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Public Works Department

Purulia, West Bengal

  • Opening Date

    03 Sep 2019

  • Closing Date

    23 Sep 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 1,45,95,198

  • EMD

    ₹ 2,91,904


Purulia Ranchi Road Sh 4a From 20_080 Kmp To 24_966 Kmp Surfacing Work By Providing 30 Mm Bituminous Concrete Under Purulia Division Pwd In The District Of Purulia During The Year 2019_2020 2nd Call.

BOQ Items
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Ordinary kilometer stone (precast).
4Nos1577 6308
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Road Marking with Hot Applied Thermoplastic Compound with Reflectorising Glass Beads on Bituminous Surface. Providing and laying of hot applied thermoplastic compound 2.5 mm thick including reflectorising glass beads @ 250 gms per sqm area, thickness of 2.5 mm is exclusive of surface applied glass beads as per IRC:35. The finished surface to be level, uniform and free from streaks and holes complete as per Clause 803 of Specifications for Road & Bridge Works of MoRT&H (5th Revision).
1792.8Sqm584 1046995.2
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R.C. Guard post Supplying fitting and fixing R.C. guard post 1.37m long with C.C. 1:2:4 with graded stone chips of 13.2mm down casting , curing complete including cost of providing 4nos.of 12mm dia. rod of length 1.54m as main reinforcement and 6 nos. of round shaped 8mm dia rods used as binders; the placing of the first binder should be at 75mm below the top finished surface and the other 5 nos of binders should be placed at 245mm c/c ; the guard post is of octagonal section with inscribed circle of dia 24cm at the base tapering to corresponding dimensions of 16cm at the top including two coats of painting with best quality synthetic enamel paint of approved make and grade to form 6 nos. horizontal alternate bands in white/tannery yellow and black to 90 cm length standing up above ground after mendinggood damages if any during striking off shuttering, making hole in ground of 47cm depth and 30cm. minimum dia, fixing the guard posts in the same holes and repacking the earth properly so as to keep the guard posts standing properly erect in correct position true to line and length including carriage of R. C. Guard Post with due care to the site including loading into the truck and unloading at site complete in all respect. With Pakur variety stone chips
80Nos773 61840
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Add @ 12 % GST
1Item1548288.37 1548288.37
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Providing and laying bituminous concrete with Hot Mix Plant using coarse aggregates, fine aggregates, filler materials and bituminous binder of required specification including screening, cleaning of chips and preparing a uniform and quality mix in Hot Mix Plant and ensuring a homogeneous mix, in which all particles of the mineral aggregates are coated uniformly, transporting the hot mix to work site, laying the mixed materials at specified laying temperature with a hydrostatic paver finisher with sensor control to the required grade, level and alignment over prepared surface coated with tack coat, rolling with smooth wheeled, vibratory and tandem rollers for break down, inter-mediate and finished rolling to achieve the desired density of at least 98% of that of Laboratory Marshall specimen, including cost and carriage of bitumen, coarse and fine aggregates and filler materials and hire charges of machinery and equipment for construction and quality control, fuels and lubricants and wages of operational staff complete as per Clause 507 of Specifications for Road & Bridge Works of MoRT&H (5th Revision). Grading-II. Using Pakur variety stone aggregates (13.20mm naminal size, 30mm/40mm thick). (Using Batch type HMP of minimum capacity 100-120 TPH) VG-40 (Bulk) (30/40) Bitumen used.
1013.17Mtr8472.78 8584366.51
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Construction of Embankment with Material Obtained from Borrow Pits Construction of embankment with approved material obtained from borrow pits with a lift upto 1.5 m, transporting to site, spreading, grading to required slope and compacting to meet requirement of Tables 300.1 and 300.2 with a lead upto 1000 m as per Technical Specification Clause 301.5 for Rural Roads of MORD. (Mode of measurement: pre works and post works) including cost of land & royalty charges.
600Cum235.5 141300
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ROAD WORKS : Providing and applying tack coat with Cationic Bitumen Emulsion of approved grade conforming to IS: 8887-1978 on the prepared surface cleaned with Hydraulic broom, moistening the surface including cost and carriage of emulsion, hire charges of machinery and labour, cost of fuel and lubricants all complete as per Clause 503 of Specifications for Road & Bridge Works of MoRT&H (5th Revision). On bituminous surface. Using Bitumen emulsion (Packed) @ 0.25kg/m2.
34386.24Sqm10.74 369308.22
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Add @ 1% Labour Cess
1Item144506.91 144506.91
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Supplying, spreading and consolidating Moorum to a depth of 75 mm at desired density and C.B.R. as per specification with power roller to proper gradient and camber including watering as necessary, and lighting, guarding, barricading and making adequate earthen bundh where necessary to protect the edges and curing with water for 2 to 3 days, mending cracks by rolling where necessary including all incidental charges of roller, cost of fuel & lubricants etc. complete as per specification. (In two layers compacted thickness). Total compacted thickness 150mm.
1099.35Cum682.45 750251.41
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Providing and laying Mastic asphalt wearing course with paving grade bitumen meeting the requirements given in table 500-29 using approved coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, filler material and bitumen, prepared by using Mastic cooker including cost and carriage of all ingredients, cost of heating aggregates and binder, mixing in specified proportions conforming to approved Job Mix Formula and laid to required level and slope after cleaning the surface, compacting, sealing the construction joints and surface finishing conforming to specifications including providing antiskid surface with bitumen pre-coated fine-grained hard stone chipping of 13.2 mm nominal size at the rate of 0.005 cum per 10 sqm and at an approximate spacing of 10 cm center to center in both directions, pressed into surface when the temperature of surfaces not less than 100°C, protruding 1 mm to 4 mm over mastic surface, including the hire charges of all tools and plants and machinery, pay of operators, cost of fuel and lubricants and all other incidental charges and quality control all complete as per Clause 516 of Specifications for Road & Bridge Works of MoRT&H (5th Revision). (196+236=432). (Using Pakur variety stone aggregate). (Using 10/20 Packed Bitumen). 25mm. thick.
3500Sqm483.86 1693510
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Cutting of branches of trees shrubs and trimming of grass and weeds i) Cutting of branches of trees and shrubs from the road way or with in R.O.W including disposal of wood and leaves to suitable location as per technical specification Clause 1914 for Rural Roads of MORD.
64Nos95 6080
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Patching of damaged concrete surface with polymer concrete (25 mm nominal thick) and curing compounds, initiator and promoter, available in present formulations, to be applied as per instructions of manufacturer and as approved by the Engineer.
50Sqm1391 69550
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Kilometre Stone Reinforced cement concrete M15 grade kilometre stone of standard design as per IRC:8-1980, fixing in position including painting and printing etc. i) 5th kilometre post.
2Nos2687 5374
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Repairing pot-holes and making up small depressions with ramming or power rolling including screening, cleaning chips or metals and washing, drying as necessary and heating the chips or metal where necessary, cutting pot holes to regular shapes with vertical edges, cleaning the disintegrated materials, heating matrix and applying tack coat (including sides), finishing the top of repaired surface levelled with adjoining area, including cost and carriage of stone aggregates and matrix, excluding cost of applying tack coat. [Tack coat is to be considered separately]. [Payment to the contractor is to be made on the basis of loose net volume of coarse aggregate only excluding key aggregates]. i) With premixed chips (Pakur variety) or Bajrees with 54 kg VG40 (Bulk 30/40) of bitumen per m3 of loose net volume of stone chips using Mobile Hot Mix Plant. (The payment is to be made on the basis of loose net volume of stone materials consumed in the work).
38.68Cum4026.85 155758.56
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Painting the vertical end faces of posts, wheel guards or railing or parapet with alternate bands of different colours as directed by the Engineer-in-charge with approved synthetic enamel paint. Two Coats.
118.8Sqm99 11761.2

