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Quotation No : 3009/Q/57/E3 Dated : 10 Oct 2018 MILITARY ENGINEER SERVICES NOTICE OF TENDER (E-Tenders) 1. Name of work : Job Work 2. Estimated cost of work : 2.27 Lakhs 3. Period of completion : 60 Days 4. Website/portal address : and 5. Type of contract : Job Work 6. Information & details:- (a) Bid submission end date (b) Last date of Bid submission (c) Date of Bid opening : Refer critical dates 7. Eligibility criteria (a) For MES enlisted Suppliers : Open for all MES Enlisted Suppliers 8. Tender issuing and accepting officer : Garrison Engineer (Engr Park) Jalandhar Cantt 9. Consignee : Garrison Engineer (Engr Park) Jalandhar Cantt Appendix ‘A’ -2- 1. Name of Consignee : Garrison Engineer (Engineer Park) JRC 2. The rates quoted will be valid for a period of 60 days after the date of opening. 3. In case your rates accepted by us you will have to supply the stores out of ready stock within 30 days to this Office. 4. Any alteration on rates must be initialed failing which it will not be accepted. 5. This quotation letter must be returned in original only stamped, signed, even if you are not interested in quoting rates. 6. We reserve the right to reject any quotation including the lowest without assigning any reasons. 7. Payment will be made within 30 days after receipt of stores in good conditions/satisfactory completion of work,as applicable, by consignee. No advance payment will be made. 8. Late and conditional quotation will not be accepted. 9. The stores/work shalll be subject to inspection by GE himself or by any officer so deputed by him or through Board of officer detailed for the purpose. If on receipt, the items or work done on completion, are found to be below specification/defective or damaged and rejected after inspection by the consignee the same will be removed by the supplier within 24 hours at his risk and cost. 10. The equipment/stores supplied/work done shall be warranted for a period of one year as per AHQ, E-in-C’s Br letter No 3600/E3 (P&C) dated 04 Aug 1975. 11. Rate should be strictly as per demand/specification. Rate for other make/specification will not be accepted while quoting rates particulars Make/brand to be supplied will specifically quoted out of make/brand offered by us, failing which supply order will be binding on the supplier. 12. The quotation will be opened in presence of suppliers who wish to be present for at the time and date fixed for opening of quotation. 13. The quotation is not transferable to any firm and quotation received late or without signature will not be entertained. 14. The supply will be made GE (Engineer Park) JRC for delivery at Stores Section inclusive of packing forwarding and freight Paid. 15. Rate will be written in ink and not in pencil. Rates will be quoted in words and figures both failing which it will not be accepted. 16. Any extra payment toward VAT/Excise Duty/Local Taxes/Central Sales Taxes/GST etc should be quoted separately. Rates of such charges will be indicated clearly. 17. The quantity of stores above is only an indication and actual order may be for difference quantity. Entire supply is to be made within 30 days from the date of supply order. 18. You may sent technical literature of the product, price list and literature of the manufactures which will have to be produced on valuation. 19. The quotation should be online only. 20. Only genuine spares with original Purchase vouchers from authorised dealers shall be accepted. 21. GE (Engineer Park) JRC does not bind himself to buy from the lowest or any bidder. 22. GST amount will be mentioned in the quotation form while quoting the rate by supplier/contractor. 23. Non compliance of above instruction will disqualify the supplier of issue of further quotations. Yours faithfully, Garrison E

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