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Irrigation And Waterways Department

Darjeeling, West Bengal

  • Opening Date

    27 Aug 2019

  • Closing Date

    17 Sep 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 1,55,05,414

  • EMD

    ₹ 3,10,108

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Special Repair To Distributory- 5r (0.00 Km - 3.390 Km) Dy- 6l (0.00 Km - 2.354 Km) Of Mahananda Main Canal, P.s.phansidewa Dist.-darjeeling

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BOQ Items
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Dressing and chilchalling flanks or slope of embankment including filling with earth or cutting upto 150 mm. average thickness and ramming properly after sprinkling water.
58475Sqm- 661359
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Earthwork in excavation in all kinds of soil for making embankments, repairs to the embankment, closing breaches etc. as per profile including supply and transporting the earth by truck or tractor or any other mechanical means on land , including loading, transporting, unloading and stacking with all lifts bothways and head load where necessary and depositing the same on embankments, clannels, filling depressions in requisite profile, levelling as per direction of the Engineer-in-charge within
-- -
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b) Beyond 1 Km. and upto 2 Km
4675Cum- 1295862
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c) Beyond 2 Km. and upto 3 Km
10375Cum- 2969329
... more
d) Beyond 3 Km. and upto 4 Km
3849Cum- 1140907
... more
d) Beyond 3 Km. and upto 4 Km
3208Cum- 979788
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Dismantling all types of plain cement concrete works, stacking serviceable materials at site and removing rubbish as directed within a lead of 75 m. In ground floor including roof. (a) upto 150 mm. thick
185Cum- 197533
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Removal of rubbish,earth etc. from the working site and disposal of the same beyond the compound, in conformity with the Municipal / Corporation Rules for such disposal, loading into truck and cleaning the site in all respect as per direction of Engineer in charge
185Cum- 34921
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Earthwork in re-excavation / silt clearance of drainage channels in all kinds of soil including sludge and slush but excluding slush mixed with industrial wastes, sewage, municipal garbage, carcasses, etc and depositing the same as per profile in proper place as directed by the Engineer-in-charge without causing hindrance to traffic and posing health hazard and making arrangement to maintain the site in workable condition including removal of polypacks, brickbats, stone ballasts & boulders, remnants of bullah & bamboo pins and all kinds of water hyacinth, solid / semi solid compact mass formed due to water hyacinth and burning them to ashes or removing outside Govt land where necessary and removal of thick & thorny jungles upto 30 cm girth including shoring and shuttering, if required, and including initial removal of sludge and slush etc by pan or bucket if required, and making arrangement for bailing out of any seepage water and removal of sand or soil blown from underneath, all complete. (Measurement : Pre-work and Post-work level section. Pre-work section to be taken after removal of water hyacinth and all other floating materials etc.) (a) By manual means within an initial lead of 30 M and an initial lift of 1.50 M
1217Cum- 201137
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Excavation for Structures Earth work in excavation of foundation of structures as per drawing and technical specification, including setting out, removing, spreading or stacking of spoils within a lead of 150 m. as directed and including trimming the sides of the trenches, leveling, dressing and ramming the bottom, and backfilling with approved material complete as per direction I. In all sorts of soil excluding marshy soil & rocks (soft or hard) by manual means. a) upto 3 m depth (iii) Without
1168Cum- 151987
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Earth work in filling in foundation trenches or plinth with good earth, in layers not exceeding 150 mm. including watering and ramming etc. layer by layer complete. (Payment to be made on the basis of measurement of finished quantity of work) a) With earth obtained from excavation of foundation.
428%Cum- 37550
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Supplying at site and laying in position UV stabilized needle punched, stapled fibre / continuous filament polypropylene non-woven geotextile of 300 gsm as filter, as per specification, including cost of preparing the bed, placing the geotextile as per profile with at least 15cm lapping, wherever required and anchorage at top, sewing / welding the overlapped portion, storage and transportation by all means, complete as per direction of the Engineer-in-charge. Note: 1. Payment to be made on measurement of finished surface without lapping, but including anchoring length at top. 2. Payment will be made subject to the result of 3rd Party Testing, to be done by the Engineer-in-charge departmentally. Paragraphs 2.7.7, 2.7.9 and 2.7.10 under the Chapter of “Specification for Works” in the USoR shall be reproduced and included in the tender document as “Specification and Special Terms & Conditions for Geotextile” in case of
