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Industrial Training Department

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

  • Opening Date

    20 Aug 2019

  • Closing Date

    16 Sep 2019

  • Tender Amount

    Refer document

  • EMD

    ₹ 1,790

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Trainers For Electrician Trade

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File No.DT/4402/2019-E8 NDUSTRIAL TRAINING DEPARTMENT (KERALA STATE) Labour Complex,Vikas Bhavan PO, Thiruvananthapuram-33. (Phone. No. 0471-2303856,2303274,2303101) Website: e.mail: / No: E8/4402/2019 Date: 17/08/2019 E TENDER NOTICE TENDER ID: ITD E8/91/19 Competitive e-tenders are invited from approved firms / companies/ traders for the supply of Tools and Equipments, for training purpose, to Chithirapuram Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) , Kerala. The name of item, required number etc. are listed below: Trainers for Electrician Trade Tender Specification and Schedule Sl No Item Description as per the Syllabus Recommended specification Chithirapuram 1 Discrete Component (for diode and transister circuit) with regulated power supply +5,0- 5 V,+12 ,0-12 V Discrete Component Trainer( for diode and transistor circuit) with regulated power supply +5,0-5V, +12,0- 12V. :Discrete Component Trainer:To Study and verify the characteristics of various devices such as Diodes, (Si / Ge, Fast switching), Transistors ( CB ,CE, CC for different NPN & PNP transistor), Zener Diodes, LED’s., Study working of Resistors,Capacitors ,Inductors, potentiometers, output transformer, speaker, Study & verify the , half wave, full wave & bridge rectifier circuits, Study and verify the voltage regulators circuits using zener diodes & transistors, . DC Supply-regulated ,+12- 0-12 V 2 File No.DT/4402/2019-E8 variable, 500 mA,+ 5 V-0--5v 500 mA, AC Supply- 9-0-9V, 500 mA, Potentiometer-1K,10K,100K with terminations, Speaker- 8 ohm miniature with terminations, With necessary patch cords and Instruction Manual. AC 230V,50 Hz 2 Linear I.C. Trainer with regulated power supply 1.2V to 15V PIC socket 16pin and 20 pin with bread board Linear IC trainer with regulated power supply 1.2V to 15V pic socket 16 pin and 20 pin with bread board : Linear IC trainer Study of , regulator IC 723,op - amp IC 741, LM317 adjustable voltage regulator) , IC 555 timer, 1.2 to ±15 volts @ 1 Amp Variable DC, Built in Digital meter 3.5 Digit. Clock Generator : Range : 1 HZ to 10 KHz.,On Board : potentiometers - 1K , 4.7 K , 10 K , 47 K , 100 K Ohm to 470 K Ohm, Bread Board : 2 Nos. Solder Less Bread Board, AC 230V,50 Hz input power. 1 3 Digital I.C. Trainer 7 segment display and bread board Digital IC Trainer with Bread Board : Bread board with 2400 Tie points, D.C. Power Supply : +5 Volt / 500 mA fixed output,with Basic logic gate IC's, NOT (IC-7404), OR (IC- 7432), AND (IC-7408),NOR (IC- 7402),NAND (IC-7400), EX-0R (IC- 7486) NAND and NOR gates as Universal Logic Gates , Half Adder, full adder, half subtractor, full subtractor, Basic flip-flops RS (using NOR), JK (IC- 7476), D(IC-7474), MS-JK (IC- 7476), D(IC-7474) and T (using JK), Ripple Counter (IC-7490) ,Multiplexer (IC-74153) and Demultiplexer (IC-74138), BCD to seven segment decoder (IC- 7447) with 7 segment display , Switches to provide Logic 0 amd 1 inputs with indication, LEDs to observe the output logic states, Manual clock to observe the counter operation, Built in regulated power supply, with instruction manual 1 File No.DT/4402/2019-E8 4 Solar panel with battery, 18 W Solar panel with battery, with charge controller unit20 W,12 V, 12 AH SMF Battery 1 5 Electrical Machine Trainer – Suitable for demonstrating the construction and functioning of different types of DC machines and AC machines (single phase and three phase). Should be fitted with friction brake arrangement, dynamo

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