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Drinking Water And Sanitation Department

West Singhbhum, Jharkhand

  • Opening Date

    03 Sep 2019

  • Closing Date

    12 Sep 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 42,08,610

  • EMD

    ₹ 84,200


Construction Of Solar Energy Based Mini Water Supply Scheme Under St/sc Tola With 3.00m High Galvanized Tubular Steel Structure Staging For Mounting Hdpe Water Storage Tank Having Capacity 5000 Liters In Existing T/w Solar Pannel Mounted On Esr.

dk;Zikyd vfHk;ark dk dk;kZy;] is;ty ,oa LoPNrk izeaMy] pkbZcklk vfr vYidkyhu ¼f}rh; vkea=.k½ [PR No. – PR212567 West Singhbhum(19-20)D] fufonk la :- ST SC Tola Solar MWSS/Chaibasa :- 06/2019-20 Dated : 29.08.2019 1 foHkkx dk uke is;ty ,oa LoPNrk foHkkx] >kj[k.M] jk¡phA 2 osclkbZV ij fufonk viyksM dh frfFk@le; fnukad 03-09-2019 vijkg~u 3-00 cts rdA 3 fufonk izkIr djus dh vafre frfFk@le; fnukad 12-09-2019 vijkg~u 4-00 cts rdA 4 vxz/ku dh jkf”k ,oa ifjek.k foi= dk ewY; tek djus dh vafre frfFk ,oa le; fnukad 13-09-2019 vijkg~u 2-00 cts rdA 5 rduhdh chM [kksyus dh frfFk fnukad 16-09-2019 vijkg~u 4-00 cts rdA 6 fufonk vkeaf=r djus okys inkf/kdkjh dk uke ,oa irk dk;Zikyd vfHk;ark dk dk;kZy;] is;ty ,oa LoPNrk ize.My] pkbZcklkA 7 fufonk izksD;wjesUV lsy (e-procurement cell) dk 06582&256194 8 gsYiykbZu uEcj 9631180046 Name of Work : Construction of Solar Energy based Mini Water supply scheme under ST/SC Tola with 3.00m high galvanized tubular Steel structure staging for mounting HDPE water storage tank having Capacity 5000 liters in existing T/W Solar Pannel Mounted on ESR in different Blocks under D.W.& S. Division, Chaibasa. Øe iz[k.M xzqi@ la[;k ;kstu k dh la[;k izkDdfyr jkf'k ¼yk[k esa½ vxz/ku dh jkf'k ¼yk[k esa½ ifjek.k foi= dk ewY; dk;Z iw.kZ djus dh vof/k 1 Chaibasa CBSA/ST/Solar Scheme-01 10 42.08610 0.84200 5000.00 4 ekg 2 Tonto CBSA/ST/Solar Scheme-06 10 42.08610 0.84200 5000.00 4 ekg 3 Hatgamharia CBSA/ST/Solar Scheme-07 12 50.50332 1.01100 10000.00 4 ekg 4 Kumardungi CBSA/ST/Solar Scheme-08 10 42.08610 0.84200 5000.00 4 ekg 5 Majhgaon CBSA/ST/Solar Scheme-09 10 42.08610 0.84200 5000.00 4 ekg 6 Jagannathpur CBSA/ST/Solar Scheme-10 10 42.08610 0.84200 5000.00 4 ekg 7 Noamundi CBSA/ST/Solar Scheme-11 10 42.08610 0.84200 5000.00 4 ekg ls Download dh tk ldrh gSA dk;Zikyd vfHk;ark is;ty ,oa LoPNrk izeaMy pkbZcklkA

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