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Rural Development Department

Hingoli, Maharashtra

  • Opening Date

    09 Sep 2019

  • Closing Date

    20 Sep 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 4,99,684

  • EMD

    ₹ 5,000

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Providing And Fxing Paver Blocks At. Mahadev Mandir Providing And Erecting Led Street Light Fitting Lokeshwar Tq. Basmath Dist. Hingoli

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BOQ Items
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A) Provoding and fixing paver block Mahadev Mandir At. Loleshwar -Providing and fixing heavy duty inter locking concrete Gray paving blocks of 60 mm thickness of having a strength of 300 kg/ of approved quality and shape on a bed of crushed sand of 25 to 30 mm thick including skirting joints and cleaning etc. complete. (Item No. 33.49)
102Rg.m- 83170
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Providing and laying Cast in situ/Ready Mix cement concrete M-15 of trap/ granite/quartzite/gneiss metal for coping to plinth or parapet, moulded or chamfered as per drawing or as directed including steel centering, plywood/ steel formwork compacting, roughening them if special finish is to be provided, finishing uneven and honeycombed surface and curing etc. complete. The Cement Mortar 1:3 plaster is considered for rendering uneven and honeycombed surface only. Newly laid concrete shall be covered by gunny bag, plastic, tarpaulin etc. (Wooden centering will not be allowed.) With fine aggregate (Natural Sand / Crushed sand VSI Grade finely washed etc) ( Item No. 24.16)
-No- 3344
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Add for Royalty charges Statement attached seperatly
-No- 40
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Quality control testing charges 60 mm paver
1No- 2300
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C.C. M-15
1No- 650
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Add 12% GST charges on total
1No- 9516
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Add 1.00% Insurance
1No- 865
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B) Providing and Erecting LED Street Light Fitting High Mini Mast) at Loleshwar -Supplying & erecting mains with 2x1.5 FRLSH copper PVC insulated wire laid in provided conduit/trunking/inside pole/Bus bars or any other places as per specification No: WG-MA/BW '1-3-2
261Mtr- 10139
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Supplying and erecting UPVC reinforced flexible conduit 25 mm in dia. conforming to I.S. with required number of couplings, PVC bushes, check nuts etc. complete. 1-2-2
61Mtr- 5380
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Supplying and erecting Street light bracket for erection of Double fitting on tubular welded pole with 40 mm. dia 1.0 m long “B” grade G.I. pipe along with pole cap of 125mm dia 600 mm long duly welded as per specification no. FG-BKT/BPC 2-9-8
4Each- 7215
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Supplying and erecting Street light bracket for erection of Single fitting on tubular welded pole with 40 mm. dia 1.0 m long “B” grade G.I. pipe along with pole cap of 125mm dia 600 mm long duly welded as per specification no. FG-BKT/BPC (2-9-7)
25Each- 35227
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Supplying and erecting LED street light fitting suitable for above 70W- 75 lamp, including lamp, with PF > 0.95 class IP 65 and above housing of pressure die cast aluminium alloy and heat sink extruded aluminium complete per specification No FG-ODF/FLS2 2-5-6
25Each- 90746
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Supplying and erecting LED Flood light fitting of 120W, including lamp, with PF > 0.95,class IP 65 and above Housing of pressure die cast aluminium alloy and heat sink extruded aluminium complete per specification No FG-ODF/FLS-2 2-5-16
8Each- 99052
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Supplying and erecting two pole power contactor 230 V, 32 A for time switch complete erected on provided wooden block/ box, with necessary materials.(4-4-3)
1Each- 2466
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Supplying and erecting double pole metal clad switch with HC type fuse and neutral link 240V, 32A on iron / GI frame as per specification no. SW-SWR/MDP .(5-1-3)
1Each- 775
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Supplying, erecting & marking SPMCB 6A to 32A, B- series (for lighting) in provided distribution board as per specification no. SW-SWR/MCB ( 5-3-3 )
33Each- 10533
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Supplying & erecting original 1.25 mm CRCA sheet metal enclosures with 20A. 2 pin plug & earth socket and 20A. 3 pin plug top with 20A/30A single pole MCB complete erected on angle iron/ GI frame. 5-4-20
33Each- 24255
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Supplying and erecting plywood 12 mm thick fixed to wall or on provided panel board with necessary materials such as screws, wall fasteners supports, nuts bolts etc. complete. 6-1-12
1SqM- 693
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Supplying and erecting slotted angles, frames etc. for panel board or any other purposes complete with bending, cutting, drilling and welding complete erected at the position with necessary materials duly painted with one coat of red oxide and two coats of enamel paint to match the switchgears or as per directions by the authority 6-1-22
10Kg- 1228
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Supplying and erecting self-locking arrangement with keys in duplicate, made of brass duly erected, flush with surface of panel / cupboard. (6-1-20)
1Each- 252
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Supplying, erecting & terminating XLPE armoured cable 2 core 6 sq. mm. aluminium conductor with continuous 5.48 sq. mm. (12 SWG) G.I. earth wire complete erected with glands & lugs, on wall/ trusses/pole or laid in provided trench/ pipe as per specification no. CB-LT/AL 7-1-5
74Mtr- 8313
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Supplying & erecting G.I. pipe ‘A’ class 40 mm dia. erected for enclosing XLPE armoured cable on wall/pole as per specification no. CB-CE (7-6-2)
6Mtr- 1801
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Supplying & erecting FRP box of size 250 x 200 x 100 mm, 2.7 mm thick complete on pole/wall as per specification no. CB-SB (7-8-9 )
2Each- 1075
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Supplying and erecting steel tubular swaged pole 165.1 x 139.7 x 114.3 mm. dia with 4.5 x 4.5 x 3.65 mm thickness ( 5 + 2 + 2 m ) length respectively and total 9 m long with pole cap, base plate in provided foundation (weight 147 kg) as per specification no. OH-PL/STP (8-1-3)
2Each- 22381
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Providing pipe type earthing with 40mm. dia. G.l. pipe or 20 mm dia. G.l. Rod complete with all materials as per specification no. EA-EP (9-1-4)
4Each- 5245
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Making trench of suitable width and depth in hard murum / tar road for laying provided LT cable of 16 sq. mm & above and covered with half round hume pipe complete as per specification no. CW-EXN-CTR 16-1-3
70Mtr- 18375
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Making cement concrete foundation including excavation (60 x 60 x 150) cm deep in 1:3:6 cement concrete 20 x 25 mm stone metal, (45 x 45 x 45) cm /45 cm dia. x 45 cm height plinth duly plastered, with necessary curing and finishing complete. (above 6 m to 9 m poles) (16-3-3)
2Each- 3832
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Add 12 % GST
1No- 50803

