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[Type text] Page 1 GOVERNMENT OF MAHARASHTRA Deputy Conservator of Forest, Yawal Forest Division Jalgaon TENDER DOCUMENT Name of work: ----------------------------------------------------------- DISTRICT : JALGAON Deputy Conservator of Forest Yawal Forest Division Jalgaon id17917281 pdfMachine by Broadgun Software - a great PDF writer! - a great PDF creator! - [Type text] Page 2 INDEX Name of work: Various Development Works in Jalgaon District Sr. No. Brief Description of Contents Pages From To 1 2 3 4 1. Instructions to the Tenderer 3 3 2. Brief Tender Notice 4 5 3. Detailed Notice to the Contractor 6 8 4. Declaration of the Contractor 9 9 5. Statement I to IV 10 14 6. Conditions of B-1 Contract 15 32 7. Schedule ‘A’ 33 33 8. Additional General Conditions and Specifications 34 50 9. Terms & Conditions for insurance of the work 51 51 [Type text] Page 3 INSTRUCTIONS TO THE TENDERER =============================================================== Sr. Particulars No. =============================================================== PLEASE ATTACH SCANNED COPIES OF FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS while submitting the e-Tender 1. Declaration of the Contractor on Contractor’s Letter Head in PDF format. 2. Demand Draft for cost of tender document as mentioned in notice inviting tender. 3. Fixed Deposit Receipt for Earnest Money Deposit as per mentioned in notice inviting tender. 4. A certificate or Photostat copy of valid Registration Certificate. 5. Photostat of attested copy of Partnership deed and power of attorney, if necessary. 6. Pan Card. 7. A list of works tendered for and in hand (Statement No. I) 8. A list of work of similar type and magnitude carried out (Statement No. II) 9. A list of work of plant and machinery immediately available with the Tenderer for this work (Statement No. III) 10. Documents of ownership of the machinery listed in (Statement No. III A) 11. Details of Technical Personnel on the roll of the tenderer (Statement No. IV). 12. Pl.see below for details also. Important Note : Please note that omission to attach any of the above documents is likely to invalidate the tender. [Type text] Page 4 ´ÖÆüÖ¸üÖ™Òü ¿ÖÖÃÖ­Ö µÖÖ¾Ö»Ö ¾Ö­Ö×¾Ö³Ö֐Ö, •ÖôûÖÖ¾ÖÓ ¯Ö¢ÖÖ-›üß.‹ÃÖ.¯Öß.“ÖÖî±ãú»Öß,†Ö¸ü.™üß.†Öê.úÖµÖÖÔ»ÖµÖ֕־Öôû , •ÖôûÖÖ¾Ö 425 001 E_mail address: Tel.No.& Fax No. 0257 2262722 ‡ Ô-×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ ÃÖæ“Ö­ÖÖ Îú.07/2018-19 ˆ¯Ö¾Ö­ÖÃÖÓ̧ üÖú µÖÖ¾Ö»Ö ¾Ö­Ö×¾Ö³ÖÖÖ •ÖôûÖÖ¾Ö Æêüü ´ÖÆüÖ¸üÖ™Òü ¿ÖÖÃÖ­Ö֓µÖÖ ÃÖÖ¾ÖԕÖ׭֍ú ²ÖÖӬ֍úÖ´Ö Ö֟µÖ֍ú›æü­Ö µÖÖêµÖ ŸµÖÖ ­ÖÖë¤üÖߍéúŸÖ Óú¡Ö֙ü¤üÖ¸üÖӍú›æü­Ö ÖÖ»Öᯙ úÖ´ÖÖӍú¸üߟÖÖ ²Öß-1 ­Ö´Öã­µÖ֟Öß»Ö ×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ ‡Ô-¯ÖϝÖÖ»Öß¾¤üÖ¸êü (online) ×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ ´Ö֐Ö×¾ÖŸÖ †ÖÆêüŸÖ.×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ ú֐֤ǖ Ö¡Ö ¿ÖÖÃÖ­Ö֓µÖÖ ÃÖӍúŸÖêãÖôûÖ¾Ö¸ü µÖê£Öæ­Ö ›ü։ú­Ö»ÖÖê›ü ú¸üµÖÖŸÖ µÖÖ¾Öß. ŸÖÃÖê¾Ö ×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ Ûþ֍úÖ¸üµÖ֓ÖÖ †£Ö¾ÖÖ ­Ö֍úÖ¸üµÖ֓ÖÖ †×¬ÖúÖ¸ü ˆ¯Ö ¾Ö­ÖÃÖÓ̧ üÖú ,µÖÖ¾Ö»Ö ¾Ö­Ö×¾Ö³Ö֐Ö,•ÖôûÖÖÓ¾Ö µÖÖÓ­Öß ¸ü֏Öæ­Ö šêü¾Ö»ÖÖ †ÖÆêü. †™ü †ÃÖ»Öê»Öß ×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖü Ûþ֍úÖ¸ü»Öß •Ö֝ÖÖ¸ü ­ÖÖÆüß. ™ëü›ü̧ ü Îú. ŸÖÖ»ÖãúÖ ¯Ö¸ü߁Öê¡Ö ÖÖ¾ÖÖ “Öê ­ÖÖÓ¾Ö. úÖ Îú´ÖÖÓ ú Öê¡Ö Æêü. †Ó¤ü֕֯Öס֍ ú¸üŒú´Ö ²ÖµÖÖ­ÖÖ ¸üŒú´Ö. úÖ´Ö ú¸üµÖ֓Öß úÖ»Ö´ÖµÖÖÔ¤üÖ . ×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ ÃÖӓÖ֓Öß ¸üŒú´Ö. Óú¡Ö֙ü¤üÖ ü̧Ö “ÖÖ ¾ÖÖÔ. ÃÖ֚üß ¸ü֏Öß¾Ö 1 ¸üÖ¾Öȩ̂ ü ¸üÖ¾Öȩ̂ ü ׭ִ֛üµÖÖ 56 25 4971940 49719 45 פü¾ÖÃÖ 590 Öã»ÖÖ (Reseverd for Open ¸üÖ¾Öȩ̂ ü ¸üÖ¾Öȩ̂ ü ¯ÖÖ»Ö 55 25 ¿ÖÖÃ֍úßµÖ ×­ÖµÖ´ÖÖ­ÖãÃÖÖ¸ü 2 ¸üÖ¾Öȩ̂ ü ¸üÖ¾Öȩ̂ ü ãúÃÖÓ²ÖÖ 23 25 4971940 49719 45 פü¾ÖÃÖ Öã»ÖÖ (Reseverd for Open ¸üÖ¾Öȩ̂ ü ¸üÖ¾Öȩ̂ ü ãúÃÖÓ²ÖÖ 26 25 590 ¿ÖÖÃ֍úßµÖ ×­ÖµÖ´ÖÖ­ÖãÃÖÖ¸ü 3 ¸üÖ¾Öȩ̂ ü ¸üÖ¾Öȩ̂ ü »ÖÖêÆüÖ¸üÖ 24 25 2

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