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Public Works Department

Delhi, Delhi

  • Opening Date

    29 May 2019

  • Closing Date

    07 Jun 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 15,74,676

  • EMD

    ₹ 31,494


A/r And M/o To Saket Court Complex Under, Bmsd-1, Pwd During 2019-20. Saket, New Delhi. (sh-providing Services Of Computer Operator And Messenger Etc In The Office Of Senior Architect, South (m).

-1- CORRECION(C) -------NIL------- DELETION (D) -------NIL------- INSERTION (I) -------NIL------- AE(P) I N D E X NAME OF WORK: - A/R & M/O to Saket Court Complex under, BMSD-1, PWD During 2019-20. Saket, New Delhi. (SH:-Providing services of computer operator & messenger etc in the office of Senior Architect, South (M). T.S. NO. :- 11/EE/PWD/ SOUTH BUILDING (M)/2019-20 NIT NO. :- 15/EE/PWD/ SOUTH BUILDING (M)/2019-20 Sl. NO. Particulars Page No. 1. INDEX Pate-01 to 01 2. INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONTRACTORS FOR e-TENDERING FORMING PART OF NIT AND TO BE POSTED ON WEBSITE Pate-02 to 04 3. GUIDELINES/PROCEDURE TO BE FOLLOWED IN INTRODUCTION OF ‘E’- PROCUREMENT SOLUTION. Pate-05 to 05 4. INSTRUCTIONS TO TENDERERS FOR SUBMISSION OF TENDERS. Pate-06 to 06 5. NIT ( FORM CPWD-6) Pate-07 to 12 6. TENDER FORM CPWD-8 & PERFORMA OF SCHEDULES. Pate-13 to 20 7. PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE Pate-21 to 21 8. BANK GUARANTEE BOND, AFFIDAVIT. “ANNEXURE-I & II” Pate-22 to 24 9. AMENDMENT IN GENERAL CONDITION OF (GCC) 2014 PAYMENT OF WAGES TO THE LABOUR BY CONTRACTOR, “ANNEXURE-III” Pate-25 to 25 10. RECEIPT OF DEPOSITION OF ORIGINAL EMD, “ANNEXURE-IV” Pate-26 to 26 11. SILENT REQUIREMENT FOR THE TENDER Pate-27 to 28 12. SPECIAL CONDITIONS TIME LIMIT FOR FINAL BILL Pate-29 to 29 13. GENERAL CONDITIONS Pate-30 to 32 14. ADDITIONAL SPEICAL CONDITIONS Pate-33 to 34 15. THE MINIMUM SALARY OF HIRING STAFF “ANNEXURE -A” Pate-35 to 35 16. SCHEDULE OF QUANTITY Pate-36 to 37 NIT No 15/EE/PWD/SOUTH BUILDING (M)/2019-20 of Rs. 15,74,676/-(Rupees Fifteen Lakhs Seventy Four Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Six Only ) having Pages No. 1 to 37 is hereby approved. A.E. (P) Executive Engineer South Building (M), PWD (NCT) P.T.S. Malviya Nagar, New Delhi-110017 For and on behalf of President of India -2- CORRECION(C) -------NIL------- DELETION (D) -------NIL------- INSERTION (I) -------NIL------- AE(P) INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONTRACTORS FOR e-TEND ERING FORMING PART OF NIT AND TO BE POSTED ON WEBSITE The Executive Engineer, PWD Division, South Buildin g (M-422), PTS, Malviya Nagar , New Delhi, invites on behalf of President of India, online , ITEM RATE tender from approved and eligible contractor of appropriate composite category of CPWD , Those of appropriate list of M.E.S., B.S.N.L. and other state Govt. Departments dealing with buildings and roads and other experienced contractors who satisfy the criteria of execution of similar works (Similar Nature of work means that the work specifi ed on the schedule of the Quantity) i.e. Three no. Works each of value not less than 40% of estimated cost put to tender or Two no. Works each of value not less than 60% of estimated cost put to tender of One no. Work of value not less than 80% of the estimated cost put to tender in the last 7 year in Central Govt./Central Autonomous body/Central Public undertaking . (As per Modified OM Pr. CE(M)/PWD/E-Tend./3314 dated 08.06.2016) for the following work through e-procurement solution:- . SI. No . NIT No. Name of Work E st im at ed c os t pu t t o te nd er (in R s) E ar ne st M on ey (in R s. ) P er io d of C om pl et io n Last Date and Time of submission of bid, original EMD, copy of receipt for deposition of original EMD, and other documents as specified in the press notice. Date and Time of opening of Tech./Financial Bid Part of tender [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] 1. 15 /E E /P W D /S O U T H B U IL D IN G M )/ 20 19 -2 0 A /R & M /O to S ak et C ou rt C om pl ex u nd er , B M S D -1 , P W D D ur in g 20 19 -2 0. S ak et , N ew D el hi . (S H :- P ro vi di ng se rv ic es o f co m pu te r op er at or & m es se ng er et c in th e of fic

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