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DRAFT REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Tele : 07612662610 226 Fd Regt PIN - 926226 c/o 99 APO 314404/SAG/Acct 10 Oct 18 _______________ _______________ _______________ (Vendor concerned) INVITATION OF BIDS IN TWO BID SYSTEM FOR PURCHASE OF ATHLETICS EQUIPMENT OUT OF SPORTS ACTIVITY GRANT (SAG) BY 226 FD REGT, AGARTALA 1. The online Bids under Advertised Tender Enquiry (TWO BID SYS) are invited for procurement of Athletics Equipment on behalf of the President of India for supply of items listed in Part II of this RFP. The Tender 314404/SAG/Acct can be viewed at 2. The address and contact numbers for sending Bids Por seeking clarification regarding this RFP are given below:- (a) Bids/queries to be addressed to : Chairman, Tender Purchase Committee (CO, 226 Field Regiment) (b) Postal address for sending the Bids : 226 Field Regiment PIN - 926226 c/o 99 APO (c) Name/designation of the contact personnel : Capt RK Chaubey (d) Telephone numbers of the contact personnel : Mob No: 7651880238 (e) E-mail id of contact personnel : (f) Fax number : - 3. This RFP is divided into five Parts as follows:- (a) Part I Contains General Information and Instructions for the Bidders about the RFP such as the time, place for submission and opening of tenders, validity period of tenders, etc. (b) Part II Contains essential details of the Items/service required, such as the Schedule of Requirements (SOR), Technical Specifications, Delivery period, Mode of Delivery and Consignee details. (c) Part III Contains Standards conditions of RFP, which will form part of the Contract with the successful Bidder. (d) Part IV Contains Special Conditions applicable to this RFP and which will also form part of the contract with the successful Bidder. (e) Part V Contains Evaluation Criteria and Format for Price Bids. 2 4. This RFP is being issued with no financial commitment and the Buyer reserves the right to change or vary any part thereof at any stage. Buyer also reserve the right to withdraw the RFP, should it become necessary at any stage. 5. Please note that your quotation must indicate unconditional acceptance of all terms and conditions of this RFP, failing which it is liable to be rejected. You may, however indicate desired terms and conditions which may be accepted/rejected at the sole discretion of the buyer, Certificate with respect to unconditional acceptance must be put in Tech Bid. 6. This RFP can be downloaded from Sd-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x- (Rakesh Kumar Chaubey) Capt Project Officer (Tender Purchase Committee) 3 1. Critical Dates. The critical dates with respect to the as Tender No 314404/SAG/ Acct are as follows :- Ser No Item Date Time (a) Published Date 10 Oct 2018 1400 Hrs (b) Bid Document Download 10 Oct 2018 1420 Hrs (c) Clarification Start Date 10 Oct 2018 1430 Hrs (d) Pre bid meeting Not Reqd (e) Bid Submission Start 20 Oct 2018 1440 Hrs (f) Clarification End Date 25 Nov 2018 1800 Hrs (g) Bid submission End 28 Nov 2018 1800 Hrs (h) Bid Opening Start 30 Nov 2018 1230 Hrs 2. Mode of Submission. The Tenderer must submit the Technical bids in separate sealed envelopes. (a) E-Bid Cover-I (Online) . Cover - I will contain the Technical Bids consisting of following in a single PDF file. (i) Scanned copy of proof of valid Registration/Capacity Verification for firms which are already regd with DGQA/DRDO/DGS&D/NSIC or any other Central Purchase Organisation for the similar product. In case of unregistered firms which claim compliance of Technical specifications, they should enclose their capacity Verification Certificate/Competency Certificate from the concerned A HSP (Authority for holding sealed particulars) along with the technical bid. If it is not possible for them to submit these document with the bid, they should prepare and keep the document ready by Tender opening d

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