What does IOCL stand for?

IOCL is commonly known as Indian Oil Corporation Ltd or Indian Oil, which is one of the largest government tendering authorities in India. Indian Oil publishes tenders in various segments and thus create many opportunities for SMEs in India.

What is the role of IOCL?

It is owned by an Indian state government that deals in various sectors ranging from refining, distribution, marketing, petrochemicals, to research & development (R&D) and plays a key role in driving the growth and development of the country.

How many tenders does IOCL publish in 2019?

Like tenders of other government tendering authorities, IOCL also issues all tender notices, bid awards on various government websites and invite bidders to bid so that they can assess who’s the one that can provide the best quality at a reasonable price.

The below graph shows that more than 20,000 IOCL e tenders were published in 2018-19 and more than 9,000 IOCL e-tenders have already been published by Sep 2019. Click on the graph to get a better insight.

What are the leading states for IOCL Tenders in 2019?

All tenders floated by Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL) across India and the distribution of prominent state-wise tenders are represented below. In the first half of the year itself, more than 1100 IOCL Haryana Tenders have been published. This is followed by IOCL Assam Tenders, IOCL Uttar Pradesh Tenders, IOCL Gujarat Tenders and IOCL West Bengal Tenders.

What is the process of IOCL Tender Procurement?

When bidding for IOCL e tender or any other government authority, follow these basic steps to improve your chances of winning a tender:

  • Look out for the relevant tenders issued by Indian Oil Corporation Limited, from BidAssist .
  • Once you subscribe on BidAssist, you can easily download IOCL e-tender document for any particular state in India.
  • Analyze the tender document carefully and read all terms and conditions of the services that are to be procured by IOCL tendering authority.
  • Before writing a bid response strategy, evaluate the previously awarded contracts that contain important information such as project time duration, and the amount that was awarded to the contractor. View all awarded contracts from here.
  • Write a compelling bid document and submit the bid through their e-bid submission tendering portal of IOCL – https://iocletenders.nic.in/
  • Once you have submitted your application, the IOCL tendering authority will verify all the suppliers that have applied for bidding, and on verification, the supplier or organisation will appear in its ‘list of approved suppliers’.
  • The bidders can monitor the status of the tender for which they have submitted on their official website.
  • Once everything in the tender procurement process is finalised, contracts are awarded to the selected bidders.

Why BidAssist for IOCL Tenders Information?

BidAssist is an online e-Tender search portal that helps SMEs to discover latest IOCL tenders, tender documents and awarded contracts on a single platform. You can also search IOCL e-tenders by location, state, tender amount or even with tender ID. Our portal provides FREE access to government tender opportunities across India. 

Furthermore, SMEs can get all the latest tender notifications issued by Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) and decide whether they want to receive the notifications daily, weekly or monthly. For downloading and participating in the IOCL tenders, check it now.

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