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Bhanvad Dist :- D.B.Dwarka 1 2 In Figures Rs. Ps. In words 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 1898.49 Providing and Laying granular sub-base Grade-I C.B.R. not less than 30% by providing coarse graded matrerial,consisting of B.T. crushed stone aggregates 53 mm to 26.5 mm @ 35%,26.50 mm to 4.75 mm @ 45%,2.36 mm to below @ 20% coarse sand combination and stone dust/grit spreading in uniform layers with motor grader on prepared surface,mixing by mix in Place method with rotovator at O.M.C. to required dry density including filling the depressions which occred during the process using vibratory roller complete as per Clause-401 616.42 Rs. Six Hundred Sixteen and Paise Fourty Two Only. Cu.m 1170267.20 2 2878.00 Supplying and stacking of crushed stone aggregates, chippings of hard of stone 40 to 63 mm mm size free of disintegrated pieces of deleterious and organic matter (for W.B.M.) and grading as per I.R.C. code. including filling the boxes all lead and lift. 498.29 Rs.Four Hundred Ninty Eight and Paise Twenty Nine Only. Cu.m 1434078.62 3 595.50 Supplying and stacking of Machine crushed stone aggregates, chippings etc.of 6 to 10 mm size of hard stone free of disintegrated pieces, deleterious and organic matter (for WBM) and grading as per I.R.C. code. Including filling the boxes all lead and lift. 462.91 Rs.Four Hundred Sixty Two and Paise Ninty One Only. Cu.m 275662.90 4 281.70 Supplying and stacking of stone dust on road site including filling the measure boxes all lead and lift. 292.15 Rs. Two Hundred Ninty Two and Paise Fifteen Only. Cu.m 82298.65 5 3473.50 Spreading the stone aggregate for rolling and W.B.M. including filling the interstices to required camber and gradient (excluding spreading of Blindage)(ii) 40mm to 63mm size aggreagates 158.57 Rs. One Hundred Fifty Eight and Paise Fifty Seven Only. Cu.m 550792.89 6 281.50 Spreading blindage or road crust filling the gaps in metal and leveling to camber and gradient as directed.(i) STONE DUST 93.62 Rs. Ninty Three and Paise Sixty Two Only. Cu.m 26354.03 7 3473.50 Rolling and consolidation using vibratory road roller 8 - 10 tonne capacity (C) Water bound Macadam (Layer not exceeding 100mm thickness) 75.75 Rs. Seventy Five and Paise Seventy Five Only. Cu.m 263117.62 8 4867.31 Earthwork for embankment including breaking clods, dressing with all lead and lift (excluding watering and consolidation). 160.59 Rs. One Hundred Sixty and Paise Fifty Nine Only. Cu.m 781641.31 Memorandam showing the items of work to be carried out Name of work: Construction Of Remaining Work Of Various Roads Of Bhanavad Taluka Tal.Bhanvad Taluka :- Construction Of Dudhala Morana Road,km 0/0 to 3/000. (Non Plan) Construction Of Sajdiyari RanaRoziwada Up To Dist. Limit Road,km 0/0 to 2/450. (Non Plan) SCHEDULE " B " Item No Quantities estimated but may be more or less. Item of works Tendered Rates Unit Total amount according to estimated quantities. 9 4867.31 Rolling of earthwork in layers with power roller including filling in depressions which occur during the process. 17.77 Rs. Seventeen and Paise Seventy Seven Only. Cu.m 86492.09 10 18750.00 providing and applying primar coat with bitumen emulsion on prepared surface of granular base including cleaning of road sureface and spraying primer @ rate of 0.60 kg./Sq.m using mechanical means. 18.18 Rs. Eighteen and Paise Eighteen Only. Sqm. 340875.00 11 1407.00 Providing and laying 37.50 mm thick Built up spray grout in One layers using black crushed stone aggregate as per gradation and specification including using bitumen for tackcoat at the rate of 2.5 Kg./10 Sqmt. on Surface by mechanical sprayer and bitumen of VG-10 grade mixing at the rate of 19.90 Kg./ weight of total mix ( i.e.1.99 % ) including heating and mixing the aggregate and bitumen by continuous batching drum mix plant, transporting the mix and spreading the same by paver finisher and consolidation with

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