg d,o. 100.00 edrl$J aDe.cJe dr,y tuf dlddo. 50 a66"E".2tr $6) df 5€eDnq .i ^^ ".^ <.r. " * - ---. ^t aJo.4 uDdaFoil, z3d.Ro. GOVERNMENT OF KARNATAKA PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT ;'arned }tc<ed By 1r a-sority) Approved U nder Sanctioned P.epared by No. No. Sri Huvannashetty A.E-ll PWD, Sub-Division, Channagiri Smt Hemalatha, JE Sri,G.C Shankaramurthy Assistant Executive Engineer, PWD, Sub-Division, Channagiri, .-------.; Date Date PW,Port & IWT Dept. No.4,Sub Division, Channagiri #d;:- dd{n0 qo: dcoardodc-s-oddedn d{ drorle e3Corid 3.Gs Ood dddrl eoqedradAdrqrdr FACE SHEET Davanagere Estrmate No Apendix - E 5054-04-337-0-01 -1 54-xep ;$o$d di -$qndr{ #d)- aJdin0 ero: dooa:Cod:-uo6de6h d{ dmdr a3dorld a.a>e 3.35 Ood 4.oo dddrl eedOBdadcdldr insepected by T.S.Mallikarjun, Executive G.C Shankaramurthy, Asst. Executive and Huvannashetty Assistant Engineer that the estimate is prepared using most of PWD Circle Shivamogga, for the year ?€t the road is personally BtD Division, Davanagere, IlhD SutrDivision, Channagiri Sb-Divison, channagiri and rEs€n parameters as per CSR PWP & :e;btffi*AA IWTD, No-4 Sub Division Chennagiri dddc:- ardanO qo: droerCodr-q-oddedn d{ d,rarle dderrld 3.s5 Ood 4.5o dddrl esedrQdAd.:ddc CERIIEICAIE :.ri:fied that I have personally visited the spot and prepared the estimate using rccned schedule of Rates of PWD Circle Shivamogga, for the year 2018-19 and are made in the estimate is most economical and safeway for execution of :s:tred that the above roads comes under Semi Malnad area hence, additional €crlage of 5% is considered as per the schedule of rate of PWD Circle , for the year 2018-19. i*. -cr .-.---lfEt'ts,-r i PWP & IWTD, No-4 Sub Division Chennagiri I ,ti e'11 r:i3fldn iis,-ilj E8,E+H0 ;-? ,-, * ol? 11 ,ln xi ria {? )? Bo 3 !) lJll R 1) u 1l o3 ll"* o or,} -E t} ilc , .E 'toll 1l t.. Eq gN Di:r! tAm }?'E Errr9 3"" " il fiEA"B ,,-E 11 6X*J r r:rrr "X a9 9, €"il..ts- 3r flI', 11 il 13 t, 1? 1?c co ll"* i) 1l,l? tl q fl do l]oI D J"JI t? ll o 'ltl-lf tl a fl g .ao1? PA 1?* r1 cto - l.L tlai rD D iiaq.E 'lA ll o- -1? o fi 1l di ;ilslJxu B"r:l 6t, @ lla 1-1 al .,o r'l 11 o 1l d3 rd rl 1.1 ?l .aotJ Ell 13* d3c ^ rl ,9 liC q r1A n.',j ]l q o rrlor .ements to Kumbaluru- 'Ihyavarige road frorn Ktn 3,35 to 4.50 kn! in Channagiri Taluk, Davan:rgere Dist DesigII

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