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UNITED ELECTRICAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED E-TENDER NOTICE United electrical Industries Ltd is inviting e-tender through Government of Kerala web portal for the electrolytic copper scraps flats/sheets stock in our stores as detailed below E-Tender No EMD Tender fees Description of Articles Quantity Available at Sales/Scrap/001/2019-20 dt.08.04.2019. 191378/- 2144/- (12% GSTinclusive) Bits Copper Flats/Sheet 4600.050 Kgs United Electrical Industries Ltd,Store Bits Brass Flats/sheets 245.850 Kgs Availability of E- Tender Documents Can be downloaded from the website from 10.04.2019 to 27.04.2019 3 Pm Last date of online submission of E- Tender 27.04.2019 3 Pm Date and time of opening of e-tender 29.04.2019 11.00AM The total amount of EMD and tender fee shall be remitted through online payment while uploading the tender. The scanned copies of agreement executed in Kerala government stamp paper worth Rs 500/- in each all certificates/documents mentioned elsewhere in the e-tender documents are to be attached along with the e-tender through online. Original agreement in stamp paper and all certificates/documents mentioned elsewhere in the e-tender document enclosed in a sealed envelope indicating E- Tender No shall be submitted to the The Managing Director, United Electrical Industries Ltd,Pallimukku,Vadakkevila,P.O, Kollam 691010 before the opening of e- tender. For more details please contact with the office of the undersigned on working hours. All the rules and conditions prevailing in UEI Limited is applicable to this tender also. Those who wish to take part in the tender shall possess PAN CARD,GST Registration certificates and Identity Proof and copy of the same to be uploaded alongwith other documents. If the date of tender opening is declared as a holiday the same will be conducted at the same time in the next working day. The Managing Director, United Electrical Industries Ltd Place: Kollam Date. 08.04.2019 bpssW-äUv Ce-Iv{Sn-¡Â C³U-kv{Sokv enan-ä-Uv CþZÀLmkv skbnÂkv/kv{Im v̧/001/2019--þ-20 XobXn 8/04/2019 ]ckyw bpssW-äUv Ce-Iv{Sn-¡Â C³U-kv{Sokv enan-ä-Unsâ tÌmdn kq£n¨ncn ¡p¶ D]tbmKiq\yamb CeIvt{Smsseän¡v t{KUv DÅ sN¼v v̂emäv & XInSv IjW§Ä ZÀLmkv hyhØbn hn¡p¶Xn\v CþsS³UÀ aptJ\ ZÀLmkv £Wn¨psImÅp¶p. CXv Xmg¸dbp¶ {]ImcamWv. ZÀLmkv {]kn²oIcn¡p¶ XobXn : 10/04/2019 ZÀLmkv kaÀ¸n¡p¶ Ahkm\ XobXn : 27/04/2019 D¨Ignªv 3 aWnhsc ZÀLmkv Xpd¡p¶ XobXnbpw, kabhpw : 29/04/2019 cmhnse 11 aWn¡v ZÀLmkv e`nbvt¡−Xv /]s¦Spt¡−Xv : \ncX{Zhyhpw ZÀLmkv {]amW^okpw Hm¬sse³ aptJs\ sS³UÀ A¸vtemUv sN¿pt¼mÄ HSpt¡−XmWv. ZÀLmknt\msSm¸w 500/þ cq] ap{Z]{X¯nepÅ F{Knsaâpw aäv A\p_Ô km£ys¸Sp¯nb tcJIfpw kvIm³ sNbvXv sS³UÀ A¸vtemUv sN¿pt¼mÄ DÄs¸Spt¯−XmWv. AÊ F{Knsaâpw,sS³UÀ sskän A¸vtemUv sNbvX aäv A\p_Ô tcJIÄ Cþ sS³UÀ F¶v tcJs¸Sp¯n ap{ZsNbvX Ihdn amt\PnwMv UbdIvSÀ, bp.C.sF.enanäUv, ]Ånap¡v, hSt¡hnf ]n.H. sImÃw. 691010 F¶ hnemk¯n ZÀLmkv Xpd¡p¶ XobXn¡v ap³]mbn e`nt¡−XmWv. IqSpX hnhc§Ä¡mbn NphsS ]cmaÀin¨ncn¡p¶ A[nImcnbpambn {]hÀ¯n kab§fn _Ôs¸Smhp¶XmWv. ZÀLmkpambn _Ôs¸« \nehn DÅ FÃm \nba§fpw, hyhØIfpw Cu ZÀLmkn\pw _m[Iambncn¡pw. ZÀLmkn ]s¦Sp¡p¶hÀ¡v ]m³ImÀUpw, Pn.Fkv.än cPnkvt{Sj\pw, Xncn¨dnb tcJIfpw \nÀ_Ôambn D−mbncnt¡−XmWv. ChbpsS ]IÀ¸v aäv A\p_ÔtcJIÄs¡m¸w A v̧temUv sNt¿−XpamWv. ZÀLmkv Xpd¡p¶ XobXn GsX¦nepw ImcWhim Ah[n Zn\ambm AXv sXm«Sp¯ {]hÀ¯n Zn\w Xpd¡p¶Xmbncn¡pw. hniz-kvX-X-tbmsS, bpssW-äUv Ce-Iv{Sn-¡Â C³U-kv{Sokv enan-ä-Un\v th−n, sImÃw amt\PnwKv UbdIvSÀ. 8-04-2019 t^m¬:0474-2729015. {Ia. \w ZÀLmkv \w. D]tbmK iq\yamb hkvXp F®w \ncX{Zhyw ZÀLmkv {]amW ^okv. 1. skbnÂkv/kv{Im¸v/0

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