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PWD – T –1 PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT UTTAR PRADESH WEST ZONE, P.W.D., MEERUT BULANDSHAHR CIRCLE, P.W.D., BULANDSHAHR PROVINCIAL DIVISION, P.W.D., GAUTAMBUDHNAGAR Bidding Document FOR THE WORK : WORK NAME – AS PER BOQ TABLE OF CONTENTS Standard Bidding Document for Work upto Rs. 40 Lacs WORK NAME – AS PER BOQ Section Description Page Section 1 List of Dates, Press Notice, NIT Section 2 Instruction to bidders Section 3 Qualification information (For bid costing more than Rs. 10.00 Lacs) Section 4 General Conditions of Contract Section 5 Specifications & Drawings Section 6 Form of Bid Section 7 Bill of Quantity Section 8 Standard Forms, Form of Acceptance SECTION – 1 Office of the Executive Engineer. List of Important Dates of Bids for Construction of Roads under U.P. P.W.D. WORK NAME – AS PER BOQ 2. Completion Period for construction: AS PER NIT including rainy Season. 3. Date of Issue of Notice Inviting Bid dt. 02-03-2019 4. Period and Places of Availability of Bidding Documents From: 05-03-19 To 11.03.19 Till 05:00 pm. On line on 5. Time, and Date of Pre-bid meeting, Date : 08-03-2019 Time – 12:00 pm AS PER NIT 6. Deadline for Receiving Bids online only, Date 11.03.2019 Time – 02:00 pm 7. Time and Date for opening Bids online, Date 11.03.2019 Time :- 04:00 pm OFFICE OF EE, PD, PWD, GAUTAMBUDHNAGAR 8. Time and Date of opening Financial Bids online - 9. Last Date of Bid Validity 90 Days 10. Officer inviting Bids dk;kZy; vf/k”kklh vfHk;Urk izkUrh; [k.M] yks0fu0fo0] xkSrecq)uxjA vfr vYidkyhu bZ&izksD;ksjesUV fufonk lwpuk i=kad%& 677@7, fnukad %&02-03-2019 lsok esa] lwpuk funs”kd lwpuk ,oa tulEidZ foHkkx] m0iz0] y[kuÅ fo’k;%& vfr vYidkyhu fufonk lwpuk dk izdk”kuA egksn;] d`I;k layXu fufonk lwpuk dk izdk”ku esjB e.My ds LFkkuh; lekpkj i=ksa ,ao jk’Vªh; Lrj ds lekpkj i=ksa esa de ls de ,d ckj izdkf”kkr djus dh d`Ikk djsaA fufonk lwpuk dh 6 izfr ,ao lh0Mh0 layXu dj izsf’kr gSA laXyu%& 1- fufonk lwpuk 6 izfrA 2- lh0 Mh0 1 vf/k”kklh vfHk;Urk izkUrh; [k.M] yks0fu0fo0] xkSrecq)uxjA i=kad%& 677@7, fnukad %&02-03-2019 izfrfyfi %& fuEufyf[kr dks lwpukFkZ ,ao vko”;d dk;Zokgh gsrq izsf’krA 1- izeq[k vfHk;Urk ¼fodkl½ ,oa foHkkxk/;{k] yks0fu0fo0] y[kuÅA 2- eq[; vfHk;Urk] i0{ks0] yks0fu0fo0] esjBA 3- v/kh{k.k vfHk;Urk] cqyUn”kgj o`Rr] yks0 fu0 fo0] cqyUn”kgjA 4- ftykf/kdkjh] xkSrecq)uxjA 5- vf/k”kklh vfHk;Urk] fuekZ.k [k.M-2] yks0fu0fo0] xkft;kcknA 6- leLr lgk;d vfHk;Urk] izkUrh; [k.M] yks0fu0fo0] xkSrecq)uxjA 7- izcU/kd] iatkc uS”kuy cSad] “kk[kk NijkSyk] xkSrecq)uxjA 8- uksfVl cksMZA vf/k”kklh vfHk;Urk izkUrh; [k.M] yks0 fu0 fo0] xkSrecq)uxjA Very Short E-Procurement Tenders Notice No. 677 /7A Dated. 02.03.2019 1- The E.E. Provincial Division, P.W.D., Gautambudhnagar on behalf of Governor of Uttar Pradesh invites the percentage rate bids online from the eligible and approved Contractors registered with UP PWD, class A, B, C, D Category. The Bidder may submit bids for any or all of the work. Bidders are advised to note the minimum qualification criteria specified in Clause 4 of the Instructions to Bidders to qualify for the award of the contract. 2. Details of works as follow. Sl. No Name of Work Estimated cost ( Lac) Bid Security ( Lacs) Time of Compl etion Cost of Bid Docoume nts including 18% GST Class of Contra cter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 o’kZ 2018&19 esa tuin xkSrecq)uxj esa ftyk ;kstukUrxZr ,p0,l0ds0 >qIik ekxZ ls cka/k rd ekxZ ij uo% fuekZ.k dk dk;ZA 24-00 2.40 6mont h 2000+300 +18% GST=271 4.00 UP PWD, Class A,B,C,D 2 tuin

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