Page 1 GOVERNMENT OF WEST BENGAL OFFICE OF THE SUPERINTENDING ENGINEER P.W.DIRECTORATE, WESTERN CIRCLE NO.-I, COURT COMPOUND, PURBA BARDHAMAN – 713101. Phone No. : (0342) – 266-2425 Fax No. : (0342) – 266-2425 e-mail : Memo No. :1902/5-1 Date : 02.09.2019 NOTICE INVITING ELECTRONIC TENDER NO. 15 OF 2019-2 0 OF THE SUPERINTENDING ENGINEER, P.W. DIRECTORATE, WEST ERN CIRCLE NO. - I The Superintending Engineer, Western Circle-I, Public Works Directorate, having office at Court Compound, Purba Bardhaman on behalf of the Governor of the Sate of West Bengal invites e-Tender / e-Bid for the work detailed in the table below (Submission of Bid through online). List of schemes : Sl. No Name of the work Estimated Amount (Rs.) Earnest Money (Rs.) Price of Technical, Financial Bid documents, 2911(ii) & others Annexure Period of Completion Name of the Concerned Division 1. Purulia-Ranchi Road (SH-4A) from 20.080 Kmp. to 24.966 Kmp. Surfacing work by providing 30 mm. Bituminous Concrete under Purulia Division, P.W.D. in the district of Purulia during the year 2019-2020.-2nd Call. 1,45,95,198/- 2,91,904/- Rs. 5,005/- (Per set) To be deposited by the successful bidder after acceptance of offered rate. 90 (Ninety) Days Purulia Division P.W.D. 1. General Terms and Conditions:- (i) In the event of e-Filing intending bidder may download the tender document from the website directly by the help of Digital Signature Certificate. (ii) Intending Tenderer will not have to pay the cost of tender documents for the purpose of participating in e- tendering, but the successful L1 (Lowest) Bidder will have to pay the cost of tender documents of 4 (Four) sets @ price mentioned in the list of scheme of NIT during purchase of tender documents for execution of agreement. In case of any contractor (L1) expressed his / her willingness to have extra copy of the standard contract forms, only one spare copy of standard contract form may on payment of prescribed price be supplied to a contractor or firm of contactors, eligible to tender in a specific work n receipt of written requisition well in advance for the same. (iii) In case of the works in the open tenders an earnest money amounting to 2 %( two percent) of the estimated value of work for which tender has been called for,shall have to be deposited by all intending tenderers. In any case Fixed Permanent Security Deposit will not be entertained as an earnest money, as per Notification no: 24-A/2D-13/2010 Dated: - 31.01.2014. As per G.O. No. 430(3)-W(C)/1M-208/15 Dt 31.08.2015 of the Joint Secretary, P.W. Department in concurrence of G.O. No. 6417-F(Y) dated 26-08-2015 of the Principal Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal, Finance Department, Audit Branch three State Government enterprises viz. Mackintosh Burn Limited, Westinghouse Saxby Framer Limited and Britannia Engineering Limited has given xemption from deposit of earnest money for participating in Government tenders, subject to the condition that they will furnish security deposit if selected in a tender. (iv) Enlistment of Contractors has been abolished as per Govt. order no. 71/SPW/2014 dated 03.03.2014 and G.O. no. 1177-F(Y) Dated:- 28.02.2014. (v) A bidder desirous of taking part in the tender shall login to the e-Procurement portal of the Governme t of West Bengal using his login ID and password and thereafter may download the tender document from the website directly with the help of Digital Signature Certificate. As per G.O. No. 4

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