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Public Health Engineering Department

Jalor, Rajasthan

  • Opening Date

    28 Jan 2019

  • Closing Date

    25 Feb 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 60,00,000

  • EMD

    ₹ 1,20,000


Providing, Laying, Jointing And Commissioning Of Various Type And Various Sizes Of Pipe Line At Different Places In Phed, Sub Division Bhinmal Urban Under Division Bhinmal District Jalore

BOQ of NIT No. 48/2018-19 SE PHED Cr. Jalore
Tender Document of NIT No 48/2018-19 SE PHED Cr. Jalore

OIIFICE OF'I'IIE SUPERII\'I'EI{DING ENGINEI',R. P.II.E.D.. CIRCLE,, JALOIlE, Adresi: Shivaii Nagar Jalore-s+aoot Tele : ozgze zzes+a Email id: S.No:- SEIPFIt'rA-Irt(NI]' )t 20r8-r9t 56 7 S The Director DIPR, .Iaipur Daterl z- 24.01.2019 Sub :- Aclr,ertising of NIT No. 44 to 48 12018-19 Please t-rncl attached B hard copies along r,r,ith soft copy in one CD of NIT No. 44 to 48 12018-19 of this with the request to arrange for its publication in at least fbilou,ing ne\\/s papers :- 1. One leading Itegional daily news paper. 2. One state level leading dail\/ news paper having circulation of Fifty Thousand co1-lies or lrore. In aclditior-r, please arranse to r.rpload the soft copy of Detailed NIT on )'our rveb site g/\\1\\/.clipron I ine. org Encl ; Eight copies of briel'NIT for purblication nt4yP (rann cHAND KtrLDEr..P) ST]PERINTENDING ENG INE E R PTTED CTITCLE JALOI{E S.No:- srr,/l'II/'I'A-II/( NI't' )t zlt8-te/fI 567 6-S€ 9J Dated :-L4.0L2019o. Cop) along u,itl'r the above NIT is forwarcled to following fbr information : 1. Chief Ilngineer (FIQ)/Rural/SI'], PHED, Jaipur/Project JodhpLrr. 2. IrA&CAO, RWSSMB, .Taipur. 3 . Strperi ntencling Errgineer PHIID City C ircle/B armer l Jaisahner/Sirohi 1. E,rccutive l}rsineer PIIED Division.... (all) 5. Notice Roard/Cashier of this office. 6. Mis llrrcl : iis above .1ryvL (r'ena .ilo* KL'LDEEP) SU PEITINTEN DING En.G I \E E R PIIED CIRCLE JALOITU l---NnN"'--l--__--Nrn NJ. ; 411201 8- l9 451201 B- r 9 161201 B- 19 111201 8- 19 l_._ r I n /^ A r n UBN No. ) 48t201 8- t9 i,---_.--.*- --l ,#* Fftr*,e '**r.,y NIT FOI{ Website OFIUC'II OF ]'IIE ST]PE,T{IN'I'ENDING BNGINEER. P.IT.E.D.. CIRCI-,E. JAI,OTIE. Arlresi: Shivaii Nagar.lalore-e+goor 'l'ele : ozgzg zzgs+a Entail id: sepltetlialore@vrrhoo.conr S.No:- Sti/PIt/'l'A-ll/('rS )t 2018-L9t 5615 * 5 € 9-2 NOT IC E INVTTII\G ]'IiNDERS Dated '- e.L,t\t\W\9 1. Online tenclers are. herebl, invited on belialf of- the Governor of Rajastl"ran fbr the lollou,ipg rvorlis ou rate contretct basis bidders rneeting eligibility as per criteria rrentioned in detailed tender c'locuments r,vhich can be seen and don'nloaded l'rotn u,ebsire hup.LsplQc,tai'u1-hrr!1'ggyJn and h-ttp//ippLtai]]rd!. The tenders are to submitted onilne in electronic fbrmat on u,ebsite http:lleproc.rajasthan.gor'.itl as por schedr-rle given belorv. 2. GL-NI]RAL Dtr AILS OF WORI(S : ).lt I' No. \\'olh Dcscription Estinrated Cost Eiurnest Money Cost l'D Processin a. 1'ee Period lbr' exccLrtittn -L,l I 20 I ti- 19 (lonstructiorr utrcl C-ortrntissioning o1' 250 20f.) nrnr dia i0-280nrtr'.) 'fube \\1ell by ltotali Drilling If ig. srrpply' & installation of subilersible pLtlttp sets inclLrcling 2 l eat's dc'l-ect liabiliti, period in t'lllrlJ. I)ir ision Sltncliore (District .liilore) 100.00 lacs 2.00 L,acs I{s. 1000/- Its. 1000i- One Year (.,\nnual I{.r Lc Conilaet) +.ii 2018-19 (lorlnrissioning of 'l'trtrc \\'cll b1' strppll' ct instltllation ol.subtlcrsible pLrmp sets irrclutlirrg 2 l ears clel'ect Iiitbility period in I'tlllD.srrt-., Dn. llhinnral (Urban & I(untI ) t)ir ision llhirrnlrI( l)istl'ict .lalore) 60.00 lacs |.20 [,acs I{s. 1000/- I{s. 1000i - One Ycar (,\ t-ut turl I(rtc Clonlract) l(r i i0t8-r9 ('onrnrissioning of -l-Lrbc \\'ell by supply & irrstllllition o1' subntcrsiblc pLrtrp sets inclLrciine 2 r curs clel'ecrt liability period in I)llt:l) sub Dn. Bhinllal (Rattirvara & .li'rsri antpr-rra) Dir ision Bltintlal(District .lalole) 60.00 lacs I L 20 rcs Its. 1000/- Rs. 1000/- One Ycar' (,,\rrnurI I{.itc OonLlact) t- ,+/ 20rE-19 Conrrrissitlrring of 'l'ubc \\'cll by surpply & installalion o1' sLtbttrcrsible pump sets inclLrclirrg 2 ,r curs del'ect liability pcriod in I)ttlll) l)ivision .loulot'e (District .lllolc ) 60.00 lacs r.20 l,ucs I{s. 1000/- I{s. 1000r- One Year' (Arrnurl It"rle Contract) +8i 20Iu-l9 l)nrr,itlin-u. Lal ing. .)oirtting and (lortrntissionirtg o1' r,utiotts t)'pe atrd r aliorrs sizcs o1' Pipe l-irrc at diff-erent place,s in l)llEI). Strb

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