Introduction to the Government E Market Place

GeM or Government E Market Place is an online portal for public procurement of goods and services by state and central government organisations. GeM encompasses tools for e-bidding, reverse auction and demand aggregation to help a company find the best deals possible for their business. The aim is to transform the way Ministries, Government Departments and PSUs handle the procurement of goods and services.

Why should a buyer or a seller choose GeM?

GEM login is simple and user-friendly and the portal is easy to navigate through. GeM’s intention is to boost transparency, efficiency and the pace at which public procurements take place. Read on to see how it benefits both buyers and sellers.

Benefits for Buyers

Finding relevant goods and services on the Government e Market Place portal is simple as they are neatly categorised. Once you complete GEM registration and GEM login, buyers can compare and select products as per their specific requirements. It is perfect for those who prefer cashless, paperless and hassle free transactions. There is an active feedback system and products are rated by users. The return policy is buyer-friendly too.

The portal operates 24/7 and one can also monitor the supply system and the payments on the portal’s dashboard at any given time, by simply signing in on GEM login.

Benefits for Sellers

On Government E Market Place, sellers get direct access to all Government Departments. It minimises the marketing cost for a seller as their goods and services are listed on the portal, like all others without a bias. Sellers receive bids and auctions on the same portal, making Government E Market Place a one-stop-shop for carrying out their business. In case a product is not listed, sellers can suggest adding the new product to the portal. The prices of products and services can be updated as per the prevailing market conditions. Sellers are also shown the reason when they are rejected.

The seller can also monitor supplies and payments on the dashboard at any given point by singing in on GEM login.

Additional Advantages

There are special sections for Startups, MSMEs and Emporium Products on the portal. DPIIT recognised startups are given preferences to boost startups in India. Moreover, for sellers belonging to North-Eastern states and J&K, ITR is exempted at the time of a bid submission.

Stepwise Guide for a Seller to Register on GeM

A person who manufactures genuine products or does the marketing of genuine products, is eligible to become a seller on the Government E Market Place login portal. While registering, you will have to choose your seller category from –

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • OEM Service Provider
  • Non-OEM Service Provider
  • Service Provider
  • Re-seller

Documents Required for Seller Registration during GEM Login

  • MSME certificate (for an individual)
  • Certificate of incorporation (for companies or LLPs)
  • Class 3 Selling certificate (if selling to the Government)
  • Pan Card/Aadhaar Card
  • Identity and Address Proof
  • Bank Account Details
  • Copy of cancelled cheque
  • Valid mobile number & email ID

Steps involved in GEM Login and GEM Registration Process

  1. Sign up 

The first step of seller registration is to create an account on Government E Market Place. GeM Registration should be done by an authorised person from the organisation, like the Director or a key proprietor. You may use the key person’s Aadhaar or PAN card details for GEM login.

  1. Complete the Company’s Profile mandates

Once you are done with GEM login, complete the Company’s Profile on the portal by completing these mandates – PAN validation, Company details, Office location and Bank account. There are optional sections like MSE, Startup and Tax Assessment. Next, you will have to pay the caution money as per the turnover of the company.

  1. Vendor Assessment

Once you go through GEM login, the seller must apply for Vendor Assessment to get an OEM certificate. This step is compulsory for all manufacturers; and for the sellers interested in participating in public procurement of Q1 and Q2 product categories. The assessment is carried out by the QCI.

  1. Brand Listing 

After getting approved as an OEM,  when vendors sign in with their GEM login ID, they will be able to add their brands to the relevant categories of products and services.

  1. Listing of Products

Once the brand listing is done, vendors have to list their products and services on GEM. Once the GEM authority approves the listing, these products and services will go live on the portal.

  1. Seller participation and authorisation of Resellers

After the Product Listing on Government E Market Place, sellers can participate in bids and accept orders. OEMs are also authorised to appoint resellers to list their products and services.

Stepwise guide for procurement on GeM

Once you go through the GEM Login as a buyer, you will have to go to the ‘Market’ option and select the desired product category. At this stage, you can add filters to narrow down your search based on the desired product. There are two types of filters – administrative (quantity, delivery location, supplier rating, years of experience) and financial (range of the product amount, annual turnover of the seller, PMA Value Addition, profit and loss of the supplier). Once you find the product you are looking for, select it, add it to the ‘Cart’ and proceed with the purchase.

Popular Products on the GEM portal

Products that sell out fast on the Government E Market Place portal, are – Desktops and Laptops, Tablets, external hard drives, mouse, keyboards, pen drives, power banks, RAM; office equipment like photocopiers, scanners, printers, cartridges, barcode scanners, pass books, papers, notebooks, smart cards, air conditioners, multimedia projectors, UPS and packaged drinking water.

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