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Union Bank Of India,Bareilly Cantt, Bareilly BO

Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

  • Opening Date

    24 Aug 2019

  • Closing Date

    25 Sep 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 13,70,000

  • EMD

    ₹ 1,37,000

  • Auction Start Date

    26 Sep 2019

  • Auction End Date

    26 Sep 2019

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All That Part And Parcel Of Land & Building Comprised In Khet No 369 Bankey Village Bhauwa Nagar, Nawabgani. Bareilly. Admeasuring About 1210 Standing In The Name Of Maqsood Khan And Bounded On The North By Chak Road. On The South By Khet Of Het Ram. On The East By Khet Of Maqsood Khan, On The West By : Khet Of Ram Kumar.

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