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South Eastern Coalfields Limited

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 4,13,98,99,090

  • EMD

    ₹ 50,00,000

  • Opening Date

    12 Mar 2019

  • Closing Date

    06 Apr 2019


Hiring Of Hemm For Excavating Ob, In Situ, Loading, Transportation, Dumping, Dozing, Scrapping , Removal Of Bands, Preparation, Maintenance Of Haul Road, Water Sprinkling And Spreading Of Material, Total Quantity-8,18,07,250 Cum Period- 1640days


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Annexure B PROFORMA FORCONTRACTOR'S BID AND ACCEPTANCE OF BID CONDITIONS (To be uploaded by the Bidder on his letter head during submission of bid online) To The General Manager, CMC Bilaspur Sub : Letter of BID for the Work of “Hiring of HEMM for excavating all kinds of strata /overburden/in situ, loading in to tippers, transportation and unloading of excavated materials & silt, dumping, dozing, scrapping /removal of all bands, preparation/ maintenance of haul road, water sprinkling and spreading of material at the site shown and as per directives of the Management / Engineer –in-charge at Jagannathpur OCP for total quantity of 8,05,51,451.00 CuM (Top Soil + Hard Strata) (a) Top Soil (Not Requiring Drilling) above IX6 Seam Total Quantity 56,83,333.00 CuM (a)(i) Lead Slab 0-1 Km Route 3 Dump A Qty 569500.00 CuM, Lead: Min 0.46 Km Max 1.00 Km Avg 0.73 Km (a)(ii) Lead Slab 1-2 Km Total Qty 2843502.00 CuM, Wt Avg Lead 1.58 Km (a)(iii) Lead Slab 2-3 Km Total Qty 2270331.00 CuM, Wt Avg Lead 2.27 Km (b) Hard Strata (Requiring Drilling in all kind of strata / OB) above IX6 Seam (excl Top soil) and inter burden parting between IX6-IX5, IX5-IX4, IX4-IX3T, IX3T-IX3B, IX3-IX2, IX2-IX1& IX1-L8 Seam Total Quantity 7,48,68,118.00 CuM (b)(i) Lead Slab 0-1 Km Total Qty 26620510.00 CuM, Wt Avg Lead 0.59 Km (b)(ii) Lead Slab 1-2 Km Total Qty 31202950.00 CuM, Wt Avg Lead 1.49 Km (b)(iii) Lead Slab 2-3 Km Total Qty 14485194.00 CuM, Wt Avg Lead 2.36 Km (b)(iv)Lead Slab 3-4 Km Route 7 Back Filling (C&D) Total Qty 2559464.00 CuM, Min Lead 3.00 Km Max Lead 3.33 Km Avg Lead 3.17 Km 2. Hiring of HEMM for diversion of Gohangar & Jagannathpur Nallah and construction of embankment as per the directive of management / Engineer in charge of Jagannathpur OCP for a total quantity of 12,55,803.00 Cum (a) Top Soil (Not Requiring Drilling) Total Quantity 4,34,560.00 CuM (a)(i) Lead Slab 0-1 Km Total Qty 151192.00 CuM, Wt Avg Lead 0.51 Km (a)(ii) Lead Slab 1-2 Km Total Qty 166855.00 CuM, Wt Avg Lead 1.47 Km (a)(iii) Lead Slab 2-3 Km Total Qty 96218 CuM, Wt Avg Lead 2.47 Km (a)(iv)Lead Slab 3-4 Km Route N-1 / Embankment, Qty20295 Cum, Lead Min: 3.00 Km, Max 3.73 km Avg 3.37 Km (b) Hard Strata (Requiring Drilling in all kind of strata) Total Quantity 8,21,243.00 CuM (b)(i) Lead Slab 0-1 Km Total Qty 292535.00 CuM, Wt Avg Lead 0.51 Km (b)(ii) Lead Slab 1-2 Km Total Qty 279818.00 CuM, Wt Avg Lead 1.49 Km (b)(iii) Lead Slab 2-3 Km Total Qty 225963 CuM, Wt Avg Lead 2.46 Km (b)(iv) Lead Slab 3-4 Km Route NH-1 / Embankment Qty 22927.00 CuM, Avg Lead 3.37 Km Total Quantity(1+2): 8,18,07,254.00 CuM, for a period of 1640 Days, Minimum quantity to be handled per day is as detailed under: 1st year 30,666 Cum/day 2nd year 51,871 Cum/day 3rd year 60,297 Cum/day 4th year 57,511 Cum/day 5th year (i.e. 180 days) 48,232 Cum/day Reference: 1. NIT No. SECL/BSP/CMC/OBR/e-Tender/305 dated-06.03.2019 2. Tender Id No: 2019_SECL_133360_1 This has reference to above referred bid. I/we have read and examined the conditions of contract, scope of work, technical specifications, BOQ and other documents carefully. I /We am/are pleased to submit our bid for the above work. I/We hereby unconditionally accept the bid conditions and bid documents in its entirety for the above work and agree to abide by and fulfill all terms and conditions and specifications as contained in the bid document. I/we here by submit all the documents as required to meet the eligibility criteria as per provision of the bid notice/document. I/We hereby confirm that this bid complies with the Bid validity, Bid security and other documents as required by the Bidding documents. If any information furnished by me/us towards eligibility criteria of this bid is found to be incorrect at any time, penal action as deemed fit may be taken

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