6235Sqm- 1375319
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Testing of Geo-textile materials including UV Test from well eqipped laboratories like Jadavpur University, BITRA, CIPET etc.) (This item is applicable only for third party testing conducted by the Engineer-in-charge to assure the quality of the Geo-textile material)
1Unit- 71266
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Supplying and laying inverted filter in canal bed, canal slope, weep holes, block pitching etc. as per drawing including preparation of Subgrade etc. complete as per direction of the Engineer-in-charge.
20Cum- 21988
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Hire and labour charges for Shuttering with or without staging upto 4.0 m height using approved stout props with wooden planks/ply wood/steel sheet plate with required bracing for any kind of plain or reinforced concrete works in all sorts of minor structure including culvert, box culvert, crossdrain etc. The rate is inclusive of fitting, fixing and striking out after completion of work as per specification and direction. b) Where staging is not required.
3145Sqm- 761350
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Supplying and laying Polythene Sheet (150gm / sq.m.) over damp proof course or below flooring or roof terracing or in foundation or in foundation trenches.
592Sqm- 16086
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Ordinary Cement concrete (mix 1:1.5:3) with graded stone aggregates (20 mm nominal size) excluding shuttering and reinforcement if any, in ground floor as per relevant IS codes. (Using 20 mm nominal graded N.B. crusher variety stone aggregates)
472Cum- 2691512
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Precast cement concrete blocks or lining units as per designed section and specifications, in normal mix proportion 1:1.5:3 (corresponding to M20 Grade) with well graded 20 mm down stone metal aggregate, including dressing, ramming, shuttering, finishing the surface by trowel without adding any additional cement and sand mortar,curing, transporting and lying the blocks or lining units at work site in position, over sand cushion/filter layer,with cold (paper) joints between the adjacent units,having a gap varying from 0 to 5mm as tolerance, with all leads and lifts, including supply and carriage of all materials complete. (The rate is exclusive of the cost of stone aggregate and its carriage upto site. Construction wing has to add the cost of same from the SOR of PW (Roads) to derive the consolidated rate. Consumption chart of the USOR may be used for assessing the quantity of coarse aggregates per cum of concrete). Stone Aggregates of Pakur or Rajmahal or broken stone of North Bengal varieties. (Using 20 mm nominal graded N.B. crusher stone aggregate.)
218Cum- 1408819
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“Cast-in-situ cement concrete blocks or lining units as per designed section and specification, in nominal mix propotion 1:1.5:3 (corresponding to M20 Grade) with well graded 20 mm down stone metal aggregate, laid in position by casting in alternative panels or otherwise to keep a gap of 12mm between the adjacent units, over a layer of polythene sheet of thickness not less than 100 µm to act as a separator between the bottom surface of the block and the sand cushion / filter material laid below the blocks, including dressing, ramming, shuttering, finishing the exposed surface by trowel without adding any additional cement and sand mortar,curring and filling the gaps between the adjacent units by 5.6mm down coarse aggregate to be compacted properly, with all leads and lifts including supply and carriage of all materials, complete, without the cost of sand cushion / filter. (The rate is exclusive of the cost of stone aggregate and its carriage upto site. Construction wing has to add the cost of same from the SoR of PW (Roads) to derive the consolidated rate. Consumption chart of the USoR may be used for assessing the quantity of coarse aggregates per cum of concrete). Stone Aggregate of Pakur or Rajmahal or Broken stone of North bengal varieties. Note:-Provisition of latest departmental Manual for linning in Irrigation canals are to be followed, wherever applicable.
9Cum- 61624
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Caulking of joints of precast lining blocks with 1 :3 cement sand mortor including cost and carrage of all materials,racking out joints and champering as directed by Engineer-in-charge and curing all complete.
12034Mtr- 103018
... more
Turfing with chorkata or durba grass sods 5 cm. to 8 cm. thick in slope, crest berm etc. of embankments, canals and drainage channels etc. within a lead of 150 metre and all lifts including fine dressing, watering, ramming, guarding etc. complete. (sods will have to be arranged by the contractor at his own cost. Payment to be made on the grown grass only).
41808Sqm- 1324059

