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kfqN lli i r/21!slQ!f/Dqa!!!!!!4M-2: !{4L19 B Tele:044 268a0700(Ertn 7494 A 7492) AnFo@ Slalron. Avadi 23ED/1659/tND-310n8-1g/tcS/CpC (V01-t) {1*u ts REOUEST FOF PROPqSAL IRFP) FOR SUPPLY OF LASER BORE SIGTTT FOR SIALL ARf,S AGAINST 'ENOER ENQUIRY I8,I9/23EDIOPSTDR'M@05 DAIED 22 rAR 19 IUNOER TWO BID SYSTE|II 1 For and on beharf of The PEident of India, Atr olficer comma.dtng, Eqlip@nt Depot Air Fo@ Saati@, Av.di, Chdnai - 6{0 055 ituie6 bij5 a. seat€d @er for supply ol items listed in Pa.r- ll ol rhis RFP. Pkase super sc.ibe the subiecl Tilte, Tender Enquw nunbfl and dale or oFenrng ol the Bds on tne seated @ver ro a6'd the B'd bernq 2 The addes and cortacl numbers lor *nding Biis or s€€kang cbdtierids regading lhis RFP a€ giwn below - (a) aids/qledes lo be add€ssed to: sLo (Pr@urcmdt) Depot Purch6e Cell (b) P6taladd€ss aor*nding the Eidsl 23 Equip@nt O€t ot AIr Force Station, Avadi Chennal - 600 055 (c) Name/designalionof lhecontacrpeGonnet:SLO(procurement)(d) Telephone numbeB of the @nlacl peFonnet: (044) 26&(1700 Enn: 7494(e) E mail ids ofdnlacl peFonnel: NtL (t) Fax numbe.: (044) 26840a30 !fP NO 13 19/z]Ep/OP[ITDR/000O06 pATEp 22 Th6 RFP s dNided inloive parls asloloG: (a) Pad I - Contains Genera information a.d nslrucllons ior lhe Bidders aboul the RFP such as the lime, pla@ ol submsslon and openrg ol tendeB valLditv penod ol (b) Part tl - Conlains esseniiaLdelails ol lhe ilem reqlned such as lh€ Schedule or Aequkemeils (SOR), Techncal Sp€ofrcations, Delrverv Pe.iod Mode oi Delvery and Consignee delads.(cl -Parr l[ - contains Standard condilions of RFP which will fom pan of lhe @nrract wilh lhe su@sstuL Bidder(d) Pan |v - Contains Special Condiiions applicable to lhis RFP and which wrll also rom oan ol the conlEclsrh the suc@ssfulBdder (e) Pa.t V - Conlains Evalualion C le.ia and Format tor Pri@ Bids. 4 Tender documels enached arF ro be el-tned along wrh your quolarcn dulv 'iled and soned bv you on all pages (including ann.rurc | lo v ot RFP) 's havrng tead undear@o "'ia "*:oiea rt'" r"#"i.0 irnd'rona mentioned therein Anv add ronaltems a @nd'rions ir rnclJoed;v lhe sell.rwllnol be consdpred Non Fce'pl ol sg"ed FrP abrg wih en'erJe wrl be reaho as 'n(omplele ano habe to be tejecleo w hout ass'gnr! anv teason Londrrona Bids are de liable lo be €jected c I wo Bd Svstem The lender should be submrned undq a hto bd svslem consrshno ol a r.atno-cmrcatgio ano a P eBd wl^(hw l(ons'slo rhe lolow ng documplls MAR 19 DUE ON 15 APR 19 to b€ placed in one s4led Tender enquiry No{a) Tehno-commercral Bid: lhe'ollowing doclments are enveloF€ ma*ed 'Techno Commetcdl Bid lor 1 8-1 9,23Eo/oPEn!&000006 daled??143!1!l (t Pan-tbvottheRFP duly stamped and signed on each pagebvlhe selle' (ii) EMD aspe.Para 14 ol Pa orRFP. rii,) Docdnenlary ptoolol rcg'stral'or wt. dn agencv rs mennoneo In Parr 14 ol Panl. etemplion 6 soughl iiom subm ungEMD (iv) Det3ils of plant, machinery and pe,Jormance as per Fom DPM-5 (v) compliane ot Techniel specili€tion as per Anner€ll of RFP (vi) compliance to terms and condilions ollhe RFP as perAnnexu€rv {vii) The nms panicipaling inle.denng are to slbmil a@pv ol GST registraton @.lilicate alonq wilh T6hni€l Bid (b) ftics qd The pr ces quoled lor each ilem io be submilted in envelope as per lhe fomal gi@n n PaE 2 ol Pan v The enwlop€ ryq No r 3 1s/23 t p/ojt,'rpR/000Q06 q4fEQ L2 !,rAr3 t! q!!g! 15 4!! 19 Both lhe envelopes onlaining lhe lehn@ommercial bid and pri@ bid shoutd be placed in a bigger envelop€ and foMrded lo the address gi€. in Pa€ 2 or dropped in th€ lender box marked as 'CEMTRAL PURCHASE CEL!" plaed al uain cuard R@m (visito''s Room), The enveloF should be mark€d "For Tender Enquiry No. 18-19123ED/OPE/IpF,OO0006 daied 22 Mar 19 P@ bid reeaved without ,echno- @mrerdd bid will be eiected 6 Dare ot op€ning ot Pr.e Bi, wit be htin€ted €€paElety to the fm wio s Te.hnird gid has ben a@pred by the TEC. [Pan V', cDntaining the pie bid, pe.taining to thos€ rirn. aio @ply with all othe. iem A condilios spe

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