Know more about the Maharatna company – NTPC

Did you know that NTPC is India’s largest energy conglomerate that became a Maharatna company in May 2010. Today it is one of the 10 Maharatnas CPSEs in India. Not only that, it is also ranked as No.2 IPP- Independent Power Producer in Platts Top 250 Global energy company rankings. NTPC was incubated in 1975 to accelerate the power development of the country. From the time of its inception, NTPC has established itself as a dominant power major with a presence in power generation business’s entire value chain. It started with fossil fuels, and then forayed into hydro, nuclear and renewable energy sources to generate electricity. This will in long term play a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emission thereby lowering the carbon footprint. NTPC has also diversified into other fields like consultancy, power trading, rural electrification, ash utilization, coal mining and training of power professionals; thereby strengthening its core business. 

NTPC has announced its energy compact. As India’s largest power utility, NTPC Limited announced Energy Compact Goals. Their commitment to install 60 GW of renewable energy capacity by the year 2032. At the same time, it also aims for a 10% reduction in the net energy intensity. NTPC’s diversified goals are:

  1. NTPC to become 130 GW company by 2032 having diversified fuel mix, and in terms of power generation a 600 BU company
  2. Non fossil fuel based capacity to reach 30% share and thermal based capacity would be 70%
  3. Coal to be predominant fuel with 65% share in the power generation portfolio
  4. Renewable energy (which will include hydro) share to be 28%
  5. NTPC aims for 25% market share in ancillary services and storage
  6. Furthermore, NTPC also targets to achieve 10% of estimated market share for electricity supply in e-mobility business

NTPC’s expansion into international markets

NTPC is fast expanding its global footprint across the world by venturing into the power sector. It is going global as a project developer, taking over and turning around underperforming power projects. Furthermore, offering global services and concepts to commissioning and beyond for coal/gas based and even renewable energy projects too. NTPC has its footprints in 35+ countries already and is growing further. 

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About BidAssist India 

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