Contractor Divi. Executive Engineer ( W) Page 1 ZILLA PARISHAD HINGOLI ZILLA PARISHAD (W) DIVISION HINGOLI TENDER DOCUMENTS FOR THE WORK OF As Per NIT (Scheme :- as per NIT 1. (ESTIMITED COST Rs. As Per NIT /- DISTRICT : HINGOLI Executive Engineer (W) ZILLA PARISHAD HINGOLI Contractor Divi. Executive Engineer ( W) Page 2 I N D E X NAME OF WORK: As per Notice inviting tenders Sr. No. Brief Description of Contents Pages From To 1 Instructions to Tenderer 04 04 2 Detailed Tender Notice 05 09 3 Declaration of the Contractor 10 10 4 Statement I to IV 11 15 5 Additional General Conditions and Specification 16 45 6 Work and side condition 46 46 7 Agreement form B-1 47 71 8 Additional Specification 72 80 9 Quality Control tests & Annexure A & B 81 90 10 Quality Assurance clause 91 91 11 Schedule “A”, 92 93 12 Condition of material to be brought by contractor 94 101 13 Certificate 102 102 14 BOQ Issued to Shri / M/s ………………………………………………….. As per DD / Chalan No.…………………….. dated …………………Rs.................... Name of Bank. .…………………….. .…………………….. .…………………….. Executive Engineer, (W) Zilla Parishad Hingoli Contractor Divi. Executive Engineer ( W) Page 3 Tender Notice Contractor Divi. Executive Engineer ( W) Page 4 INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE TENDERER Sr. No. Particulars PLEASE ATTACH SCANNED COPIES OF FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS 1. Declaration of the Contractor on Contractor’s Letter Head in pdf format. 2-a. Demand Draft for cost of tender document as mentioned in notice inviting tender. 2-b. Fixed Deposit Receipt for Earnest Money Deposit as per mentioned in notice inviting tender. 3-a. A certificate or Photostat copy of valid Registration Certificate. 3-b. Photostat of attested copy of Partnership deed and power of attorney. 3-c. A list of works tendered for and in hand (Statement No. 1) 3-d. A list of work of similar type and magnitude carried out (Statement No. 2) 3-e. Valid Income Tax Clearance Certificate in original Photostat copy. 4-a. List of machinery and plants available with the tenderer for immediate use on this work (Statement No. 3) and details thereof. 4-b. Details of Technical Personnel on the roll of the tender (Statement No. 4) Important Note : Please note that omission to attach any document is likely to invalidate the tender. Contractor Divi. Executive Engineer ( W) Page 5 DETAILED NOTICE INVITING TENDER ZILLA PARISHAD WORKS DEPARTMENT HINGOLI. NOTICE INVITING E-TENDER- EE/Works Division Open /No. 62/2018-19 Additional Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad, HINGOLI Pincode 431513 invites online percentage rate tender Under 2515 1238 ORDP Programme as per DSR 2018-2019 from the registered Contractor in Zilla Parishad Having in appropriate class/category as per Rural Development Department, Government of Maharashtra, Sr. No. Name of Work Scheme Head Amount Put to Tender Rs. EMD Rs. Tender Fees Rs. Tender Sale Dt. Start Tender Sale & Sub- mission Last Date Class of Contract or 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 Constructing of Cement Concrete Road and Under ground Drain at Pimprala Tq. Basmath Dist. Hingoli 2515 1238 ORDP 496003 5000 1000 09/09/19 15/09/19 Class VII & Above 2 Providing and Fxing paver Block, Providing and Erecting LED Street light Fitting (Mini High Must) At. Akoli Tq. Basmath Dist.

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