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Public Works Department

  • Opening Date

    18 Jul 2019

  • Closing Date

    16 Aug 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 21,35,11,266

  • EMD

    ₹ 21,35,113

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Tender for Improvement Of Road From Gandacherra-raishyabari Road.

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--FORMAT - A(For publicotion in the Locol Newspopers ond Websites) GOVERNMENT OF TRIPURA PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO:- O7lEElPwD(R&B) I AMB/2019-20 Dr. 08/07 /2A19 The Executive Engineer, Ambosso Division, PWD(R&B), Ambosso, Dholoi, Tripuro invlles on rfeftcif of thc. Ccvernor of Irpuro'percenioge role e-tender iror-r', ihe Centrol & Siote publlc sector undericrkirg / enterprjse ond eilgrbie Conlroclors /Firms/Agencies of oppropriote closs registered with PWtjillAADC/MESiCPWD/Roilwoy/Oiher Stote PWD up to 3.00 P.M. on )6lABl20)9 for the following work: h11i:s.// Bidciers ore ollowed to ]id 24x7 until the time of Bid closing, with oplton for Re-Submission, wherein only their jotesl submitled Bid would be considereri for evoluotion. The e-Procurernent webslie will noi cllow <;ny Bidder to otiempi bidding, ofter the scheduled dote ond iime. Submission of bids physicolly is noi permitied. Eornesf Money qnd Bid Fee ore 1o be drown seporote y on Stote ts<rnk of ndio or ony olher s.rho.(-lr.rto.l Bork gucrrcrnleed by the RBl, rn lhe shr:pe of "Deposit of coll"/ "Demond Drqft" in fovour of rlre Execufive Engineer, Ambqsso Division, PWD(R&B), Ambosso, Dholoi, Tripuro. Demono clrofls furnrsheci os obove sholl be volid for o minimum period of 3 (three) monlhs from tire csi oole of publishing of bid. Bid Fee of Rs. 5000.00 (Rupees five lhousond) only, sholl be occepted os "Deposit ot coll"/"Demond Droft" ond is Non-Refundoble. The Bidders will hove to uplood the sccrn copy of the drown "Demond Draft"/ "Deposit ctt cctll" {os o single PDF file of 100 dpi resolution), ogoinst the relcrtc-cl Bio fee & Eornest money, olong with the Technicol bid, iire llidders wiil crso hove to oeoosii oolh the orqnor "[)ernoncl Droft"/ "Deposii ol co]1", rclcrr:ci 1c ihe []ornesl Money ond Bid Fee os stoter: obove, rn o sec:leci enveope depicling DNIT No. lf:e 3tit<lr:is l.llrl(;. Adrjrcss & Phone nurn[rer, of lirer offrce cl the Execulive Engineer, Ambosso Division, PWD(R&B), Ambosso, Dhqloi, Tripuro positively before ihe lechnicol Bid opening schedule (i.e. up 1o 3,00 P.M on )/ iaBl?-a)9) i3icl{s) sholbe openeci through online by respeclive Bid openers on beholf of the Executive Engineer, Ambosso Division, PWD(R&B), Ambosso, Dholoi, Tripurcr ond the some sholJ be occessible by intencling Elcloer ihrough website nilp!.//lriplrlolendqru ge,\,.ir. llowever, intending bidders oncl other Ulci<-lers rncry ii<e 1o be presenl ot the Bici opening. For ony enquiry, pleose contcrcl by e-moil io . &**rPre-Bid Conference: Dcrle:- 31 /0/ l2A l9 Time:-l 1.00 (Er. Pronoy Kumor Dos) Execulive Engineer, Ambossq Division, PWD(R&B), Arnbosso, Dholoi,Tripuro oz J v1 NA,\4E OF THE WORK Fv, o U ou F,- =FU'U UJz o E ts v1uz u. U z eO eE UO- €E trC, U 9 * 9,.1 NHERE [=H=:JO 5o Hb- Aoi^zuzzz<HT 508 tr Or:*Z4Z =6()9 =663HEei tuoo 6 L o at', a/, J U ri l lmprovemeni ol rood from Gqndocherro- Roishyoboriroqd ol Ch.18.30km lo Norikel Kunjo (Length-8.00km) for eossy occess for the Tourisfs from Dholoi, Norlh ond Unokoli Disiricts io Norikel Kunjo lslond surrounded by Dumbur Loke Woter in Tripuro under NESIDS. oq .o .o c\ t.) ,"r. c.l q N. oq (r) ,o c/)- a.l e. c O-c o)o i;F cO c o oO' .LO o S'l 9o-Lrro o.o = o6r !o !(\e;' .o '\ rN ol EIcl ol fl >lol ol';l crl \ol-{ Et ol+l+t o U 0)+ o o o o. o, Cont page no-2 Poge no-2 Memo No. F.21 (01 )/EElpWD(R&B)/AMB/1 612_Bo esBJ la: l. lire Direclor of lnformo|on, Cullurol Affoirs publicotion os mentioned below:- Dt. 08/07 /2019 Government of Tripuro, Agortolo for orronging ' (Er. Pronoy Kumor Dos) Execulive Engineer Ambqssq Division, pWD(R&B). o) Four rocor reoding newspapers per Formot - A in lEncro-B{eight) copiesl. b) At Formcrt - A lo sofi copy on o ftoppy oirgCo enclosedl. c) Two notionol doilies Formot-B[4(FoUR) copler enclosed] (for blds coi;ng more ihon Rs 100 okhs). 2 Tire Nodol Officer. l,l Appiicotion (l'wDJ, O/O thr; Chicf tngineer,

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