What does CPWD stand for?

The Central Public Works Department of India, commonly referred to as the CPWD, is a premier Central Government authority in charge of public sector works.

What is the CPWD Department?

CPWD has been serving the nation for the last 164 years and has executed priority of works in difficult and demanding geographical and climatic conditions. It has now grown into a comprehensive construction management department, which provides services from project concept to completion, consultancy and maintenance management.

What is the role of CPWD?

The Central Public Works Department, under the Ministry of Urban Development now MoHUA (Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs), deals with buildings, roads, bridges, flyovers, complicated structures like stadiums, auditoriums, laboratories, bunkers, border fencing, border roads (hill roads), etc. 

How many tenders does CPWD publish in 2019?

Like tenders of other government tendering authorities, CPWD Tenders and bid awards are also published on different government websites including the Central Public Procurement Portal. More than 50,000 CPWD tenders were published in 2018-19 and about 10,000 CPWD tenders have already been published in 2019.

Which are the leading states for CPWD tenders?

CPWD Department publishes tenders across India and the distribution of prominent state tenders is represented below. In the first half of the year itself, more than 1000 CPWD Delhi Tenders have been published. This is followed by CPWD West Bengal Tenders, CPWD Maharasthra Tenders, CPWD Uttar Pradesh Tenders and CPWD Telangana Tenders.

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