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1 Contractor No of Correction Executive Engineer GOVERNMENT OF MAHARASHTRA ZILLA PARISHAD ( WORKS), SANGLI. Orignal Agreement No. : B-1 (Percentage Rate) Name of Work : As per NIT Name of Contractor : Date of Receipt of : As per NIT Tender No. & Date of Work : Order Amount put to Tender : As per NIT Percentage quoted : Amount of Contract : Date of Commencement : Time stipulated for : Calender Months as mentioned in NITfrom the date of written order completion of work to start work, which will include the monsoon period. Date of completion as : per Agreement Acutual Date of : Completion Reference to sanction of : tender Extension of time limit : 1 2 3 Certified that this : Pages 01 to original Agreement contains 2 Contractor No of Correction Executive Engineer DETAILS OF WORK NAME OF WORK: - As per page NIT Estimated Cost put to tender Earnest Money Rs /- Scan copy of online Receipt shall be uploaded at the time of submission. Total Security Deposit 5% (five percent) Rs. /- (1.5 % by challan at the time of Agreement and 2.5% from R.A.bills). TENDER SCHEDULE Cost of Tender Form : Period for DownloadingTender Forms : as per page NIT Last date and time for submitting pre- bid queries : N.A. online Date of Pre-bid meeting : N.A. Bid submission date and time : as per page NIT Receipt of bid security and tender document fees : (in original one hour before of the opening of the technical bid’s date and time ) Registeration class of Contractor As per page NIT – . TO BE FILLED BY THE CONTRACTOR I/We have quoted my/our offer in percentage rate in words as well as in figures. I/We further undertake to enter into contract in regular “B-1” f orm in Zilla Parishad , Sangli . Name and signature of Contractor/ Power of Attorney holder With complete address. 3 Contractor No of Correction Executive Engineer BID DOCUMENT DETAILED TENDER NOTICE NAME OF WORK: - As per below Online percentage rate tenders in 'B-1' Form are invited by the Executive Engineer, Zilla Parishad , Sangli for the following work from Contractors registered in appropriate class of the B & C, Zilla Parishad, Rural develepment deparment (R.D.D).Maharashtra. The name of work, estimated cost, earnest money, security deposit, time limit for completion etc. are as per NIT ´ÖÆüÖ¸üÖ™Òü ¿ÖÖÃÖ−Ö ÷ÖÏÖ´Ö ×¾ÖúÖÃÖ ¾Ö •Ö»ÖÃÖÓ¬ÖÖ¸üÖ ×¾Ö³ÖÖ÷Ö ‡¾Ö¤ü (²ÖÖӬ֍úÖ´Ö) ×¾Ö³ÖÖ÷Ö ×•Ö»ÆüÖ ¯Ö׸üÂÖ¤ü, ÃÖÖÓ÷Ö»Öß ‡Ô-×−Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ ÃÖæ“Ö−ÖÖ 2018-19 (NIT) Îú´ÖÖӍú 52 ÃÖÖÓ÷Ö»Öß ×•Ö»ÆüÖ ¯Ö׸üÂÖ¤ü ÃÖÖÓ÷Ö»Öß ú›üᯙ µÖÖê÷µÖ ŸµÖÖ ¾Ö÷ÖÖÔŸÖᯙ −ÖÖë¤üÖߍéúŸÖ Óú¡ÖÖ™ü¤üÖ¸ü֍ú›æü−Ö ¤üÖê−Ö ×»Ö±úÖ±êú ¯Ö¬¤üŸÖß−Öê ÖÖ»Öᯙ úÖ´ÖÖ“µÖÖ ‡Ô-×−Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ ´ÖÖ÷Ö¾ÖßŸÖ †ÖÆêü. ‡Ô-×−Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ µÖÖ ÃÖӍêúŸÖ ãÖôûÖ¾Ö¸ü פü−ÖÖӍú 04/02/2019 ¸üÖê•Öß ¤ãü¯ÖÖ¸üß 17.00 ¾ÖÖ•Ö»Öê ¯ÖÖÃÖæ−Ö ÃÖ¾ÖÔ úÖ´Öê פü−ÖÖӍú 11/02/2019 ¸üÖê•Öß ¤ãü¯ÖÖ¸üß 17.00 ¾ÖÖ•Öê¯ÖµÖÕŸÖ ‡Ô-×−Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ ¯Ö¬¤üŸÖß−Öê ¤êüµÖÖŸÖ ¾Ö Ûþ֍úÖ¸üµÖÖŸÖ µÖêŸÖß»Ö. †. Îú. úÖ´ÖÖ“Öê −ÖÖÓ¾Ö †Ó¤üÖ×•ÖŸÖ ¸üŒú´Ö ¹ý¯ÖµÖê ²ÖµÖÖÖÖ ¸üŒú´Ö ¹ý¯ÖµÖê úÖ´Ö ¯ÖæÖÔ ú¸üÖê“Öß ´Öã¤üŸÖ úÖê-µÖÖ ×−Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ ÃÖÓ“ÖÖ“Öß Øú´ÖŸÖ ¸üŒú´Ö ¹ý¯ÖµÖê †×¬ÖéúŸÖ šêüú¤üÖ¸ü ¾Ö÷ÖÔ ´Ö•Öæ̧ ü ÃÖÆüúÖ¸üß ÃÖÖêÃÖÖµÖ™üß 1 ´ÖÖî•Öê ÖÖê“Öß ¤ãü¬Ö÷ÖÖÓ¾Ö úÃÖ²Öê ×›ü÷ÖÏ•Ö ´Ö.×›ü÷ÖÏ•Ö ú−ÖÖÔôû ¸üßÖÖ ‡×•Ö´ÖÖ 108 ÖÖ¸ü¯Ö›üÖ“Öê ¯ÖÖÖß ¾ÖÖÆæü−Ö ×−Ö“Ö¸üÖ ÆüÖêÖêÃÖÖšüß ´ÖÖê ü̧ß ²ÖÖÓ¬ÖÖê ŸÖÖ.×´Ö¸ü•Ö 176738 1800 2 ´Ö×Æü−Öê 1000 ´Ö•Öæ ü̧ ÃÖÆüúÖ¸üß ÃÖÖêÃÖÖµÖ™üß ¾Ö÷ÖÔ ²Ö ¾Ö ŸµÖÖ¾Ö¸üᯙ 2 ׿֯Ö㸠üŸÖÖ. ×´Ö¸ü•Ö µÖê£Öê µÖ»»Ö´´ÖÖ ´ÖÓפü¸üÖ“Öß ÃÖã¬ÖÖ¸üÖÖ ú ü̧Öê. (ן֣ÖԁÖê¡Ö) 337182 3500 4 ´Ö×Æü−Öê 1000 ´Ö•Öæ ü̧ ÃÖÆüúÖ¸üß ÃÖÖêÃÖÖµÖ™üß ¾Ö÷ÖÔ ²Ö ¾Ö ŸµÖÖ¾Ö¸üᯙ 3 ÷ÖÓã›êü¾ÖÖ›üß ŸÖÖ. ×´Ö¸ü•Ö µÖê£Öê ÃÖ³ÖÖ´ÖÓ›ü¯Ö ²ÖÖӬ֍úÖ´Ö ú¸üÖê. (ן֣ÖԁÖê¡Ö) 336551

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