Maharashtra is India’s most industrialised state and it contributes 20% of India’s industrial output. 46% of Maharashtra’s GSDP is contributed by Industry. Maharashtra’s capital city, Mumbai is the financial capital of our country and is considered as the economic heartbeat of the nation. Maharashtra is the second largest exporter of software in the country with annual exports of over ₹80,000 cr. 

Why should one do business in Maharashtra?

A favourable industrial policy along with a large talent pool makes Maharashtra a manufacturing hub. It also ranks high in the purchasing power index with a large consumer base. Its industrial policy favours Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with industrial corridors in Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Konkan, Amravati and Aurangabad and more. Two of the three Indian cities (Mumbai and Pune) to be featured in the top 100 global clusters of inventive activity are in Maharashtra.

Mahatenders – a ‘Maha’ opportunity for your business

Maharashtra is the ideal global hub with the best ecosystem to do your business. Historical market records, economic and demographic factors have helped Maharashtra rank 2nd for value of tenders among all states and union territories with tenders worth ₹17,173 cr (September 2023). This rank is as per the Central Public Procurement homepage.

Mahatenders eProcurement Portal

The Maharashtra Government Tenders Information System features the eProcurement System of Maharashtra on It features thousands of latest Maharashtra etenders published by various organisations. The Mahatenders portal enables tenderers to download the Tender Schedule for free. Once the Mahatenders registration is done, vendors can go through the list of mahatenders after Mahatenders login, choose an apt tender for their business and submit the bids online through the Mahatenders portal.

Mahatenders Registration Process Online

Any user can find or view tenders on Mahatenders portal without registering on it. However, if one wishes to bid for Mahatenders, they will have to complete the Mahatenders registration process and they can browse and bid after signing in on Mahatenders login. Registering on Mahatenders portal is simple. Keep your documents and details handy and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the homepage and click on ‘Online Bidder Enrollment’ just below the Login button.
  2. A form will appear where you can to enter details like –
  • Desired Login ID, email and mobile number for correspondence
  • Details of the company like name, registration number, license number and registered address
  • For ‘Preferential Bidder’, select a ‘Preference Category’ from the dropdown (MSME)

(Do remember to complete the MSME registration process to avail the benefits.)

  • Name of the partners or directors
  • Bidder code and type
  • PAN/TAN number
  • Year of establishment of the company
  • Nature, category and legal status of the business

For Company Category, you can select your category from the dropdown like micro, small and medium business and provide the required documents/registration numbers

  • Company’s contact person’s details, DOB and designation of the person who is filling the form
  1. Enter the captcha and click ‘Submit’.
  2. You will receive an OTP on your email address and phone number. Using the OTP, you can set a password, enter the captcha again and click on ‘Submit’ to complete the mahatenders registration process.
  3. A Confirmation Message will appear on the screen.
  4. Go back to Home and login to browse the Mahatender Portal.

Uploading a Digital Signature Certificate on Mahatenders Portal

Once the Mahatenders registration process is through, one has to enter their details on Mahatenders login and upload a valid DSC class III to take part in the tender bidding process. Before your Mahatenders login, make sure the DSC is saved on your computer. To upload, login with your credentials and click on ‘Signing Certificate’ on the webpage. Select the commands to upload and click OK. You will receive a confirmation message. Once your DSC is uploaded, you are set to start your journey as a bidder on Mahatenders portal!

Start Bidding on Mahatenders!

Once your Mahatenders login is done on Mahatenders Portal with your credentials, you can browse for tenders on the left panel of the webpage based on organisation, location or classification. One can also find ‘Active Tenders’ or ‘Tenders by Closing Date’ on the top navigation menu. There is an option for ‘Advanced Search’ on the right panel for specific searches for your business.

You can download the tender notice to get the desired tender details. If you find yourself eligible, pay the EMD, tender fees and fill in your tender proposal and BOQ without modifying it. Upload the documents as a single file and click on ‘Freeze Bid’ to submit your bid. You will receive a confirmation from Mahatenders along with a bid submission number and an acknowledgment number.

Alternatively, you can log on to and find suitable tenders using relevant filters at the snap of a finger. Instead of browsing multiple portals looking for tenders, BidAssist is a one-stop solution for over 150,000 active tenders in India and it is by far the largest source of tenders, classified into 50+ categories. Its content database is more than double of any other leading players. 

Easy Search on BidAssist

Like Google, it’s very easy to find relevant tenders on

1. Type a keyword based on your search in the ‘tenders’ or ‘tender results’ section. Users can search for relevant terms/keywords related to any tender even within BOQs.

2. You will now see a list of tenders based on your search query.

3. You can filter the tenders further, based on your business preferences with advanced filters like location, the presenting authority, amount, last date and so on.

4. Save these filters to receive periodic notifications under the Profile section. If you are interested to get all the latest updates on the development for a specific tender, all you need to do is to “follow” i.e ❤️ that tender.

You can reach out to the BidAssist’s customer service team at BidAssist support for more information on Mahatenders login, Mahatenders registration or to guide you through Mahatenders portal.