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Public Works Department

  • Opening Date

    07 Oct 2019

  • Closing Date

    14 Oct 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 66,28,590

  • EMD

    ₹ 1,32,572

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Ar Mo To Residential Complex Karkardooma Court Delhi Dg 2019 20 Sh Comprehensive Maintenance Of Judges Flats Residential Complex Civil Works

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1 No. of Corrections - C NIL No. of Omissions - O NIL No. of Insertions- I NIL AE (P) EE INDEX Name of Work: AR & MO to Residential Complex Karkardooma Court Delhi dg 2019 20 SH Comprehensive maintenance of Judges flats Residential Complex Civil works SL. NO. DESCRIPTION PAGE NO. 1. INDEX 1 2. NOTICE INVITING TENDER 2 3. CHECK LIST FOR CONTRACTORS 3 4. PRESS NOTICE TO BE PUBLISHED IN NEWS PAPER 4 5. PRESS NOTICE (E-PROCUREMENT) 5-6 6. GUIDELINES TO BE FOLLOWED FOR e-procurement SOLUTION 7 7. NOTICE INVITING TENDER FORM CPWD-6 8-11 8. PERCENTAGE RATE TENDER FORM CPWD-7 12-19 9. INTEGRITY PACT/ AGREEMENT 20-24 10. GUARANTEE BOND – ANNEXURE- I, II & III 25-27 11. BANK GUARANTEE BOND - ANNEXURE - IV 28 12. AFFIDAVIT - ANNEXURE –V 29 13. FORM-A FINANCIAL INFORMATION 30 14. FORM-B 31 15. FORM-C 32 16. SALIENT HIGHLIGHT UP 33 17. GENERAL CONDITIONS 34-36 18. ADDITIONAL CONDITION` 37 19. SPECIAL CONDITIONS 38-40 20. SPECIAL CONDITION FOR CEMENT & STEEL 41-43 21. PARTICULAR SPECIFICATIONS 44-50 22. SPECIAL SPECIFICATION FOR STEEL & HRD FABRIC 51 23. INSTRUCTIONS- ANNEXURE – ‘A’ 52 24. LIST OF EQUIPMENT’S – ANNEXURE – ‘B’ 53 25. LIST OF APPROVED MAKES 54-62 26. PERFORMA FOR CEMENT REGISTER 63 27. OFFICE MEMORANDUM NO. DG/SE/CM/COM/283 64 28. OFFICE MEMORANDUM NO. DG/SE/CM/CON/285 65-67 29. OFFICE MEMORANDUM NO. DG/SE/CM/CON/286 68 30. OFFICE MEMORANDUM NO. DG/CON/287 69 31. OFFICE MEMORANDUM NO. DG/SE/CM/CON/288 70-71 32. OFFICE MEMORANDUM NO. DG/CON/291 72-74 33. OFFICE MEMORANDUM NO. DG/SE/CM/CON/MISC./02 75-76 34. OFFICE MEMORANDUM NO. DG/CON/305 77 35. RECEIPT OF DEPOSITION OF ORIGINAL EMD 78 36. SCHEDULE OF QUANTITY 79-90 Certified that ths NIT contains 1 to 90 pages Assistant Engineer (P) Karkardooma Court Divn., PWD, New Delhi Executive Engineer (C)Karkardooma Court Divn., PWD, New Delhi 2 No. of Corrections - C NIL No. of Omissions - O NIL No. of Insertions- I NIL AE (P) EE NOTICE INVITING TENDER Name of Work: A/R & M/O to Residential Complex, Karkardooma Court, Delhi dg. 2019-20. SH:- Comprehensive maintenance of Judges flats /Residential Complex. (Civil works) ESTIMATED COST : - Rs. 66,28,590/- EARNEST MONEY : - Rs. 1,32,572/- SECURITY DEPOSIT : - 2.5% of Tendered Cost PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE : - 5% of Tendered Cost (2.5% of performance Guarantee shall be retained as security deposit and will be refunded after over maintenance period.) TIME ALLOWED : - 365 days This NIT amounting to Rs. 66,28,590/- (Rs. Sixty six lacs twenty eigh thousand five hundred ninety only) is hereby approved. Certified that the NIT Contains 1 to 90 Pages Assistant Engineer (P) Karkardooma Court Divn., PWD, Delhi Executive Engineer Karkardooma Court Divn., PWD, Delhi 3 No. of Corrections - C NIL No. of Omissions - O NIL No. of Insertions- I NIL AE (P) EE 2.0 CHECK LIST FOR CONTRACTORS FOR SUBMISSION OF TENDERS 1. The tenderers should read all the instructions terms & Conditions, contract clauses, nomenclature of items, specifications etc. contained in the tender documents very carefully, before quoting the rates. The tenderer should also read the General Conditions of Contract for CPWD works 2014. 2. Tender should be signed and witnessed on page-12of tender documents indicating full address of witness and the names of signatories. 3. Any person who submits a tender shall fill up the usual printed form, stating at what rate he is willing to undertake each item of the work. Tenders, with any alteration in the work specified in the said form of invitation to tenders, or in the time allowed for carrying out the work, or which contain any other condition of any sor

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