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Purvanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited

  • Opening Date

    06 Aug 2019

  • Closing Date

    16 Aug 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 4,20,000

  • EMD

    ₹ 10,000

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Providing Of Disconnection Gang In 33/11 Kv S/s Radhanagar Rular Ftp

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Electricity Distribution Circle Purvanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited Fatehpur E-Tender Specification No. 37/EDCF/2019-20 fo|qr forj.k [k.M&izFke] Qrgiqj ds {ks=kUrxZr q z q s s Zq z q s s Zq z q s s Z fo|qr forj.k mi[k.M&qqq f}rh;] jk/kkuxj] Qrsgiqjs qs qs q ds v/khu sss fo|qr midsUnq sq sq s z] jk/kkuxjzzz xzkeh.k zzz ij fo|qr cdk;snkjksa ds fo|qr foPNsnu q s sa s q sq s sa s q sq s sa s q s gsrq s qs qs q ,d ux Mhty pfyr pkj ifg;k okgu e; Mªkboj ,oa Mhty O;; lfgr rFkk 1 ux ª aª aª a xSax ¼1 ux dq”ky Jfed o 2 ux vdq”ky Jfed½ o foPNsfnr la;kstu dh ohfM;ksxzkQh Sa q q s a s s zS a q q s a s s zS a q q s a s s z ¼,p0Mh0 DokfyVh es½ dh O;sss oLFkk lfgr 6 ekg dh vof/k gsrq miyC/k djkus lEcfU/krAs q ss q ss q s Cost of Tender Document : - Rs. 590.00 (Rs. 500.00+90.00) Earnest Money :- Rs. 10,000.00 Online Submission Last Date :- Dt. 03.08.2018 Time 04:00 Hrs. Tender Opening Date Ist Part :- Dt. 03-08.2018 Time 05:30 Hrs. Kindly visit for more information. INSTRUCTIONS TO TENDERERS 1- If the pre-qualifying conditions of the tender are not found Tender will not be accepted. 2- Validity of the tender bids should not be less than 90 days from the date of opening of the tender. 3- The quoted prices should be firm in all respect. 4- The contractor shall be obliged to discharge his liabilities under the contract most diligently and efficiently. In case he fails to do so, the Purchaser shall be free to take decision in this regard, including assigning the work to some other person or agency debit able to the contractor. 5- The Engineer of Contract does not pledge to accept the lowest tender and deserves the right to accept the whole or any portion of the tender as he may think fit without assigning any reason for acceptance or rejection thereof. 6- All disputes arising out of and touching or relating to the subject matter of agreement shall be subject to the jurisdiction of court of Fatehpur only. 7- Once the tender is submitted no subsequent correspondence will be entertained. 8- Tender document cost and Earnest money should be deposited in A/c # 0170002100023127 ¼IFSC Code-PUNB0017000, Punjab National Bank, Fatehpur) of S.E. EDC, Fatehpur and scanned U.T.R. should be upload with Tender Bid Part-I, failing which Bid Part-II not to be opened and tender will not be considered any further. 9- The Contractor will have no claim to ask for the reason from the Engineer of Contract, if his tender bid not Accepted. 10- Conditional tenders will not be accepted. 11- The undersigned reserves the right to reject/accept any or all tenders without assigning any reason thereof. 12- In case the due date of tender opening is holiday, the tender will be opened on next working day. 13- Tenderers should Uploaded the GST Registration Certificate photocopy with the tender Documents SUPERINTENDING ENGINEER lkekU; fn”kk&funsZ”ksZsZsZ 1& dk;Znk;h laLFkkvksa@fufonknkrkvksa dks Hkkjrh; fo|qr fu;ekoyh 1956 ds fu;e&45 ds vUrxZr~ fo|qr lqj{kk funs”kky; }kjk iznÙk ÞdÞ dk ykblsUl viyksM djuk vfuok;Z gSA 2& dk;Znk;h laLFkkvksa@fufonknkrkvksa miJek;qDr dk;kZy; }kjk tkjh dkUVªSDV yscj ykblsUl ¼jsxqys”ku ,.M ,cksfy”ku ,DV 1970 dh /kkjk &12¼1½ ds vUrZxr iathd`r gksus dk v|ru ,oa oS/k izek.k i= viyksM djuk vfuok;Z gSA 3& deZpkjh Hkfo’; fuf/k laxBu m0iz0 ds dk;kZy; ls QeZ ds uke ls izkIr fd;k gqvk bZ0ih0,Q dksM vko.Vu oS/k izek.k i= izLrqr djuk vfuok;Z gksxkA 4& oLrq ,oa lsok dj ¼GST½ esa jftLVªs”ku izek.k i= ,oa iSu dh Nk;kizfr viyksM djuk vfuok;Z gksxkA 5& dk;Z djrs le; fdlh izdkj dh nq?kZVuk ds fy;s fufonknkrk Lo;a mRrjnk;h gksxkA 6& fdlh Hkh lkexzh dh VwV QwV pksjh] vkx yxus ds fy;s fufonknkrk Lo;a mRrjnk;h gksxkA 7& izsf’kr njksa dh oS/krk lEiw.kZ dk;Z vof/k rd gksxhA 8& fcyksa dk Hkqxrku fufonknkrk dks Mh0vks0 ,oa vkj0vks0 ls /ku izkIr gksus ij gh fd;k tk;sxkA 9& mDr dk;Z dks lUrks’kt

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