Since the last decade, the popularity of e-tendering has been reaching new heights almost regularly. It is much quicker and easier to complete than the manual procedure. Moreover, the aspect of security is much better in digital contract works

However, with so many options available out there, finding the best e-tendering platform can be a glaring issue for you. So, if you are looking for a concrete suggestion, then we’ll be suggesting you visit BidAssist. 

But, before you do so, we’d like to offer some insights on the platform for your convenience. So, let’s get started!

Why Should You Choose BidAssist? 

When talking about the best place to perform tender-related contract works, the first name that comes to mind is BidAssist. Here’s what makes the website so popular among the crowd:  

  • Active and Available: The administrative team of BidAssist is unbelievably proactive in the market. They add more than 15,000 tenders and contract works regularly and provide every detail alongside them. 

Moreover, they are always available to receive feedback and provide an answer to it. So, you won’t have to be worried about being ignored.   

  • Contract Sharing: Aside from the previously-mentioned ones, BidAssist also offers the exclusive “contract sharing” option to its users. With it, you can share a tender or a contract of your liking with your friends or work partners. 

This way, it will become easier for everyone to discuss the matter at hand and come up with the most agreeable decision. Under the sharing option, you can also find another section, which allows you to mark a contract as your favourite. Click on the “followed” tab to find all of your marked contracts. 

  • Informative: Only learning the names of the contract works isn’t enough to come up with a proper decision. Besides that, you will also require a specific set of information on the same. 

BidAssist provides a hefty number of fundamental details of a tender on their website. You can download the tender documents to learn more about them as well. They are quite informative and crucial for making a decision.

  • Availability of Filters: Do you feel the need to personalize your searching quota so that you can find some specific tenders instantly? Then, the “filters” section would be ideal for you. With it, you can sort the available contract works by opening date, closing date, and contract amount. You can also find whatever you are looking for by using a specific keyword. 

The category section would help you to come across newer segments of contracts available throughout India. The “requirement type” tab enables you to select between labour, services, or material (whatever you need for the completion of your project). You can also categorize your choices through the “State” and “City” options in case you wish to work in a specific demographic. Finally, if you are curious about the project that will expire early, be sure to use the “closing date” option. 

  • Add Contracts: Finally, if you are a contractor and wish to work for verified organizations or people, then be sure to use the “add contracts” feature. With it, you can publish all of your contracts for free. 

You can also choose a specific business category to make your offer much more relevant. As of now, more than one million SMEs are connected with BidAssist. So, someone will most certainly hire you within a few days! 

Conclusion BidAssist has been sitting at the top of the list of e-tendering platforms since the very beginning. So, if you are in search of some of the best contract works in the market, then be sure to visit BidAssist at least once!