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Water Resources Department

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 18,30,05,126

  • EMD

    ₹ 9,16,000

  • Opening Date

    18 Feb 2019

  • Closing Date

    14 Mar 2019


Construction Of Pipe Distribution Network On R.b.c Ch. 0 To Ch.10 And L.b.c Ch. 7 To Ch.10

I No.f PCD/AB/T-1QlT enderl 12 Officer of the Executive Engineer lrrigation Project Construction Division' Ratnag Dated - Q8 l02 12019 The Assistant Director of Publicity Government of Maharashtra lnformation and Public Relation Department 17th Floor New Administrative Bldg Opp. Mantralaya MUMBAl.400 032 1) Name of office of Origin 2) Last date bY which or the date on which advertisement must be Published 3) Publicity required regional or state wise Sub -, foryear2e-1_Q19 Please give the publicity to the enclosed notification as per details given below Executive Engineer lrrigation Project Construction Division Ratnagirt on or before 1810212019 Updated Government Resolution 4) To whom the bills for advertisement ghould be sent Executive Engineer lrrigation Project Construction Division, Ratnagiri M.iD.C pin code No.4'15639 Phone no 02352-22t Email lD - 5) Publication should be arranged in Marathi/English one insertion D.A. One Tender Notice in Marathi & English (each in 4 copies) Executiv\Endineer lrrigation Project Cdnstruction Divrsion along with a copy of tender ncrtice submitted to the Executive Director, Kokan lrrigation Develop Corporation, Thane for favor of information D A. Tender Notice Copy along with a copy of tender notice submitted to the Chief Engineer, Water Resouices Department' Kc Region,Mumb ai-23 for the favor of information' D A. Tender Notice Copy along with a copy of tender notice submitted to the Superintending Engineer, Ratnagiri lrrigation ( Kuwarbaw, Ratnagiri for favor of information D A Tender Notice Copy to the Sub Divisional Engineer, lrrigation Project Construction Sub Division no.3, Lanja' Copy to Notice Board Ratnagiri D:\Unlocl l'cndcr\svli\Llpload rentlcr\NO'l-lcl:\Nc$il'cndcr- NoticeNo 16, lsrcall doc TT6RT9 gITq=T qfl{iq{rfrqrq orfor0arfukn,qrc-dqrt efi-dr qismn ftsn, gqtR-qrq r-f,rFffi t-to wt - crimr,eafftrail, c,om Ec++l+m mqifi - o I ? \ R/R Q 3 q q z {-Ffurq-qqrFqio, qq sq ?oq.-qq o-fffi qfrridl,qedqRro-gqiEronfrqFl, gnr6nq, Tf,tFlfr, frqFl, T6t-{tE ilw{ t qeffi urfiil orqrofuor e-q rgqrfi-d €-ftfril qwffi 1 ffii ; ftfufl qlqfuf, 3ll-id. ftfufl o.r'rqqi plrff{ra {i+-fl{erd,xq tep gto-q-ds orurlkl qrfid. ile-q frfffl fro-ruqrqT sTsril qfox!-qril Grfqori offfi orfhqal. qriliqri IFF-eI qtErorq ftril-'I, if-4rilq r-flFr0 uifr vrqr t-qsl 3tG. erc ersrffi ftfoqr ffi qrqnffi. {-frff{r srder ordrqtfr - fuio, g4o?/?oqq, A ffii-6 grlo?/?oeq {-frfuqr sqsfr - ffqi-6 ?J /o1/lorg sr#d €b-d-€t-dt-il{ g-fdffEr qrqfl vd qrtrfr sqf,er cTA. q. ?. httBY/mahatonders.govfi (rrev fth-o Eaiqd or$ ceo *o sxrdrrcr ce-o fficaq o-otqro n-$o-.) 1. oTffi eTfr{iflr, qrcdqlt siRe ercrolq frqrr, geT{eTo, {f,rftfr oiqiilqrfi-d q-4-{r m-dfi. Afqr$'dg qre-dqR noeia-.ta svrqt o-fdtll ffi q i qo qgtqro-rdtrrffioi qo qeftodf{w qftmr<Rtdfl{qffiofio-{q. g 6,?o,oq,9?E/- D:\Uplod Tender\svk\Upload tendeANOTICENewTender NoticeNo.l6 lstCall.doc Sr.No Name of urork to l0 and L.B.C km 7 to l0 of BERDEWADI MINOR ict:_ Ratnagiri. Estimated cost put to tender I 18,30,05,126/ - cQtrEHtctff of MAHARASHTRA WATER ESOTJRCES DE PARTMENT EGCUTNE ENG,ICER, IRRIGATIOil PROJECT CONSTRUCTION DIVISION, RATNAGIRI E.TEIYDERIiIOTICE NO. 16 F'OR 2018-19 nder - 18 t02t2019 Io tq tO3t2O19 der - 1St}3t2}1g regarding E-Tender wiil be avairabre on foilowing website. t http : I I maha rashtra, gov. Ln 2 http : I I mahatenders. go.v. i n ( lf any change on tender notice wit be made avairabre on web site.) 'A5a?:J;il"ble on Notice Board of Executive Engineer, trrigation project construction Division, h\.-rrr.-u,\ \o,rr.*, IRRIGATION PROJECT CONSTRUCTION DIVISION KUWARBAW-MTNAGIRI D:\Uprod render\svk\Uproad tender\NorrcE\NewTender. NoticeNo.r6 rstcarr.doc

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