(Enclosure to I&WD No. 138(9)-IB/IW/O/IB-Misc-72/2016-17dated 19.07.2019) Page 1 of 31 Enclosure-II (Latest Modified e-NIT ‘Standard Format’ for works of ‘Tender Value’ (Amount Put to Tender) above Rs 45.0 lakh) Government of West Bengal Irrigation & Waterways Directorate Office of the Superintending Engineer Mahananda Barrage Circle Teesta Administrative Building Tinbattimore,Siliguri,Pin No:734005 Phone No.(03532468535)Fax No.(0353)2566292 E-Mail ID : NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER e-NIT No. WBIW/SE/MBC/ NIT- 02 (e)/2019-20 Encrypted electronic bids are hereby invited by the Superintending Engineer Mahananda Barrage Circle, Irrigation & Waterways Directorate on behalf of the Governor of the State of West Bengal through a single stage two part e-Procurement System; (Part I: Techno-commercial bid and Part II: Financial bid) for the ‘LIST OF WORKS’ given in the next page from eligible bonafide contractors/agencies/bidders having specified Pre- Qualification (eligibility) credential for execution of works of similar nature and desired financial capabilities. The technical bid in Part-I would require the bidder to qualify for the next phase of financial bid: Part-II, in which L1 bid price would determine the final selection and acceptance of a bidder for award of the Procurement of Goods & Works contract. Intending contractors/bidders desirous of participating in this e-Tender are required to login to the Government of West Bengal e-Procurement website having URL and locate the instant tender by typing WBIW/SE in the search engine provided therein, or by logging-in using their assigned User ID and password. They may also visit the official website of the Irrigation & Waterways Department, Government of West Bengal to locate the same e-Tender by scrolling the “e- Procurement” link. Contractors/bidders willing to take part in the e-Tender are required to obtain a valid Digital Signature- Certificate (DSC) from any of the authorized ‘Certifying Authorities’ (CA) under Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DEIT), Govt. of India. (viz. NIC, n- Code Solution, Safescrypt, e-Mudhra Consumer Services Ltd, TCS, MTNL, IDRBT) or as notified by the CA /Finance Department, GoWB from time to time. DSC is given as a USB e-Token. After obtaining the Class 2 or Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) from any of the above CA, they are required to register the fact of possessing the DSC through the registration system available in the above mentioned websites. A list of such licensed CAs’ is also available in the CCA website The prospective contractors / bidders may contact the Departmental e-Tendering Help desk located at the 7th Floor of Jalasampad Bhavan at Bidhannagar, Sector-II, Kolkata, through e-mails and or Telephone No. 033-23346098 and the State Level e-Procurement Help Desk located at the Ground Floor of Jalasampad Bhavan through e-mail or Ph:(033)-2334 5161 on any working day between 10.30AM-5.30PM for any query on e-Tendering procedure, obtaining DSC and free of cost training on e-Procurement procedure. Intending contractors/bidders are required to download the e-Tender documents directly from either of the websites stated above. This is the only mode for submission of a tender. The interested bidders eligible for the tender are required to submit their bids through the e-Procurement System using their valid DSC e- Token with assigned PIN using login ID and password. Details of e-filing procedure for participating in e- tenders under State Government have also been explained in the ‘Bidders’ Manual’, available in the Departmental website Last date & time of submission of bid electronically, is on 17.09.2019 till 15.00 Hours IST. The applicant

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