As a business owner or head of SME business in India, it is a must that you know in depth about (military engineering services) MES tenders. Not just that, this article will also give you insights on how you can easily search for relevant eprocurement MES tenders and apply for these govt e-tenders online with bidassist. 

What is eprocureMES? 

Let us first understand what MES is. The Military Engineer Services (MES) is the premier construction agency. It is one of the most important pillars of the Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army. MES provides rear line engineering support to the Armed Forces. It is one of the largest construction and maintenance agencies in India. The annual budget of MES tenders is approximately Rs.13,000 crores. Apart from major roads, it is responsible for creating strategic and operational infrastructure for all the 3 defense forces of India.

It has a Pan India footprint to provide engineering support to various formations of Army, Air Force, Navy as well as DRDO. MES has more than six hundred stations spread across India’s mainland and the island territories.

How does MES function?

MES is an over 200 years old organization, structured to design works which are executed through contracts and tenders under the supervision of officers and staff consisting of both civilians and combatants from the Corps of Engineers. MES has a core multi-disciplinary team of architects, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers, structural designers, quantity surveyors and contract specialists for work planning, designing and supervision. The only construction agency in the country which carries out all construction related tasks like construction of residential and office buildings, roads and runways, hospital, marine docks and harbors across the country and also covering border areas, and all these tasks are completed by contracting the job by tendering process. Besides conventional buildings, MES is largely involved in the construction of sophisticated and complex laboratories, airfields, factories and workshops, runways and hangars, dockyards, wharves and other marine structures. 

Why are eprocureMES tenders important for SMEs? 

eProcurement MES offers huge tender opportunities to small and medium enterprises, thereby offering massive revenue generation scope for the business across multiple locations and new categories, and hence boosting the SME’s brand presence and recognition. On an average Eprocure MES has ~4000 active tenders at any point of time. Let’s understand this more in detail:

  1. Revenue generation source: Irrespective of the size of a SME, eprocureMES awards the tender to the best bidder. This means even a small sized or new SME stands an equal chance as against a larger company, thereby increasing their scope of revenue generation
  2. Opening new markets: Eprocuremes tenders would open up tenders across various locations of the country, giving the SMEs a chance to open in new markets and clients. This helps them strengthen their base in newer locations and hence expand their business
  3. Diversifying with new categories: By opening up in new geographies with MES tenders, also widens the scope for SMEs to diversify to new clients and markets, thereby derisking their portfolio 
  4. Upscaling own workforce: By working on large scale projects for MES, SME’s can upscale the skills of their workforce for delivering the required standard of work. This gives them opportunity to bid for wider skills based tenders and projects
  5. Widening brand presence: Winning tender with reputed organizations like MES, helps in boosting the SME’s brand presence in new & existing markets. This opens up more doors for SME to get new clients and also more weightage when bidding for tenders in future

How BidAssist helps SMEs find & bid for eprocureMES tenders? 

As a SME with limited team and resources, finding the relevant eprocureMES tender can become a very challenging and time consuming activity. This is where BidAssist comes in as an excellent platform to help SMEs search and bid for relevant tenders effortlessly and efficiently. Bidassist aggregates all the mes tenders from eprocurement government portal and presents seamlessly. Using their advanced filters, one can find the most relevant tenders for your business, location and tender size. About ~70% eProcurement MES tenders are released in states of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Delhi, Assam, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh & Karnataka. To give you an idea there are typically 300+ active tenders only in EprocureMES Maharashtra. So based on your state preference you can easily find relevant tenders.

Some of the key features of BidAssist as an efficient platform for tender searches, which makes it stand apart from competition:

  1. Exhaustive database: At last count, BidAssist has over 4 crore+ tenders sourced from 50k+ sources globally. By far the largest source of tenders, categorized into 50+ categories 
  2. FREE Tender search: Unlike other players where users can’t search tenders freely, BidAssist allows you to search for any tender absolutely FREE just like Google. Literally speaking, users can search for their relevant search term even within BOQs. While the BOQ search is enabled by default, you can always disable it by using the “More Filters” button. You can also find the “exact search” option which can be used in case the search results are not relevant.
  3. Expert support service: BidAssist offers its expert support service to ensure the SMEs have a smooth experience finding their relevant tenders and even bidding for them. BidAssist is a transparent platform. At times, it may still happen that with all efforts to aggregate tenders, few may get missed. In that case, SMEs can reach out to the BidAssist support team via whatsapp chat. 

About BidAssist India 

There are more than 4 crore+ tenders on BidAssist, aggregated from 50K+ sources globally. Typically, there are 150,000 active tenders in India and then there are another 280,000 active tenders globally. It is by far the largest source of tenders, classified into 50+categories. In addition there are 76 Lacs (7.6 mn) tenders results in India and 42 Lacs (4.2 mn) tender results globally. The content database of BidAssist is more than double of any other leading players. 

Find relevant eProcurement MES tender for your SME to grow your business

Don’t wait anymore. Begin your search for relevant mes tenders now with BidAssist. It has the largest database of tenders & tender results in India & Globally. Typically, eprocureMES has 4000+ active tenders at any given point in time. Till date eprocureMES has released 270,000+ tenders. In fact 32,000 Crores worth of tenders were released only in 2022. Furthermore, BidAssist is the only platform that maps results and tenders so that you can build bidding intelligence to win more tenders. As the information in India is generally scattered so it becomes important to track how many results are available for specific tenders. For more than 70% of its tenders, BidAssist has information on the results announced. This would mean that you can look into the result information for those tenders and know various information fields. To top it off, it’s not just the usual ones like the participants name and award value. 

On BidAssist, for every tender result, one can actually get deeper information like; bidder name, company type (Manufacturer/Distributor), state, authority name, tender id, award id, description, tender amount, EMD amount, award amount, contract date, technical opening date, financial opening date, AOC date, tender url, result url, tender opening date, tender closing date, contract period, winner mention, final amount, final award amount, item name, quantity, unit price (if available in BOQ), L1 name, L1 quote, L1 quantity tax amount, service charge amount, item budget, product specification, country name, participants name, participants quote, winners name, winners amount, winners quantity, technical specification, service period (wherever mentioned), last update date, last updated field.

To begin your eprocuremes tender search, visit You can always reach out to the BidAssist support team in case you don’t find what you are looking for.   

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