Your business is still growing at snail speed?  

Are you still relying on conventional methods to grow your business? Like using your own team or only relying on your own network to get more business. But that would take you only that far, it can’t grow your business at the speed you want. 

As an example, did you know most businesses that are focused on bidding business of government tenders typically rely on a conventionally run informal information gathering system through government departments via either in-house liasoning teams or liaison agents. This is becoming obsolete as governments across the world are becoming more transparent thanks to digital initiatives. 

But even with government departments becoming transparent & publishing lot of tender information; be it the new tender releases or tenders result announcements, making sense of large volumes of data would mean gathering unstructured information from thousands of sources across the globe or locally before the companies could even start to align their in-house teams to run detailed analysis for various important business scenarios like pricing strategy, identifying partners, identifying large product categories or identifying large business trends etc. 

But why only BidAssist? 

Largest database of Indian & Global Tenders & Results

10+ Lacs users have trusted to search the latest tenders & results from the 5+ Crores tenders & results database. BidAssist sources these 5+ Crore (50mn)+ tenders from 80K+ sources globally. There are typically ~150,000 active tenders in India and another ~350,000 active tenders globally on It is by far the largest source of tenders, categorized into 50+ categories. In addition there are 76+ Lacs (7.6 mn) tenders results in India and 42+ Lacs (4.2 mn) tender results globally. Entire content database for BidAssist is more than double of any other leading players available out there in the market.

Using AI & ML to unlock data potential 

BidAssist helps you truly unlock the value of tendering histories for your purpose even when the data sets are vast, massively diverse, and entangled across 7K+ authorities. As they have mapped, parsed all relevant information pieces from within tender description, NITs, BoQs,BOQ comparative charts; and have structured a lot of unstructured/different templates irrespective of the authority. They can easily query vast amounts of tender documents, about 40L+ at the last count to the extent of mapping even use cases like final bid evaluation criterion as QCBS,QBS,LBS,Turnover Criteria etc. BidAssist typically extracts 45+ fields using NLP & ML and normalizes into a single schema across 52+ categories so that you can use that information readily for your market intelligence purposes. It’s off the shelf APIs allow real time information sync for clients who want to power their data science teams. 

Our team keeps working relentlessly to develop new tools and functionalities that can help grow business with governments in India & 200+ countries. BidAssist can now help you make data-driven decisions & optimise your bidding strategy by providing valuable insights into market trends, competitor analysis via historical tender data. What’s more is that, with our advanced AI/ML algorithms, stay ahead of your competition with instant notifications about new tenders, amendments, cancellations and even potential partners. 

Super power of helping SMEs & enterprises 

As part of the $5bn OfBusiness group, BidAssist is very strongly focused on helping enterprises & SMEs alike to help expand their government business. Our AI/ML powered platform has helped 10+ Lacs users to search latest tenders & results from our 5+ Crores database across 200+ countries, including India. Beyond the typical tender search offered by other players, BidAssist helps companies generate valuable insights, gather market intelligence and connect you with potential partners or buyers. It sources tender information from 80K+ sources, extracts 45+ fields using NLP & ML and ingest single normalized schema from 52+ categories, and 50+ languages so that we can help you get the decision grade data that you may be looking for. It’s off the shelf APIs can power up your data science teams with millions of data points and still handle the challenge of data abundance. So join us today and accelerate your business growth globally.

Have a look at our latest explainer video and do let us know how we can help you expand. To get a better understanding of how we can help you grow your business faster, go ahead and book your demo today by contacting the BidAssist support team. 

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