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CA NO GE(A)SOG-47/18-19 Serial Page No 10 MILITARY ENGINEER SERVICES APPENDIX ‘A’ TO NOTICE OF TENDER (E-TENDERS) 1. Name of work : Provn of certain E/M sanctioned works under GE (Army) Suratgarh Mil Stn 2. Estimated Cost : Rs. 42.00 Lakhs (At Par Market) 3. Period of completion : 180 days 4. Cost of tender documents : Rs 500/- in the shape of DD/Bankers cheque from any schedule Bank in favour of GE (Army) Suratgarh 5. Website / portal address : and 6. Type of contract : The Tender shall be based on drawings, Specifications, IAFW-1779A and IAFW-2249 with Schedule ‘A’ list of (items of work) to be priced by tenderer. The tenderers are required to quote their rates against individual items of Schedule ‘A’ in the BOQ format attached. (For other types of tenders, suitable modification shall be made.) 7. Information & Details : (a) Publishing date (On or after) : 10 Oct 2018 (b) Bid submission start date : : 24 Oct 2018 (c) Last date of bid submission : 31 Oct 2018 (d) Date of bid opening : 02 Nov 2018 8 Eligibility Criteria : (A) For MES enslisted contractors : All contractors enlisted with MES in Class “D” and above and category b (i) shall be considered qualified provided they do not carry adverse remarks in WLR of competent engineer authority. (B) For other contractors : (a) The firms not enlisted with MES shall meet the enlistment criteria of “D” class MES contractors & category b (i) i.e. with regard to having satisfactorily completed requisite value works, Annual turnover, Solvency, working capital, immovable property / fixed assets, T&P, Engineering establishment, no recovery outstanding in any Govt Department, Police verification / Passport etc. Enlistment criteria may be seen in Para 1.4 of Section 1 of Part I of MES Manual on Contracts - 2007 (Reprint 2012) as available in all MES formations. (b) These firms shall also submit copy of Police verification from police authority of the area where the registered office of the firm is located / notarized copy of valid passport of proprietor / each partner / each Director. (c) They should not carry adverse remarks in WLR / or any other similar report of any authority. (C) For All Contractors : Contractor will not be allowed to execute the work by subletting or through power of attorney holder on his behalf to a third party / another firm except sons / daughters of proprietor / partner / Director and firm's own employees, Director, Project Manager. This shall be subject to certain conditions which will be prescribed in the NOT forming part of the tender documents. 9. Tender issuing and Accepting Officer : GE (Army) Suratgarh 10. Executive agency : GE (Army) Suratgarh 11. Earnest Money : Rs 84000/- in favour of GE CA NO GE(A)SOG-47/18-19 Serial Page No 11 MILITARY ENGINEER SERVICES APPENDIX ‘A’ TO NOTICE OF TENDER (E-TENDERS CONTD….) NOTES :- The contractor enlisted upto one* class below the eligible class may also apply/bid. Application / bids from one class below eligible class applicants may be considered in the event of Inadequate response / bids from the applicants of eligible class. (* This shall be ‘two' in case of works in remote and difficult stations and following additional provision to be added: “Application from two class below eligible class applicants may also be considered in the event of inadequate response from the applicants of eligible class and one class below eligible class.”) (b) (i) Applications/bids not accompanied by scanned copies of requisite DD /Bankers Cheque towards cost of tender and earnest money (as applicable) shall not be considered for validation of ‘T’ bid and their finance bids will not be opened. (ii) Tenderers / bidders to note that they should ensure that their original DDs and earnest money (as applicable) are received within 05* days of bid submission end date. (* The number of days to be mentio

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