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Ordnance Factory Board

  • Opening Date

    06 Aug 2019

  • Closing Date

    03 Sep 2019

  • Tender Amount

    Refer document

  • EMD

    ₹ 53,100

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Repairing Of Hearth Type Smelting Furnace Ofa No. 950 In E&f Section As Per Enclosed Scope Of Work

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9Co?E aF b-tcRt< j,&_Ijl!uplu.,1: - I{IIpAIIUNG OF ALUMINIIJM -AI-LOY N4E,LTING }TURNACII Otr 1 rl1, crrp,rct'fy (oFA No.0950) AT E&F SE,CTION AS PER TIIE ENCLOSITD SCOPII ()IT WOI{K Qtv:- t Wnote fon Scope of work: 1. Dismantiing of existing casing, removal of all existing old re lractory bricks linings lbr ltoof, Side walls" End walis, FJearth of furnace, Chargillg ri**r ii*rl : \ :: '.'L il'iili.:r: z. 'l'ransf-erring of the all scrap(non-reusable) itcms like old bricks, degraded oasing part ctc. ger-rerateci during clismantle of furnace shall be disposed in.the scrap yard of'OI-4. 3. Straightcning of all thc backstays bcfore doing patch work to make straight wall casing. 4. Ii.epairing of I.'urnace casing: - Corroded/Damaged parl of furnacc casing shall bc remgvcci ancl shall be rcplacecl by doing patch work of M.S Plate of rcquired thiokness. 'fhe estimated requircd sheet material is below: a) MS Sheet 5 mm thickness to cover the total patch area of 20 m21'fhis rarv material rvill be used lor patch work of 2 side walls, 1 back wall (bumer sidc),1 lront wall and 1 toP valve. b) MS Sheet 10 mm thickncss to cover the total area of 15 m2(This raw rnatcrial rvill be usecl lor making nerv heafih plate and side wall till the bath lcvel (800 tnm lrom hearth Plate). c) 't'he old casing wall al1-er patchwork shall be straight to achievc propcrly alignccl brick wall. 5. Fire brick Retining pattern is given below: - l. Furnace bath r-rp to stll level - 80 % phosphate boncled alumina bric:ks - 300mmthickness(Make:Clarburundum/ACC),backedbyinsulating castablc with 135 mm thickness at the hearth of area 6n-r2 and sarlc pattcrn shall be usecl for the :;ide wa1l up to the bath level (800mm fi'om hearlh plate). Il. Above sill (Bath level) lcvel - Side wall, Front wall, back wall(bulner sicle), I{oof Arching, <loor arching: Irirst laycr 60'% Alumina brick 'r': n-urr 'fhickness (Makc: ACC/MAII'HAN CIII{MAICS) backed by 100 rnp-r thickness llysil blocl<s rvith proper reinltlrcement 1'or rigid structltrc. Rernaining thickness t-inished lining by 40% alumina castable. 'i'he surface area cover is about 15 r-n2. tll.Masonry rnaterial like fire clay, ramming mas-s. silica shall be ot'better quality to irnpart better bonding between brick layers and higher lifi: ol' brick wall. ffv.o @ ry. Brick block for mblten metal exit shall be supplied and fixed by the firm. Firm shall align spout with brick block, existing plug and launder system. V. Firm shall give the test certificate for the supplied brick from NABL accredited Lab when purchased from other than OEM. If the bricks purchased from OEM then, OEM test certificate to be provided. 6. Repairing of existing charging door and its Lifting/Lowering Mechanism: a) Dismantling of Charging door and its lifting /lowering mechanism. b) Replacing of lifting mechanism support channel/guide channels through suitable size MS rnaterial. Properly cleaning of charging door, two chains, sprockets, shafts, and lever. Door will be lined with 40o/o alumina (LC 40) refractory castable with nccessary S.S Anchoring. backed b--v Hysil block on cold surface. Straightening of eristing tilted door guides. Assembly of charging door and lifting/lowering mechanism. Charging door shall be aligned with the front wall properly to avoid heat ioss dr-rring mclting/holding/firing process. g) Oiling ancl greasing of lifting mechanism. 7. I{equired Bins for material handling, tlOT crane, Vehicles required for material shilting insidc factory like forklift and battery truck will be provide by OI.'A. 8. l'he complete casing shall be coated with: a) inside-bitumen black paint b) Or.rtside -heat resistance aluminium paint to resist the case temp. of 250 cleg Cl. 9. Spout refractory lining and its alignment will be done by the firm with existing plug and without distr-rrbing existing launder system. l{}.ltxisttng doors (to take sampling of molten metal) made of Cast Iron to bc cleaned, brick worked properly and to be reused. S.ts*x *J,j*qr

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