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Gujarat State Watershed Management Agency

  • Opening Date


  • Closing Date

    21 Oct 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 11,79,870

  • EMD

    ₹ 12,000

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Sanklit Jalstrav Samiti,badalpur

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INTEGRATED WATERSHED MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME (IWMP-15) SANKLIT JALSTRAV SAMITI,BADALPUR Ta. - BORSAD, Dist. – ANAND ONLINE TENDER FORM Name ofWork: - Check Wall-1 to 2, Protection Wall-9 to 10 1 Downloading of tender documents (Last Date ) Date. 07/10/2019 2 Online submissionof bid (Last Date ) Date.21 /10/2019 3 Physical Submission of EMD and Tender fee& Other documents (Last Date&time) Date. 21 /10/2019 (16.00 Hrs) 4 Technical Bid : Online Verification of documents (Last Date ) Date. 30 /10/2019 5 Online opening of Commercial Bid (Last Date ) Date. 30 /10/2019 6 Estimated cost of work in RS. Rs. 1179870/- 7 Demand Draft of Tender fee from any nationalised bank will be in favour of“BADALPUR JALSTRAV SAMITI ” Rs. 900/- 8 FDR of E.M.D from any nationalise bank will be in favour of“BADALPURJALSTRAV SAMITI ” Rs. 12000/- Tender notice no: IWMP-15/WP//2019-20 Inviting Bids: Project Director District Watershed Development Unit Old Civil Court Road, Opp. Circuit House, Anand Contact: +91-8758172707 (WDT Engineer) District Level Office: Project Director District Watershed Development Unit Old Civil Court Road, Opp. Circuit House, Anand Opening Authority: PIA-IWMP 15 H~ZL lJUTM ;lDlTGLlJUToov lH<,F H/:+FJ lJSF; V[SD V\TU"TGL ;\Sl,T H/:+FJ jIJ:YF5G SFI"ÊD C[9/ IWMP-154 NC[JF6 5|MH[S8 D\H]Z YI[, K[P H[GF UFDAN,5]Z TFPAMZ;N C[9/ VF 5|MH[S8 DF8[ ;lDlTGL ZRGF SZJFDF\ VFJ[, K[P H[G]\ R[ZL8L SDL`GZ SR[ZLDF\ V[Oq1693qVF6\NG\PC[9/ AN,5]Z H/:+FJ ;lDlT4 AN,5]Z GFD[ ;FJ"HlGS 8=:8 TZLS[ ZHL:8=[XG SZJFDF\ VFJ[, K[P p5ZF\T ;G[ !(&_GM D\0/LVMGL GM\W6L AFATGM VlWlGID C[9/ GF\ GM\W6L G\AZU]Hq1737qVF6\NC[9/ GFD[ GM\WJFDF\ VFJ[, K[P H[ G[ CJ[ 5KL 8]\SDF\ AN,5]Z H/:+FJ ;lDlT TZLS[ p<,[BJFDF\ VFJX[P ;\NE"GL lJUToov U]HZFT :8[8 JF[8ZX[0 D[G[HD[g8 V[Hg;LUF\WLGUZGF 5+ S|DF\SG\PGVK/WSD/GSWMA/Vashi/2086TFP21/10/2015 VG[ lH<,F H/:+FJ lJSF; V[SD4VF6\N äFZF D/[, ;]RGF VG];FZAN,5]Z H/:+FJ lJSF; ;lDlT C[9/ SZJFGF\ YTF lJlJW H/:+FJGF\ SFDM DF8[ VF HFC[Z lGlJNFäFZF ZHL:80" YI[, DFgI SMg8=FS8Z 5F;[YL VF ;FY[ ;FD[, XZTM VG[ :5[;LOLS[XG D]HA lGNXL"T SFD DF8[GF\ EFJM D\UFJJFDF\ VFJ[ K[P 8[g0Z OMD" DMS,JFGLlJUToov 8[g0Z DMS,JF AFAT[ 8[g0ZGL GM8L;4 ;DI DIF"NF4 8[g0ZGF H~ZL N:TFJ[H TYF VgI 8[g0ZG[ ,UTL TDFD;F.8 5ZYL D[/JL ,[JLP The offer should be submitted online in the prescribed form as per ONE ENVELOPE SYSTEM ONLY. Technical Bid shall have to be submitted online and documents for Technical bid will be also send by RPAD/Speed post only. Bids not submitted online will not be entertained. ;LSIMZL8L 0L5MhL8GL lJUToov ,FIS .HFZNFZzLVMGF\ c8[g0ZOMD"c BM<IF AFN ;F{YL GLRF EFJM EZ[, .HFZNFZzLV[ lNGv* DF\ sVYJF ;lDlT TZOYL D/[, ;]RGF D]HAf H~ZL ;LSIMZL8L 0L5MhL8 HDF SZFJJFGL ZC[X[PsV[;P0LP 8[g0Z V[DFpg8GF 5@ ,[B[ HDF SZFJFGL ZC[X[P V[;P0LP OST V[OP0LP GF :J~5DF\ :JLSFZJFDF VFJX[Pf 8[SGLS, AFAT VFZP5LPV[P0LP q :5L0 5M:8 SZJFGF H~ZL N:TFJ[HMGL lJUT oov !P ;ZSFZ DFgI .ZHNFZG]\ E 1 VG[T[YL p5ZG]\ JUL"SZ6G]\ 5|DF65+ SMg8=FS8Z TZLS[G]\ ZHL:8=[XGGL GS,P ZP ZFlQ8=IS'T A[\S ;M<Jg;L ;8L"OLS[8GL GS,PsV\NFHLT lS\DTGF Z_@ 5|DF6[ D}SJLf #P 5FGSF0"GL GS,P $P 8[g0Z OLDD/CASH 5P AFGFGL ZSDGM DD / FDR &P HLPV[;P8LP G\AZG]\ 5|DF65+P *P VUFp H/:+FJ ;lDlTDF\ Z5 ,FB S[ T[YL JW]GL VF 5|SFZGL SFDULZL SZ[, CM. T[G\] SFD 5}6"TFG]\ 5|DF65+P (P 8[g0Z EZGFZ V[Hg;LV[ OZH 5Z GLD6]S SZ[, .HG[ZzLGM OM8F ;FY[GM lGD6]\S 5+P )P ;ZSFZ C:TSGF SM.56 SFDM VW]ZF KM0L NLW[, GYL TYF 5MT[ a,[S,L:8 YI[, GYL T[G] D[HL:8=[8 q GM8ZL ;D1FG]\ ;MU\WGFD]\ 8[g0Z 5|S|LIF TYF SFDULZL V\U[ .HFZNFZG[ lGEFJJFGL YTL XZTM 8[g0ZG[ ,UTL XZTMoov !P p5ZMST 8[SGLS,N:TFJ[HDF\ SM> VW]ZFX H6FX[ TM T[ .HFZNFZzLG]\ 8[g0ZOMD" ZN U6JFDF\ VFJX[P ZP H/:+FJGF\ SFDM lGIT ;DI DIF"NFDF\ 5}6" SZJFGF\ CM. T[ V\U[ IMuI U\ELZTF B]HA H~ZL K[P H[YL JS" VM0"Z D?IF AFN .HFZNFZzLV[ +6 lNJ;DF\ SFD X~ SZJFG\] ZC[X[P TYF JS" VM0"Z D?IFGL TFZLB YL +6 DF

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