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IMPORTANT 1. First part of Tender should be uploaded with the following. A. Tender Fee for Rs. 1180.00 (Rs. 1000.00 Cost of tender specification + Rs. 180.00 GST) and Earnest Money amounting to Rs. 10000.00 shall be deposited in Corporation Head Quarter Bank Account as per following procedure. fufonknkrkvksa }kjk fufonk ‘kqYd ,oa bZ0,e0Mh0 vkWu ykbu tek djus dh izfØ;k 1- fufonk ‘kqYd rFkk bZ0,e0Mh0 ¼udn½ ij Tender Section esa tkdj viuh QeZ dh lwpuk;sa Hkjdj ,d ckj iathdj.k dj] lEcfU/kr fufonk ds le{k “Pay Now” ij fDyd dj MsfcV dkMZ@ØsfMV dkMZ@usV cSafdax }kjk tek djk;h tk;sxhA Hkqxrku lQyrkiwoZd gksus ds i'pkr~ fufonk ‘kqYd ds lkis{k Tax Invoice ,oa bZ0,e0Mh0 ds lkis{k Receipt iksVZy ls Lor% izkIr gksxh ftUgsa fufonk ‘kqqYd@bZ0,e0Mh0 tek djk;s tkus ds lk{; ds :i esa cSad Hkqxrku dh ikorh ¼cSad dUQeZs’ku dh izfr½ ds lkFk] tks fd fufonknkrk }kjk LogLrk{kfjr gksxh] bZ&fufonk ds izi=ksa ds lkFk vkWuykbu viyksM dh tk;sxhA vU;Fkk mudh fufonk fujLr dj nh tk;sxhA 2- fufonknkrk dks ij Tender Section esa tkdj viuh QeZ dh fu/kkZfjr lwpuk;sa ¼tSls&th0,l0Vh0] jftLVsª’ku ua0] QeZ dk uke] irk] eks0 ua0] bZ&esy vkbZMh bR;kfn½ Hkjdj ,d ckj iathdj.k djkuk gksxk] ftlds Ik’pkr~ ,d User ID izkIr gksxhA 3- izkIr User ID ,oa Password ls ij Tender Section esa tkdj Log In djus ds i’pkr~ dsoy ogh fufonk;sa iznf’kZr gksxh] ftudh le; lhek (Last Date of Submit) lekIr (Expire) ugh gqbZ gS] mlesa ftl fufonk ds lkis{k fufonk ‘kqYd@bZ0,e0Mh0 dk Hkqxrku djuk gS] ml fufonk ds lEeq[k “Pay Now” dk Option iznf’kZr gksxkA 4- “Pay Now” ij Click djus ds i'pkr~ Vs.Mj Qhl (Including GST/EMD) iznf’kZr gksxh] ftldk feyku djus ds i'pkr~ fufonknkrk MsfcV dkMZ@ØsfMV dkMZ@usV cSafdax }kjk Hkqxrku fd;k tk;sxk rFkk Hkqxrku lQyrkiwoZd gks tkus ij Tax Invoice / Receipt MkmuyksM dj fy;k tk;sA ;g Tax Invoice / Receipt, TIA ,oa fufonknkrk }kjk ij ykWx bu dj izkIr dj ldsaxsA 5- blds i'pkr~ fufonk vkosnu dh izfØ;k iwoZ dh Hkakfr ( ij vFkok lacaf/kr dk;kZYk; esa ;Fkkor jgsxh] ijUrq fufonk ‘kqYd@bZ0,e0Mh0 uxn tek djk;s tkus ds lk{; ds :i esa cSad Hkqxrku dh ikorh fLyi ds lkFk fufonk ‘kqYd ds lkis{k Tax Invoice ,oa bZ0,e0Mh0 ds lkis{k Receipt dh izfr Hkh yxk;k tkuk vfuok;Z gSA 6- fufonk ewY; fdlh Hkh n’kk esa okil ugh gksxkA A. TENDER PROFORMA duly filled with all desired documents. B. FORM OF VALIDITY. C. Self attested copy of GST registration No. D. Self attested copy of registration in Labour Department under Labour ACT 1970/1962. E. fufonk Hkjus okyh dk;Znk;h laLFkk ds ikl fufonk esa mfYyf[kr dk;Z dk vuqHko gksuk pkfg;sA F. mijksDr okWfNr izi= vkfn lEcfU/kr fufonknkrk }kjk bZ&Vs.Mj csolkbV ij yksM fd;s tk,sxsaA ;fn bZ&Vs.Mj csolkbV ij Lisl de gS arks mDr izi= lEcfU/kr fufonknkrk }kjk dk;kZy; dh bZ&esy ( ij fufonk viyksM dh vfUre frfFk o le; rd Hkstk tk,sxkA ckn esa izkIr izi=ksa ij fopkj ugh fd;k tk,sxkA fufonknkrk }kjk leLr izi=ksa dk laf{kIr fooj.k Hkh bUMSDl ds :Ik esa i`"B la[;k lfgr bZ&Vs.Mj dh oSclkbZV ij viyksM djuk vuok;Z gksxkA G. fufonknkrk u rks Lo;a O;fDrxr :i ls dk;kZy; esa vk;saxs vkSj u gh vius fdlh Hkh izfrfuf/k dks fdlh Hkh fLFkfr esa dk;kZy; esa HkstasxsA H. fufonk ds izFke Hkkx esa dsoy ekWxs izi= gh viyksM djsaA vuko';d izi= viyksM u djsaA 2 Second part of tender should contain rates only. Every column should be filled up. In case every column is not filled up in that condition Second part shall be rejected. In case first part of tender is not found complete in all respect as required above, then the same shall be rejected and contractor may submit their representation on it within 24 hrs. on email address after that no consideration shall be done on the representation. The undersigned reserves the right to reject or accept any or all the tenders in full or in part without assigning any reasons thereof. Superintending Engineer Electricity Urban Dist

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