Save Multi-Filters Now All by Yourself!

Save Multi-Filters Now All by Yourself!

We have been working day in and day out to make the experience of our users on BidAssist a remarkable one. We have left all the control strings in the hands of our users to suit their preferences and needs.

Initially, we made you in charge of all the choices of the latest tender notifications according to your Location, Tender Amount, EMD, and Keywords- ALL BY YOURSELF. Furthermore, users were able to decide whether they want to receive the notifications daily, weekly, or monthly on SMS or email or maybe both.

In line with all the initiatives we took to assist our users, we have come up with another feature for you- Save up to 5 search filters simultaneously according to your preferences. Here is the brief of How it Works:

1. Go to the Tender listing page and Apply Filters

Explore Filters in the Listing page. Now you can Save separate filters for Tenders and Tender Results according to your preference.

2. Click on “Save Filter”.

Set State, City, Authority, Keyword, Category, Tender Amount, EMD, Contract Value, Closing Date, Contract Date, Sorting preferences and click “Save Filter” to save default filter  “My Preference” for personalized tender alerts or create new filter lists.

3. Save up to 5 Quick Search Filters at a time

You can save up to 5 search filters simultaneously and can switch among different filters quickly. However, you will receive your daily / weekly alerts based on your default filter i.e. “My Preference” filter.

4. Set Notification Settings & explore Edit /Delete /Reset Filter options

Set frequency (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) and medium (SMS/Email/Whatsapp/All) for tender notification alerts. You can “Edit” to rename the filter, “Delete” to delete any filter and “Reset” the default filter for daily tender alerts.

This feature is aligned with your specific requirements. Hence, giving you a customized User experience. 

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Quickly Explore Filters and View Notification Settings to pace up your search for tenders with us.